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Michael Lohan


in Domestic Violence Case

11/16/2011 3:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan in jail
It seems like Lindsay Lohan was treated like a mass murderer compared to the sentence Michael Lohan got for allegedly beating his ex-girlfriend last month ... because unlike his daughter, MiLo was NOT sentenced to the slammer.

Lohan -- who was accused of beating the crap out of his ex-GF Kate Major back in October -- appeared in a Tampa courtroom today and pled no contest to 4 misdemeanors ... involving an incident at Kate's apartment last month, in which he allegedly got violent when she refused to perform oral sex on him.

In exchange for his no contest plea, Lohan was sentenced to 2 years probation and ordered to spend 4 months at a residential treatment center. Lohan was also ordered to complete a domestic violence batterer’s intervention program ... and he's been banned from having any contact with Kate.

Meanwhile, Lindsay was sentenced to spend 30 days in jail after she violated her probation in a case stemming from a non-violent crime.

Seem fair to you?



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Blood Red Witch    

Even with MiLo, his "friend" Kim G, said in that interview that at least 80% of his issues are due to his own actions. They bring the drama on themselves.

1070 days ago



1070 days ago


Mosey on over the x17online and look at picture of Lindsay they got posted with that article about her wanting mommie dearest to be on DWSTs ..............
Those teeth look like they belong to a hungrey hippo they are so big....Makes poor Hillary Duffs choppers look small compared.....changes here whole face and not for the better...the new cheek ejection pads don't help and the eyemake is terrible ....I wouldn't have none it was really her if I hadn't read the name and Dina picture beside it...Really this is the honest true...I would have said that girl looks vaguely like Lindsay but not nearly as pretty ......She has ruined her face and lost look that sat her appart from the rest of the hollywood barbie dolls now she looks just like all the other remakes in hollywood and not a good version on one either....
Kind of makes me feel a little sorry for her..must be hard to look in the mirror and see what you have done to your own self in your quest for money and fame...but then again she has done it to herself.....

1070 days ago


Well the Florida version of Judge Judy failed the test of impartiality,got her 15 minutes of fame and is now a member of the Celebrity Justice pantheon of clown judges.

1070 days ago


Can't type to well, I will admit I ain't feeling no pain right now...Thank the Good Lord and modern Medicine ! to bad it will wear off in a couple of hours.......LOL

1070 days ago


The only thought that comes to mind about the X17 photo is Lindsay should sue the dentist for making her look like a 1956 Buick.

1070 days ago

Ellie G    

Well at least she did something about those snaggle teeth she had. Now get rid of the hideous hair and eye makeup and she may be ok. At least she looks a little healthier. Ok now I need to shower, I feel dirty after saying something almost nice.

1070 days ago


Even though I care for Lindsay and wish her well, I one hundred percent believe that everything that has happened to her is her own fault. And the only way for her to get out of her predicament is to take total responsibility and move forward.

But, I do one hundred percent believe that a lot of comments about her are mean and don't come from a kind place. If people really want to help, they can stop calling down the way she looks, the color of her hair, talking about her family, and perhaps try to be positive and not so damn catty.

I do support her in her rehabilitation and wish her well. It puts me in the middle again, the devil won't have me and the Lord sends me away, always in the middle.

And I'm off for awhile again, I have many responsibilities in "real life".

1070 days ago

Ellie G    

I could care less what she does in her personal life. If she wants to go around looking like a used up hooker I dont care. If she wants to buy SEA JASPER on the streets, I dont care. If she want to drink herself into a stupor every night, I dont care. Pose nude, do porn, I dont care. I do care that she thinks she is above the law. It doesnt matter whether we think the judges were fair or not, she got charged, convicted and sentenced. Do what you were ordered to do FFS. And if she doesnt like the rude and mean comments maybe she should stay home and quit calling the paps and the tabloids everytime she breathes. All she has to do is comply with the courts, get it over with for crying out loud. Until she does I dont feel the need to say anything nice about her.

1070 days ago


Didn't the loser just get out of rehab? What a joke that family is. So where will spend his rehab THIS time? In the one he HIMSELF was going to open in Beverly Hills or on the yacht he claimed he was going to open for "high-end people" yet everyone was welcome? Lohan, Kardashian, Hilton, etc. What a BLIGHT they and their kind are on society! Here's MY "high-end" in your nasty faces, phony hypocrites!

1070 days ago


Every time Flimsy gets in the news for her flagrant violations of the law, along comes a spider...I mean 'Father'. The timing is ALL about publicity and nothing more. Michael Lohan makes his living out of scamming the press, leaking private phone calls, video taping people without their knowledge and then SELLING it for cash. He has no soul left to sell anymore. What fools in the media will continue to pay this 'celebrity cash cow' when there is nothing left to milk?

1070 days ago


Milo, as you've been taught, keep your chin up and always remember that 12 stepping has it's place, IN COUNTRY BARS! All you should be concerned with is 13 stepping!

LMAO that Dilo is going homeless without Milo's child support money! Maybe she'll become a broke prostitute, just like her daughter!

1070 days ago


I think the reason we haven't see hide nor hare of this twit is because she got her PB money and is holed up in her crack lair binging on all the coke and booze she can ingest. One day of CS out of, what, 7. Court was the Wed. the 2nd. PB had 'reshoots' Thurs. and Fri. Monday was her probation check-in, so Tues. would have been a 'free' day. Wed. she actually did CS. None on Thurs. or Fri. last week. Then we have these last 4 days. That totals 7 days she could have done her CS but was 'busy' partying. Next week is Thansgiving, we'll MAYBE see one day before we're off to NY to see Vikram, I mean 'mommy'. I'll make a little prediction right now. If she doesn't bother with her CS tomorrow and next week, she's definetly made the decision to blow it off and face a couple of days in jail. Which in the long run is the right coarse of action for this slag. A couple of days in jail vs. months and months of CS, therapy sessions, and court dates.

1070 days ago


I think Michael is like Lindsay and both need the same treatment. Months away in an isolated center with no media attention and then a good year minimum but as long as it takes of having to report to followup centers regularly (that meens 2x weekly minimum). They are disasters on their own devices. Dina is like gin-soaked and I think she married Michael largely due to his money and uses her children as status symbol accomplishments. Ali shows the world a desolate look for some reason and that needs addressing though I won't come to any strong conclusions about it. That's my state of the Lohans.

1070 days ago

AGENT smith    

I can hear some loud music coming from a big party in Venice, it's a NWA song "F the Police".....

1070 days ago
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