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Jerry Sandusky's Lawyer

McQueary May Be a Liar

11/15/2011 6:28 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Joe AmendolaJerry Sandusky's lawyer says he thinks he found the boy who was allegedly raped in the shower that has become the flashpoint for the scandal, and the man -- now in his 20's -- is saying it never happened.

Joe Amendola told Ann Curry on "Today" ... prosecutors have never given him the names of the accusers, but he believes he's found the alleged victim, and if indeed it is him Mike McQueary is lying.

Amendola also concedes, "It is possible Jerry did this [molested kids]" and if he did he should be punished. 

And Amendola echoes what Sandusky told Bob Costas last night ... it was bad judgment for him to shower with young boys, especially when there were complaints as early as 1998.

The New York Times is reporting ... around 10 additional alleged victims have now come forward.

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Only a real pedo would say he showered with kids and try to make it seem ok

1072 days ago


Since he showered with MULTIPLE boys, how in the hell does this lawyer state he THINKS he's found the boy and that the now grown man says it never happened? First, that would be a big witness to the trial and your case, so one would think he'd not say a damn thing about this little surprise until he's researched this witness a lot more.
Second, we are talking about multiple boys involved here who have buried Sandusky's horror. They'd have to remember exact dates to nail down this kid McQueary saw. I say it's a long shot they've found him.

I also say a victim could lie and just want this nightmare to all to go away.

1072 days ago


TMZ, did you know that Sandusky's lawyer impregnated a 16-year old that worked at his law firm?!


She emancipated herself, gave birth at 17 (he would've been around 49 at the time) and Sandusky's lawyer later "made her an honest woman" by marrying her.

Either way, Sandusky has a lawyer with eyes for minors, too! YOU CAN'T MAKE THIS STUFF UP!! Talk about birds of a feather!!

1072 days ago


And we are suppose to believe his pedophile lawyer? A lawyer that raped a 16 year old client, got her pregnant, married her to save face, and is now divorced from her? This story gets weirder by the moment. For the life of me I can not understand why NO ONE - that night or the next day, found out the name of the child and took him to a hospital to be examined????
Wait the police can't find the victim but the pedophile lawyer can? Did Paterno, McQueary, McQueary's Dad, The police anyone at all even ask Sandusky: Who was the boy in the shower with you? Where does he live? Did the police go to the child's place of residence and question him the next day? What the hell is going on here? They were not at all concerned with the safety and welfare of an un-named 10 year old? Their entire discussions with every one, including police were how to cover this up. None of this makes sense at all.

1072 days ago


you mean the accused animal's attorney claims his client is innocent? wow, I guess I believe HIM now.

1071 days ago


This guy's a real piece of work, and another pervert: http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/college/jerry-sandusky-s-lawyer-joe-amendola-a-16-year-old-client-pregnant-married-article-1.977873

1071 days ago


A rapist defending a rapist... really??????!!!

1071 days ago


To Jerry Sandusky & his "lawyer", BURN IN HELL YOU SICK BASTARDS! BURN IN HELL.

1071 days ago


I have just read this, and it seems that it has finally been considered that this sicko has been doing this since the 70's and not only 15 years as the naive people seem to think. read it for yourself.


1070 days ago


McQueary was around Sandusky when McQueary was a young boy. Is it possible McQueary was also molested by Sandusky and the reason his response (or lack of response) to what was seen with Sandusky and the 10 yo child, was because McQueary had also been a victim himself?

1070 days ago

Megan Breaux    

I found (from an INCREDIBLY unlikely source) a well composed and well researched blog post that essentially outlines the link between homophobic organizations in which adults have "ultimate authority" over children and pedophilia. I think if more people understood the reality that pedophilia is incur able, dangerous, and facilitated by these organizations, more of them would come under scrutiny. Click here to read it for yourself http://bit.ly/tNvUjh .

1059 days ago
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