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Justin Bieber

May Still Sue That Chick ...

And Her Lawyers

11/16/2011 11:55 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

If Mariah Yeater thinks she's dodged the Justin Bieber lawsuit bullet by dismissing her paternity lawsuit, she needs to do some re-thinking.

TMZ broke the story, Yeater dismissed the suit last Thursday, after Justin and his team made it clear ... they were going to sue Yeater and her lawyers for filing a malicious claim.

Despite the fact that Yeater's claim has now been dismissed and the 2 lawyers who filed it have quit, Justin is not backing down from his threat.

The singer's publicist, Matthew Hiltzik, tells TMZ, "We intend to still hold them accountable."

As we first reported, Justin and his team wanted to go after Yeater and the lawyers to set an example that people who file baseless claims against celebs do so at their own peril.


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ITS BACK ON... go to they have uptodate accurate Beiber news....not old stale TMZ news. TMZ is more concerned about NIK Richies Baby

1080 days ago


I'm all for them going after the lawyers who KNOWINGLY filed a bogus lawsuit. Lawyers should learn if you go along with idiots, you know are lying and hurt innocent people, then it will hurt you in the pocketbook.

1080 days ago


Come on Biebs... TMZ has punished her far more than suing her ever would. Where to they come up with these pictures!? Horrifying. (Seriously, I am a "principles" type person. Good for you. People should pay for running their mouths)

1080 days ago


AMAZING... so many of you morons just read TMZ and nothing else... THis isnt over.. radaronline has the entire story. They dropped the lawsuit b/c he said he would take the test... if he doesnt they will re-file. She has lawyers still working the case... infact BETTER lawyers... you are a bunch of TMZ sheep

1080 days ago


Wow she is ugly all friggin day long!!!!!

1080 days ago


This woman came out of nowhere and over the course of two weeks completely trashed his reputation. Unbelievable. I'm not a fan of his music, but he has my sympathy.

I definitely think he should sue. For two reasons: 1. so she doesn't profit from her lies, and 2. to discourage other nutjobs from launching baseless claims.

1080 days ago


Good for you Justin! It's not that he wants the money (which he probably would give to charity anyway)...he wants everyone to know that he is not the irresponsible person this girl indicates, and he's not the "sex anywhere with anyone" person this makes him out to be. Too many people are too quick to grab onto a nasty story because they dislike the person involved. If that is you.....grow up!!! And if you are one of the people suggesting that Justin was out to ruin Yeater's life......get you really believe that's what would happen? Justin was defending himself all the way! And I hope he wins.

1080 days ago


He should still sue her. Hopefully if they drag the nutbar into court they'll see she's mentally unstable and get the poor baby into a better home. Seriously it can't be good living with a freak like this for a mother! You can bet she made money off her story by selling the pictures of her baby to every media outlet. She should NOT profit off her lies. He should at least get the money she made from her tv talks and tabloid slander. What a loser she is!
Now I'm reading they want to keep it quiet because she's received death threats! Really? They want to keep it quiet so that people don't hear the end result! That she's a creepy stalker making up stories about Justin! Don't keep it quiet Justin, let the world know this woman is a creeper! Use her as an example to other young flunkies, you don't profit from lying!

1080 days ago


He wont sue her because he paid her off. The baby is all that matters. This young man will regret this one day.

1080 days ago


she is just switching lawyers, If he took a DNA test he could end the speculation, I wonder why he is avoiding it?

1080 days ago


I have a feeling that this kid and his legal team are posturing. The girl's a freak, but I think he did her and he's afraid that the little bundle is a Biebs. Any settlement is going to include an NDA and harsh civil penalty on her if she talks.

1080 days ago

just a girl    

Good for him! I think this is a GREAT example for hime to set for his lifetime career!

1080 days ago


I hope do sue the lawyer too

1080 days ago


justin cant be the father. he's gay!

1080 days ago


The girl is obviously mentally ill. Instead of "punishing" her perhaps Justin should support some kind of mental health hospital or program to raise awareness...its like punching a retarded just don't do it

1080 days ago
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