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TMZ Holiday Apology

Truth About Santa Claus Is ...

11/16/2011 3:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


TMZ recently said a few things about Santa Claus that might have shocked our viewers -- our pre-teen viewers -- so we now present an apology. Or at least ... our attempt at one.

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bring back recent posts    

SHAME ON U TMZ...this isn't a joke!..pissing even me..a long time supporter..idiots..not everyone is jewish...geeeeeeeeeez!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

1074 days ago


im always on tmz love u guys but why talk about subject like that.... im sure when all of you were 8 u still believe in santa i love to hear what you and staff answer thank you tmz adam from pa

1074 days ago



1074 days ago

Clau L0ve    

LMAO!!! this is the funniest thing ever. I love you guys made me crack up! I found out Santa is not real at that same age so what... they have to find out one way or another....

1074 days ago


What do you find so funny, is it that you and your staff are all JEWS and don't and never will understand the meaning of X'Mas because you never were blessed as Chrisitans to celebrate Christ's birth. I was a viewer until this episode of yours. How dare you say that on TV so Christian children's visions of X'Mas are ruined. As a Christian I am offended by your statements. Harvey you are a total jerk, and your program SUCKS!

1074 days ago


Who cares...I've never watched your show on television. The only reason I come to your website is out of shear boredom. I'm not as enamored with you as you seem to be.

1073 days ago


8 year olds should know that story creatures are pretend. They must be trying to convince their parent that they still believe thinking that they will get more presents.

I remember asking my dad when I was 4, he told me that it was such a wonderful story and wasn't it fun to pretend. I liked that so I raised my daughter to know that it was always pretend. But that the pretend was just between us.

1073 days ago


I have never commented before, but your humor at ruining a child's dream is NOT FUNNY. You are all too jaded to appreciate the damage you caused, and to make fun of it makes it worse. I have a sense of humor, too, but this is simply cruel. Shame on you.

1073 days ago

unwilling participant    

My daughter was making her lunch for school at the kitchen table when my husband turned on the tv in the living room just a few feet away from her...guess what was on when the sound kicked on? Yeah, you goofed on Christmas for my daughter too...and she is probably going to tell our other two kids who still believe any time now. At least they were all in bed when I listened to this "apology". Maybe you think our holidays are lame, but those are innocent little kids...and I kind of feel sorry for you, that you and some of your staff think children's sadness (caused by your own reckless words, no less) is funny.

1073 days ago

Fidel Sarcastro    

Wait... Santa isn't real? Next yall will be telling me that the Tooth Fairy, Bigfoot, The Loch Ness Monster, Swamp Boogers, God/Allah/Buddha/Gia/Flying Spaghetti Monster, Honest Politicians, Fair Taxes, Love After Marriage, Happiness After Children and those emails from rich *****ian royalty wanting to give me their money are all fake.

1073 days ago


"Pre-Teen Viewers"??...OMG!!!...I never thought that the viewers were that young. My bad to interact with teens. SMH

1073 days ago


Yea, this is in poor taste. I can understand messing up and letting the cat out of the bag, but this "apology" is just mean spirited. I was impressed by what appeared to be Harvey's regret at the mistake, but then you guys continued with this. Just a crappy thing to do.

1073 days ago


Shame on you TMZ. Shame on you Harvey. How dare you!!! Christmas is NOT your celebration. Not your Holiday. What makes you think you have the right to ruin it for those who believe in it. So what if we want the kids to believe in Santa? You don't know squat about what the whole thing means to us! I never cared about you being a Jew, but I am seriously pissed at you now! You just ruined my opinion of you. I hope you burn in hell or whatever your Jewish mind calls that place for mean spirited people like you.

1073 days ago

Fidel Sarcastro    

People are just too darn sensitive, I mean really its not that much of a crushing emotional blow in a kids life to find out that an imaginary figure in their life is really made up. If anything most kids resent their parents for lying to them for all those years, I know in my case it was. I don't see why parents feel the need to tell a kid that some omnipresent being watches over them and knows when they are good or bad and that every Christmas this godlike peeping tom will either give the kid presents or coal. What is much nicer is the kid seeing that he is getting presents from parents who live him/her more than anything else in the world, that they value him or her enough to not having to resort blowing smoke up their butts.

1073 days ago

Love U TMZ    

Are you guys are over reacting over this stupid Santa Claus thing. when I was a little girl I figured out that Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy(when she gave me a 20 dollar bill) and Santa Claus was fake and I got over it and I just went along with it. If santa claus wants to spoil me on expensive gifts they can.Especially when you get like at age 10 and still believe in this stuff you will just get make fun at school and I know you dont want your kids to get made fun of becasue of this. I love you TMZ.And people who cares on how many people are Jewish on TMZ.Get over it:)

1073 days ago
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