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Tito, Marlon and Jackie Jackson

We Got Screwed

Over Thriller Jackets

11/15/2011 5:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Three of Michael Jackson's brothers -- Marlon, Jackie, and Tito (left to right) -- have filed a lawsuit against a guy who they say duped them into signing 1,000 replicas of the famous Michael Jackson "Thriller" and "Beat It" jackets.

According to a new lawsuit -- obtained by TMZ -- the 3 bros were promised $100,000 each for their signatures on replicas of the iconic, red, leather jackets that MJ wore in his "Thriller" and "Beat It" videos.

The brothers claim Steeve Bohbot and the other defendants were supposed to pay as soon as the ink was dry, but they allegedly changed the deal and said they would pay when the jackets were delivered to for sale.

According to the suit, Bohbot claimed there was a problem with delivery to Amazon, but the brothers say it was just a lie.

Bohbot's lawyer had no comment.


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Black Barbie    

Considering that his brothers had nothing to do with "Thriller," why would anyone pay for their autographs on a replica jacket.

A fool and his money are soon parted. Here's the starting line-up of fools:
1. The jacket sellers
2. The jacket signers
3. The jacket buyers

...need I say more?

1042 days ago

Dose Of Reality    


Michael Jackson is alive and living in the UK!!!!

1042 days ago


Demoa.... you're cut off hon! Not making yourself look too good...

1042 days ago


This is sad their s*** and they are using michael for money jackets big concerts so they can get famous and rich its stupid they are a wast of skin !

1042 days ago


You have to feel sorry for the Jackson Bro's. They have to keep up with their child suppport (doesn't one,have their kids living w/Katherin?) and apparently sucking off their dead brother, does pay the bills.

1042 days ago


Look at Prince.... learning those good old Jackson family values.

The most important thing in the world is MONEY followed closely by the ATTENTION of the media.

This sickness killed their father & it will make their lives miserable too if they're not careful.

1042 days ago


I can't believe it! $100,000. for signing a jacket? I love Michael Jackson, but I would not pay that amount of money for a vinyl replica of something long gone! And that kid better start getting some talent of his own and find his identity in life!

1042 days ago


Isn't this family of moochers done yet? I'm surprised they haven't put MJ's bones up for sale! They surely can't make a dime on their own!

1042 days ago


I wouldn't want one of those signed by anyone but Michael! And look what they're already teaching his kid! I hope Prince is smart enough to not grow up imitating that behaviour!

1042 days ago

Fat Mike    

What's up with the Corey Feldman impersonator on the right?

1042 days ago


And well you should, start flipping burgers, paying your own bills by your own WORK. FFS, quit using your dead brother, as you always have. Bunch of frigging deadbeats. Also, quit using MJ's kids, they do NOT deserve this you bunch of leeches

1042 days ago


That white boy looks so stupid trying to belong to a family that he is obviously not a part of. He looks a fool wearing that red jacket. He is not MJ kid. They get what they deserve for trying to pass of a white boy as the son of MJ.

1042 days ago


Obviously NO AMOUNT OF MONEY is enough for this dysfunctional family.

We endlessly hear about their schemes to rake in dough & ways they blow money but how often do we hear about them using money or even their 'fame' to HELP OTHERS?

What GOOD are they doing with the vast amount of money they already have? Nothing much. Ick.

Will they EVER have enough money to just enjoy their lives or are they too damaged to know right from wrong?

"The love of money is the root of all evil."

1042 days ago

Different Rules Apply    

So sick of the greed these celebs have. The Jacksons have more cash than they can ever spend, but it's still not enough. No wonder other countrie*****e us.

1042 days ago

Allie M.    

It's pretty plain to see this family is still trying to squeeze a few more pennies out, thus proving all along the decades old rumors of how they leeched off of Michael. Great job teaching your kids values, Joe and Katherine. Oh yeah, remeber to pay your bills too!

1042 days ago
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