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Jerry Sandusky's Lawyer

McQueary May Be a Liar

11/15/2011 6:28 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Joe AmendolaJerry Sandusky's lawyer says he thinks he found the boy who was allegedly raped in the shower that has become the flashpoint for the scandal, and the man -- now in his 20's -- is saying it never happened.

Joe Amendola told Ann Curry on "Today" ... prosecutors have never given him the names of the accusers, but he believes he's found the alleged victim, and if indeed it is him Mike McQueary is lying.

Amendola also concedes, "It is possible Jerry did this [molested kids]" and if he did he should be punished. 

And Amendola echoes what Sandusky told Bob Costas last night ... it was bad judgment for him to shower with young boys, especially when there were complaints as early as 1998.

The New York Times is reporting ... around 10 additional alleged victims have now come forward.

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This is a sick Man. He's guilty as hell! Electric Chair I say!

1075 days ago


Unless there are more young men coming out and saying this guy molested me, this one 20 year old guy will set Sandusky free just by saying it never happened. Anyone who is molested needs to step up and speak out. For the sake of all the kids this guy touched, Sandusky can not get away with this. Take it from someone who was molested as a child and did nothing. I'm fine now and have forgiven the sins of others, but I never spoke up until I was an adult and he got away with it. Sandusky can not.

1075 days ago



1075 days ago

Nichole K    

What a sick sick person yeah like anyone believes a word he has to say. I'm all those people got fired over allegations. Sick **** I hope you rot in prison for the rest of your sorry life.

1075 days ago


MrQueary is not a liar, he is a coward there is a difference.

1075 days ago

Lin McKay    

We all know who the liar is? What will be interesting is if Sandusky's legal team try to pass off a different person for the March 1, 2002 sexual encounter/rape than was really there. With so many years and the change from 10-year old boy to 19-20 year old young man, who is to say that McQ can identify the victim after all this time. McQ did an injustice by not immediately calling law enforcement and stopping Sandusky's attack on young boys. No excuse for McQ, Sandusky or John McQueary. None at all. One a pedophile and the other two cowards.

1075 days ago


Sandusky's attorney seems like a bit of a freak himself. Wonder what kind of a relationship he has had with Sandusky and the boys over the past years. Maybe he was a volunteer also who volunteered to do some towel snapping naked in the showers.

1075 days ago


It's called someone must've gotten to some of these kids to pay them off so they won't testify against him. Janitor already has dementia so he's out. Pay them off to keep them silent & watch him get away with very little punishment. Just have to hope that not everyone can get bought off so he gets just desserts.

1075 days ago


I don't agree with anyone being persecuted or prosecuted WITHOUT EVIDENCE. Perhaps he is guilty; however, just because someone says he is doesn't make it true!!!! NO ONE should ever be prosecuted without evidence, period.

1075 days ago


Showerin with little boys edges up the ICK facter jest like sleepin with them does. No matter how innosent you say it is, its creapy.

1075 days ago


No, imo, if there's ever a twisted remake of the movie, "Liar, Liar!", Jerry Sandusky would be most likely to fill that role, NOT MM. The "interview" last night was a JOKE, Jerry calling in, not showing his face. Imo, there's a reason for that, guilty eyes and body language are hard to hide. I think that he would have been exposed even more. His attorney is trying lamely to muddy the waters, desperately attempting to create at least a shred of doubt. I don't see that as being effective, there's just too many witnesses, agencies and events, that are stacking up against Sandusky. Either he's telling the truth and there are hundreds of Penn State loving liars, or, the ugly stories that we've heard at TRUTH. Think about it.

1075 days ago


If you would just read the Q&A's. His answers are something you can hear Michael Jackson saying. I'm just saying. :)

1075 days ago


This attorney also molested, impregnanted a 17 y/o girl whom he later married -- this was said by the girl's mother! And get this, the girl was his client!! WTF

1075 days ago


You know what.. I've been thinking about that. I wondered if the man who claimed he saw the coach sodomizing a child really saw what he did? The fact that he didn't make a big stink about it.

All these 'allegeded' victims coming out of the woodwork now could be looking for a payoff. They need to all take lie detector tests and voice stress test for the authorities to get down to the truth. If the authorities don't do this then they have their own agenda. If this man had been sexually acting with these boys, where were they a long time ago.

This reminds me of a huge case about a child care center with everyone including God himself accused of having relations with all the students. It ended out the police detective or whoever he was had custody of the main girls and it came to light he coached them to say things and absolutely none of it was true. Everyone was cleared but it left a huge black eye on the town and police and justice dept. of that town. The who thing was made up so this cop could get his name in the paper and take down all these innocent people.

What I'm saying is that we need to sit back and hopefully let law enforcement and doctors (also the lie detector & voice stress test) figure out who is lying, who isn't, who was abused etc etc..

1075 days ago


Gosh Joe, I believe you also have a bit of a tainted past. I just read that YOU, Joe, at the age of 49 had a relationship with a 17 year old who ended up preggers by YOU.

1075 days ago
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