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Kim Kardashian's Lawyer

The Marriage Was Real

11/15/2011 1:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Laura Wasser and Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian's marriage was absolutely, positively the real deal ... this according to her divorce lawyer.

Disso Queen Laura Wasser, who reps oodles of celebs, not only filed divorce docs on Kim's behalf, she negotiated her prenup.  Wasser tells TMZ, "Our office did indeed negotiate and prepare a prenup for Ms. Kardashian.  Given what I know regarding that document, it is not plausible that this marriage was a sham."

Wasser -- who is notorious for not speaking publicly about her cases --  tells us the negotiations were "prolonged" and dealt with financial issues "that go well into the future" -- markers that would not be present if someone intended a short marriage from the get go.

Sources connected with Kim tell us ... the prenup covered Kim's long-range career plans ... as one source put it, "Why on earth would they [Kim, Kris and their lawyers] create a document which looks far into the future if they planned a marriage that would only last a few months."

And the same sources tell us the prenup was exhaustive -- 30 pages, including exhibits, tax returns and other financial documents. 

As we previously reported, there was a lot of bickering between Kim, Kris and the lawyers during the prenup negotiations -- something that is not a marker of a phony marriage.



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Am so fed up of hearing about this slag, she is a pathetic nobody whos only famous for a sextape. How this woman has gotton so much media attention is beyond me. She is a evil, nasty woman who only cares about money if she really loved him she would of at least worked on her marriage a few more months instead of quickly divoring him and not only that doing it without telling and to him to find out on the internet. The only person she loves is herself the marriage was only about her making money so it wasnt real. If she had any bit of decency she would return that ring to that man, give all those gifts back to the guests that went to her wedding and give all the money she made from the wedding to charity, but she will not because shes a greedy fat bitch. She really makes me sick I understand if she was poor and was trying to make as much money as she can but shes mega rich and the things she has done for money is disgusting, sham wedding, sextape, taking of her clothes. She is vile.

1074 days ago


yea...real FAKE!

1074 days ago


hmmmmmm Kim... a brain from Kazakhstan, has a lot to do with Russia. basically kim's brain might be a Russian brain. I'm sure she doesn't know anymore what is real and what's is not...

1074 days ago


Santa Claus is real too

1074 days ago


I met her at a rave last year and she seemed really nice..she still calls me to party when she is in town...and the brooklyn bridge will cost you next to nothing

1074 days ago

Cheryl A.    

Well, the person KarTRASHian is paying is telling us that so it must be true!

1074 days ago


yeah, like i'm going to believe anything kim's lawyer says. nobody ever said it wasn't a legal marriage so of course kim would make kris sign a pre-nup (greed) but the wedding was a scam kim herself said she should not have gone thru with the wedding. Buble' you rock! keep up the mocking. to bad more celebs don't come out and say how they really feel about kim and the kardashians.

1074 days ago


K network, oooops, I mean E network is making more on the divorce than the marriage! Just follow the money.

1074 days ago


Yeah it was real.....on paper! SMH

1074 days ago

Illinois person    

Nothing about Kim or any of the Dash clan is "real". They are as phony as their fake eylashes. Any one of them would go to an opening of a hot dog stand if cameras were going to be there. This whole marriage/divorce matter and mom's press junket (which just happened to be at the same time) is so contrived it's almost down right funny. Isn't it odd that slut daughter says she's divorcing the tall, dark idiot the same week mommy dearest goes on her press junket to promote her book? NOT! Really, Kim you thought America was going to buy your phony story. Sorry eyelashes and ass, you've gone one joke too many and we're all on to you. Either that or dumbo Kris woke up the morning after and saw you without your eyelashes and makeup and ran back to Minnesota faster than he can dribble a basketball. Keep your ring, who cares. While people in this world are starving and you're walking around fighting for your soon-to-be ex's wedding ring - well you're a sad and very empty person. Then again, you already were long before you walked down the aisle with the tall, dumb one.

1074 days ago


I swear, this bimbo has a lot of idiot fans who worship this media famewh0re, go look at her blog

1074 days ago


Don't they just have annulments for farces like these?

1074 days ago

Do you have eyes?    

Yesterday at Sears Kardashian Kollection was 40% off with an additional 20%. That's a clever way of saying 50% off. No one was even looking at this crap. They have costume jewelry my 3 year daughter wouldn't touch for dress up. There was even a Kardashian Klearance section. Keep up the boycott. Let Sears regret promoting these whores and their cheaply made wares at high prices! We are winning.

1074 days ago



1074 days ago


Kim save your BS. No one believes anything you or family has to say. You did your damage.

1074 days ago
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