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Justin Bieber

May Still Sue That Chick ...

And Her Lawyers

11/16/2011 11:55 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

If Mariah Yeater thinks she's dodged the Justin Bieber lawsuit bullet by dismissing her paternity lawsuit, she needs to do some re-thinking.

TMZ broke the story, Yeater dismissed the suit last Thursday, after Justin and his team made it clear ... they were going to sue Yeater and her lawyers for filing a malicious claim.

Despite the fact that Yeater's claim has now been dismissed and the 2 lawyers who filed it have quit, Justin is not backing down from his threat.

The singer's publicist, Matthew Hiltzik, tells TMZ, "We intend to still hold them accountable."

As we first reported, Justin and his team wanted to go after Yeater and the lawyers to set an example that people who file baseless claims against celebs do so at their own peril.


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This is gonna be fun....Can't wait to see how this skank woman ends up in jail.

1041 days ago

Kevin Ross    

I dont think he has much of a choice.... shes clearly disturbed, but if he doesnt more of these kinds of things will happen. Once he has done this, It will give others a chance to pause aand concider before going forward.

I do have a question... do you believe Justin will have the same kind of influence on internet music and broadcasting as Micheal Jackson did for MTV... REmember MVT was struggling until "thiller"...


1041 days ago


Sue her for defamation of character.

1041 days ago


Good For Him Even Tho I'm Not A Bieber Fan She Need To Be Sued That Poor Boy

1041 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Yeah. Waste those tax payers dollars to win on principal. Not like you'll ever collect a thing. Can't squeeze juice from dry lemons, bud.

1041 days ago



1041 days ago


Hey, don't start no sh** and there won't be no sh**. She should never have started all of this to begin with. Number one let's just say that there was a possibility that Justin was the father. Why not handle the matter discreetly? What's with posting pictures of this poor baby all over the place to help prove that Bieber is the father? Why is she giving interviews trying to look convincing? This is not something that one does publicly. There are plenty of celebrities who have babies that the public does not know about. But their business is not out on blast because there was some consideration for the children involved. If this allegation were true why not keep the matter private if for no other reason than to think of what is best for the baby? I'll tell you why. She is a silly, fooli******tle girl looking for attention and money. Now Bieber is about to make a fool out of her, which she totally deserves........but not the poor baby.

1041 days ago

Thurston Howell III    

I sorta feel bad for this girl. I would NOT want Howard Weitzman after my butt. This girl is either insane or mentally retarded or both.

1041 days ago


That's right sue the bastards and the bitch. I have a friend who is a celebrity and he gets at least 3 chicks a year filing sexual [anything] charges on him---the funny part is; he's gay. I think would-be accusers and their unscrupulous attorneys will get the message WHEN [not if] Justin follows through with his treat.

1041 days ago


Honestly this chick seems very unstable. I feel for her child,I see problems ahead for the kid.

1041 days ago


I don't see how this girl could think the baby was her ex-boyfriend's and then suddenly be convinced it's Bieber's kid. At best she's confused and at worst she made false accusations in which case Bieber has every right to sue.

1041 days ago


Her other lawyer Leving is telling Radaronline that they are still trying to get Justin to take the test and keep the results confidential. Good luck with that, Justin has a big time Lawyer that won't fall for that tactic.

1041 days ago


That's what they should do.

1041 days ago


Good for him. And he shouldn't back off. These types of people need to pay the price just like any one of us who were to file frivolous lawsuits and smear peoples name. Why should it be any different for Justin. He's as much entitled as she thought she was when she did this. An especially blood sucking lawyers, he should REALLY let them have it. If anything they SHOULD of had more sense.

1041 days ago


He should sue her and lawyers. The lawyers were on talk shows saying that they had credible evidence which is why they took the case. Clearly they didn't do their due diligence. I realize the kid is a multi millionaire and a public figure whose life is up for public scrutiny. But when it's all said and done he is a kid and legally a minor. I'm sure this put him and his family through a very difficult time unnecessarily. Shouldn't be able to take shots at the kid just because he's talented, successful and wealthy.

1041 days ago
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