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Selena Gomez' Dog Rocks Out

Nearly Dies

11/15/2011 12:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Baylor. Dog adopted by Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber

Note to Selena Gomez:  Purina Puppy Chow is highly preferable to backyard rocks.

Selena had Baylor for less than a month, when the dog got violently ill last Friday after ingesting a bunch of rocks.

Selena tweeted the above pic moments after the 3-month old pooch fell ill ..."My baby is sick :( praying for his surgery."

But all bad things must pass, and that's exactly what happened to the rocks, so Baylor dodged the surgery bullet.

The adoption agency isn't taking any chances  -- They plan on contacting Selena once a month for the next few months ... to make sure she's properly caring for the Husky-mix.

Calls to Selena's rep weren't returned.



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Why isn't this story ahead of the Kardashian story? It's much more important and meaningful. 'Cmon yoooz guys.

1018 days ago

holy cow    

This reminds me of a friend of mine who got a dalmation puppy and one day the dog ate a wash cloth. Had to have surgery to remove it.

1018 days ago


What kind o****ency would adopt out a dog or any animal to any one of those characters? What were they thinking and what did they expect? It could have been much worse! Fortunately #4--this puppy isn't dead....yet. God forbid. I don't think monitoring her once a month is nearly enough--they should have taken the puppy back immediately!!!

1018 days ago


Some dogs try to eat's not her fault. She may not have even known he was eating them until he got sick....quit being so judgmental. Obviously now she knows and can take the proper precautions.

1018 days ago


The people who are being harsh on Selena need to walk in her shoes. This could have happened to anyone. You have to watch puppies like a hawk, they will try and eat anything. She needs a little more help and information from the adoption agency and should be very grateful her puppy made it through this misadventure.

1018 days ago

A Mom    

Hey if she can't take care of a helpless puppy, how is she going to be a good stepmom?

1018 days ago


Somebody check Biebs for rocks in the belly!

1018 days ago


I don't know why TMZ's system put stars in the words "of" and "agency"---those aren't exactly obscene words, right? Anyhow I thought I'd say I made a mistake thinking Selena was one of Snoopy's gang. Selena is so busy though--out of tour all the time or out with "what's his name" Lol---she is so young maybe she still lives with her parents, who knows--she is better than who I thought she was but still I don't think she would be an appropriate candidate for adopting a little puppy. She isn't even out of her teens yet and dogs who eat rocks are usually starving to death--not always--but more than for other reasons.

1018 days ago


Stopping doing the biebs and take care of your dog little girl.

1018 days ago


As someone who works in vet care, I've seen a lot of dogs come into the E.R. vet after having ingested things like rocks. Most of the time, even as well supervised as your pups are, they can be very quick. If a rock is small enough, it's down just like that with you none the wiser. it doesn't always mean someone was neglectful... these things happen A LOT, even to the best owners.

Now it's going to come down to how she handles it. Clean up and re-landscape the rocky area, and supervise the pup at all times he is outside. If that doesn't work... it may be time to keep the pup on a leash in your complete control every time you are outside until the point he is properly trained. (the most important commands to teach a rock eater - stay... drop it... leave it) so that if you see them with a rock, you can say leave it or drop it if its in their mouth, and they'll obey. She'll need to take him to a positive reinforcement professional trainer.

1018 days ago


When my dog was a puppy, he LOVED grabbing a rock & running around with it. No matter what toy I gave him to replace the rock... he wanted a rock for some crazy reason.

I did NOT leave him unattended or neglected while he was outside.

It never failed, we'd come inside & he'd be carrying in a rock. Argh!

Thankfully, he picked large rocks & never swallowed them & he did grow out of that stage but you really have to be careful & if all else fails.... remove any loose rocks that your puppy might pick up & swallow.

1018 days ago


Take the dog away, she probably doesnt even spend time with it wtf dumb bitch

1018 days ago

T. Bag Jones    

She doesn't need a dog. She's got her hands full keeping Beiber from eating c*cks, I mean, that's it.

1018 days ago


Although very cute, this dog is mentally retarded.

1018 days ago


Oh for Pete's sake people. Dogs will eat what they want. You can'*****ch them 24/7. We had a Irish Setter who loved to eat rocks. We started following her around, outside for a while but that got to be silly. The vet said to just let her go outside. Dogs are dogs :)

1018 days ago
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