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TMZ Holiday Apology

Truth About Santa Claus Is ...

11/16/2011 3:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


TMZ recently said a few things about Santa Claus that might have shocked our viewers -- our pre-teen viewers -- so we now present an apology. Or at least ... our attempt at one.

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Not funny and considering how the Jewish people are always being discriminated against and constantly being pressured to get out of Israel you would think you would be a bit more sensitive to other peoples faith and religious Holidays?
Grow up and wake up. This was in poor taste.

1073 days ago

Jenny Riley    

Your apology is as sincere as the Kardasian wedding apology. How dare you and your staff make so little of the damage you do with your words. I am so angry at you and that jerk face who kept repeating "Santa isn't real, he's dead", I want to slap him silly. My 5 yr old and 9 year old grandchildren were so looking forward to Christmas this year, 4 years ago their parents divorced, 3 yrs ago their crackhead whore of a mother abandoned them, 2 yrs ago their father left them for a new wife and the only thing that they have to look forward to is a little Christmas magic. They were so excited. After seeing Santa at the mall today we walked into the house, flipped the tv on and there your idiot staffer was shouting Santa is dead. They both looked at me, the 9 yr old was so disappointed, he said, Santa is dead, that man is right because he's on TV, I hate this world." It took me 2 hours to calm the 5 yr old down. The words you say on your show hurts people, it hurts little children. You should be ashamed of yourself and that staffer should be fired. Your show is not on at 11pm, its on all day long,so its impossible not to see it or the commercials for it. Would it be too much to ask for you to please have a little tiny bit of integrity and think about someone other than yourself when you express yourself. You are on TV so you have a lot of power and influence. Sadly you give Jewish people a bad name because of your selfishness and cruelty.

1073 days ago


TMZ what kind of bullsh*t is this... stupid and pathetic and in extremely poor taste.

1073 days ago


To all that don't believe in Santa this why children should and why should install the thought of make believe

The Hog Father final scene

1073 days ago


Shi* heads. No, little kids shouldn'*****ch your show. But once in a while a parent does and this happens. Knock it off with the dissing Santa crap.

Don't forget about Arbitron viewers. Jus' sayin'

1073 days ago


Who cares about Santa Claus, the god of materialism and thoughtless toys. Seriously. Instead of going to Walmart and buying your kids a bunch of plastic junk made in China, why don't you give them something meaningful?

1073 days ago


Since we all now know that Santa isn't real i guess it's safe to say that the Holocaust never happened? ....How does that feel TMZ staffers?
You should stick to covering Celebs and lay off the idiotic religion bashing.
Poor taste!

1073 days ago


um....if you have preteen viewers, they have bigger problems than learning that there is no Santa. 'nuff said....(parents!)

1073 days ago


its not right kids should be able to stay kids alittle while longer and its not up to a tv show to decide when kids grow up also for the lady whos daughter seen the show air and is upset she and her other kids wont believe just get the story that was published by the new york post years ago about santa its called yes virginia there is a santa claus in it a little girl asks the post if there is a santa because kids told her there wasnt none and they wrote her back with a wonderful story thats still around today ...shame on tmz and its not a jewish vs christian thing with me its a childs dreams hope and just being sweet and young a short time more vs a show pushing them to grow up tooooooo fast be kind remember kids watch the show to

1073 days ago


Hey A$%HOLES, thanks for ruining Christmas for my 4 and 6 year olds. I had a lot of explaining to do after your stupidity. Never watching your crap a$$ show again!!

1073 days ago


you guys are a bunch of jerks. You are on at a time when kids are still awake and a ton of people have your show on in the backround while they are doing things. I will no longer be on your website or watching your show. The first time is one thing but to go on and do it again I can't believe you guys

1073 days ago


I am very sad that I can no longer watch your show while my children are home. My three year old was with me and heard its to bad I enjoyed watching it but cant risk what else you might say that affect my children

1073 days ago


It is not your right to tell anyone how to raise their children. If a family believes in Santa or not. Yes I believe that there is a greater celebration at Christmas. Santa can give a giving, wonderful part of Christmas. I am so disappointed in the irresponsible, insensitive way you handled the 'Santa' incident. There is the magic of editing that could have removed the hateful comments, but your shock value is more important to you. This type of show is why I stopped watching your show long ago. This actions are not because they are Jewish. It is purely hateful!

1073 days ago


Big deal! The whole concept of Christmas is centered around a bunch of make believe to begin with!

1073 days ago


I remember finding out the truth about Santa when I was a kid. I was devastated!! Harvey you should be ashamed of yourself.

1073 days ago
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