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Jerry Sandusky's Words

Could Haunt Him

11/15/2011 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Conrad Murray is suicidal -- and remains in a jail medical ward -- but not everyone's buying it. We're weighing in on whether this could impact Murray's upcoming sentencing.

Plus, Jerry Sandusky's bizarre Bob Costas interview could end up being 'exhibit A' in his future trial.

Also, Harvey makes the case for Howard Stern to be a judge on "America's Got Talent" -- while Parents Television Council prez Tim Winter rips him. And, is Michael Jordan a "Richard?" You gotta hear what former NBAer Olden Polynice says about MJ and the NBA lockout.


(3:36) Harvey's theory on why Conrad Murray is suicidal -- he never mentally prepared himself for a guilty verdict.
(6:18) Charles plays "cynical Sally" -- he thinks Conrad is faking it so he can stay in the medical ward.
(8:15) Awesome question -- is Conrad still eligible for house arrest now the he's suicidal?
(20:15) Jerry Sandusky's shocking interview -- in which he hesitated to say he wasn't sexually attracted to young boys.
(22:20) Can this interview be admissible in court?
(27:15) Sandusky admits he showered with young boys.
(31:36) Sandusky's lawyer admits it's possible he's guilty!
(37:20) Tim Winter -- President of the Parents TV Council --  debates Harvey about Howard Stern's possible place on "America's Got Talent."
(46:05) Former NBA play Olden Polynice calls out Michael Jordan for siding with the owners and not the players.


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The hometown mafia has intimidated the witness into recanting. It is perfectly in the man's interest to side with the interests of the football enterprise against the interests of the larger community in policing the management. It's one thing to be ass-raped by a coach. It is quite another to be ass-raped by a coach and disowned by the community where you and your family live, own property, and work.

1037 days ago


Please, no more Dr. Murray.

1037 days ago

No comment    

Harvey I am an idiot, but news interviews people give are often in used in court proceedings. I believe Susan Smith's (woman who drowned her kids in her car) interviews were used in her trial. How is that different?

1037 days ago


Howard would be great. That man is an idiot.

1037 days ago


Just because Jordan took a stand against the owners over a specific issue, why should he be expected to take the stand over EVERY union pushed issue.

1037 days ago

John 8:32    

I've finally been able to solve one of life's greatest mysteries... the true identity of the face on the Egyptian Sphinx. That face belongs to none other than Howard Stern.

One of my fondest memories of Howard Stern was when I was taking a taxi In Los Angeles to the airport... which was about a 35 minute ride. The cab driver had Howard Sterns show playing on the radio... doing my trip to the airport I was forced to listen to Howard Show... doing a course of about a 35 minute ride... I heard Howard Stern used the "N" word at least 35 times.

I never heard Howard Stern use a derogatory terms for Jews.

Over the years... as a black man myself have never received any sense that Howard Stern has an ounce of fairness in his heart and soul regarding so-called minorities.

Its absolute scientific fact... that every single person on planet Earth is a descendent of Africa. That fact probably explains the large Negroid nose that Howard Stern has.

I feel... America's got talent is making a big mistake with Howard Stern possible addition to the show. At least the X. factor has added judges... with acknowledged entertainment background and experience which lends credence to there judgment and decisions. To the overall Shows believability.

Remember this show is call "America's got talent!"

1037 days ago


Harvey, please do not focus on what Sanduskys lawyer said today about the "one" boy they "think" they found to say McQueary was a lying, focus on all the other 8 boys that say these are facts. For the first time I think TMZ will make a difference in with their news cast to help someone/children

1037 days ago


I have never watched AGT I will start if Howard Stern is a judge. By the way I have a terrific American Family!

1037 days ago

KellyAnne Millichamp    

I've never seen Americas Got Talent but I can assure I would never miss an episode if Stern were on. I'm a 38 year old Mom who grew up listening to him every monring. I know he isnt a moron and would be appropriate & would even allow my daughter to watch. I love that filthy Sterm :)

1037 days ago


His words haunt me, I HOPE that they not only haunt him but they bite him in the ass, HARD. Big Bubba has been looking for a new bitch, I would LOVE to see how Sandusky handles a full grown male doing to him what he did to those children.

1037 days ago


1 There is a Kosher subway on Pico near Robertson

2 Stern behaved on Letterman why didnt you ask that jerk about that?

1037 days ago


Why are you asking irrelevant people about about mj? He is an owner not a player. Nobody cares what this scrub.

1037 days ago


This is the same as saying mj should never have become an owner. Or He should not do what is in the best interest of his team or stockholders. You wonder why so many ex sports star end up going broke. According to them, mj should be negociating against himself.

1037 days ago


NARCISSISTS AND SOCIOPATHS RARELY KILL THEMSELVES....they might say it...but it's usually a play for attention and sympathy .....another form of manipulation to get out of a jam.....WHY would Conrad Murray be suicidal when in his mind he did nothing wrong???...think about it. CONRAD MURRAY IS A CLASSIC SOCIOPATH

1036 days ago


they are using a different kid, if infact he is saying it didn't happen. (listen to the attorney we believe we found him, there is NO definite yes, they can lie and say they found the kid, and then retract and say we thought it was him.) or the young man is too embarrassed to reveal the truth.
Either way, this started with a bunch of lies and will continue to the end. Harvey, you cna find the truth! PLEASE FIND IT!

1036 days ago
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