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Kim Kardashian's Lawyer

The Marriage Was Real

11/15/2011 1:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Laura Wasser and Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian's marriage was absolutely, positively the real deal ... this according to her divorce lawyer.

Disso Queen Laura Wasser, who reps oodles of celebs, not only filed divorce docs on Kim's behalf, she negotiated her prenup.  Wasser tells TMZ, "Our office did indeed negotiate and prepare a prenup for Ms. Kardashian.  Given what I know regarding that document, it is not plausible that this marriage was a sham."

Wasser -- who is notorious for not speaking publicly about her cases --  tells us the negotiations were "prolonged" and dealt with financial issues "that go well into the future" -- markers that would not be present if someone intended a short marriage from the get go.

Sources connected with Kim tell us ... the prenup covered Kim's long-range career plans ... as one source put it, "Why on earth would they [Kim, Kris and their lawyers] create a document which looks far into the future if they planned a marriage that would only last a few months."

And the same sources tell us the prenup was exhaustive -- 30 pages, including exhibits, tax returns and other financial documents. 

As we previously reported, there was a lot of bickering between Kim, Kris and the lawyers during the prenup negotiations -- something that is not a marker of a phony marriage.



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Kim is a liar, who the hell knows what lengths she would go to. She knew she was going to end it BEFORE she got married, thats called a SHAM

1037 days ago


Duh. Designing a pre-nup for only a short term marriage would have been too transparent.

1037 days ago


A bona fide marriage is not a 72-day publicity filled joy ride. And anyone with a modi*** of maturity knows that it takes more than 4 months to fall in love, develop a relationship that includes companionate love, the love necessary to sustain a marriage. What won't Kardashians do for money?

1037 days ago


Unfortunately, Kim was true to form and put more time and thought into the financial aspects of her marriage rather than the marriage itself. Her value system is SO screwed up.

1037 days ago

Dennis Johnson    

Who cares!

1037 days ago


So you got paid off toLaura...I can safely say at this point nobody really gives two ******* s aboutthathoand her sham marriage

1037 days ago


You'd be surprised what people would be willing to do for $18 million, sham marriage isn't high up on that list I reckon.

1037 days ago


Apparently, the prenup was extensive to fool HIM into believing that the marriage was real.

1037 days ago


i know the royals are sitting back shaking their head. its embarrassing that teenagers look up to this fake. i hope all her Exs come forward and expose her for the fake that she is and that her 15min of fame is finally coming to an end. she wanted to be famous so bad. be careful what you ask for and that was wrong how she didnt even tell Kris she was filing for a divorce. only thing shes worried about is her fake reality show and her material stuff. she doesnt care about his feelings. i hope no man ever wants to marry her.

kris finally speaks saying that her butt isnt the real deal as for the red carpter she wears her silicone butt pads, spanx, and regular butt injections. i think he would know thats probably why she tried to hush reggie cause he was going to expose her. lmfao

1037 days ago


HARVEY, You are a lawyer, so why haven't you called out the OBVIOUS unethical & probable violation by Wasser of the attorney-client privilege? Oh yeah, is that because 1. Kim has her working PR spin, therefore allowing the release of all legal docs and/or 2. You are just a stargazer, allowed to the parties, but as an outsider, never part of the inner circle? I wonder if Kris Humphries gave his "ok" to release info on the prenup because it seems the nondisclosure agreement applies to all parties, & Wasser is in violation.

PS The Kardashians are no talents and glad I never watched them! Enjoy watching the folly of their minions turning against them!

1037 days ago

Just Reading    

Of course Kar-SHAM-mian had an exhaustive pre-nup. A marriage aside from the romantic aspects is a contract. She needed to protect the revenue generated by the "fairy tale" scam both present and future so that the duped spouse could not lay claim to it. After all, according to her (Kim) she knew she didn't want to get married but did it anyway because she was caught up in hoopla of production, the endorsements and other valuable I mean, didn't want to disappoint everyone.

1037 days ago


Actions speak louder than words.... if you'd close your trap and get out of the media's face -- maybe mourn a little bit like real people do when they go through a breakup/divorce, MAYBE... just MAYBE someone might believe you... the chance is so very slim at this point now. Why are you famous again? Oh, right... because you are an attention whore. So credible.

1037 days ago

Do you have eyes?    

This is just a lawyer's clever way of confusing us with a "legal" marriage, which it is, to a "real" marriage, which it was not. One could argue all the bickering even defends this position, as they knew what each wanted when they eventually separated.

1037 days ago


STFU -- all this proves is that the almighty dollar and business contracts are the be-all and end-all.

1037 days ago


Yeah, I forgot that lawyers NEVER LIE, right??? SMH...

1037 days ago
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