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Justin Bieber

May Still Sue That Chick ...

And Her Lawyers

11/16/2011 11:55 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

If Mariah Yeater thinks she's dodged the Justin Bieber lawsuit bullet by dismissing her paternity lawsuit, she needs to do some re-thinking.

TMZ broke the story, Yeater dismissed the suit last Thursday, after Justin and his team made it clear ... they were going to sue Yeater and her lawyers for filing a malicious claim.

Despite the fact that Yeater's claim has now been dismissed and the 2 lawyers who filed it have quit, Justin is not backing down from his threat.

The singer's publicist, Matthew Hiltzik, tells TMZ, "We intend to still hold them accountable."

As we first reported, Justin and his team wanted to go after Yeater and the lawyers to set an example that people who file baseless claims against celebs do so at their own peril.


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So much fuss over something named "Justin Bieber" - something that poses as a performer but is still just a no-talent, off-key, youtube nutjob whose promotion machine has convinced musically deaf girls to buy his non-music. Popularity for its own sake. There hasn't been any real musical talent out there for over 20 years, long enough to breed a new generation of young people who have only heard junk since birth and therefore think it's music. Which brings us full circle back to that thing called Bieber.

1010 days ago


Child services really should take a good look at this train wreck o*****irl already,,it can't be good for a baby. oh yea,,,she's skanky too!

1010 days ago

The Vegan    

I have no interest in Justin or his career at all but I have to say, way to go Justin!!!! If he goes after those 3 it will definitely get opportunists to think twice before doing the same thing.

1010 days ago

Dirt McGirt    

"go home", lawyers get sued and sanctioned for filing frivolous suits all the time. And just because the chickenhead has no money, doesn't mean she shouldn't be held accountable. A judgement against her will jam up her credit. Then, they can garnish a percentage of her future paychecks (if she ever gets a job). Or, if you don't want to take the little money she has away from her baby, you can force her to publicly admit that she was lying, force her to take back that Justin was aggressive and vulgar towards her, and work out a payment plan with her to pay his attorneys.

He can't just let her slide.

1010 days ago


A girl isnt going to make up sleeping with someone and then go all the way to file a paternity suit. it happend he messed up and i bet he paid her off cuz being a teen daddy in the middle of his career isnt in his agenda. seriously open your eyes people. its obvious.

1010 days ago

TMZ Comment    

Even if a DNA test proved Justin is not the father, he can't sue because they really can't prove the sex didn't happen.

1010 days ago


Leving said this is all lies she didn't drop the case completely TMZ is Bias

1010 days ago


Yeah!!! Go team Bieber. Don't let her get off so easily.

1010 days ago


Good for you, Justin! Stand strong, and not only sue her, but the attorney's also. They're the REAL culprits, looking for a quick payout, despite her LIES. Go for it!!!

1010 days ago


Test results show he is the baby daddy? I think this a publicity snow screen to save his career. I saw pictures of Mariah Yeater and Justin Bieber backstage together. He took the test a while back. She got PAID!

1010 days ago



1010 days ago


He definitely needs to sue and shut this stupid lying woman up!!

1010 days ago


Don't just do it for Celebs, do it for everyone! It is called "Justice For All". Lawyers need to be held accountable, even if just a 40% chance they are acting in bad faith. They may be taught "do everything possible to represent your client", but this is now being interpreted as
"the end justifies the means" so do anything you want, even if it is illegal, unethical, immoral... no boundries!

1010 days ago


Stupid people get away with this crap because no one stands up to them and gives them a well deserved slap. Sue the hell out of her or it'll happen again.

1010 days ago


May sue? Legally take this liar and mental defect down. The industry and men everywhere who have been forced to take care of kids that aren't theirs are counting on you.

1010 days ago
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