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Michael Lohan


in Domestic Violence Case

11/16/2011 3:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan in jail
It seems like Lindsay Lohan was treated like a mass murderer compared to the sentence Michael Lohan got for allegedly beating his ex-girlfriend last month ... because unlike his daughter, MiLo was NOT sentenced to the slammer.

Lohan -- who was accused of beating the crap out of his ex-GF Kate Major back in October -- appeared in a Tampa courtroom today and pled no contest to 4 misdemeanors ... involving an incident at Kate's apartment last month, in which he allegedly got violent when she refused to perform oral sex on him.

In exchange for his no contest plea, Lohan was sentenced to 2 years probation and ordered to spend 4 months at a residential treatment center. Lohan was also ordered to complete a domestic violence batterer’s intervention program ... and he's been banned from having any contact with Kate.

Meanwhile, Lindsay was sentenced to spend 30 days in jail after she violated her probation in a case stemming from a non-violent crime.

Seem fair to you?



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She was unlucky to fail the test and she was only subjected to testing because of the excessive sentence Mar*****he monster imposed.

Dawn Holland/Bradley is pathetic and who even cares rehab was to avoid jail and it was a success.

As Shawn correctly pointed out it in regards to the February incident it was a necklace that was purchased for $850 and returned 10 days later.
I'm too tired to go into detail about Danette Meyers but i will ask this question.
Is it normal for prosecutors who were removed from the case in April to still make tv appearances/give exclusive interviews to gossip sites to talk about the case?

1074 days ago


Sorry for my absence, I realize it's made some of you lose your senses, which you may have, or never had.....

Actually, none of you lizards ever made sense let alone cents so I'll let you all get back to speculating, while I'm ejaculating in the majors mouth!

Keeping it real, ONE intelligent post at a time!

1074 days ago


ok folks, its been fun playing, I'll catch ya another day.

1074 days ago


The USA is a joke. The courts send a message to not give a hoot about the law. Go out and Rape, Murder, Steal and do as you please without regard for the law because the chances of getting in trouble are slim. ATTN all MAJOR Criminals....Go out and do your thing. It's your world and law and justice will not care! Have Fun! :)

1074 days ago

AGENT smith    

KATE Major in court, "he was drinking so he is probably high on cocaine, he can't drink without doing COCAINE!!!"

1074 days ago


Stop being so dramatic, TMZ. First of all, he didn't get off "super easy". He has to go to a residential treatment for a while and has 2 years probation. They could have been harder on him, but they also could have been easier. Second of all, he didn't "beat the crap" out of Kate. Stop exaggerating. If they threw everyone in jail who pulled his kind of little shena****ns, half of Tampa would be locked up.

1074 days ago

Ghost Rider    

If Michael Lohan was any of those personalities it would go to show that he has a fair amount of downtime that he spends with us. We are probably the closest thing to a family he has right now.

1074 days ago

AGENT smith    

Yes Julia, he is on a crusade to liberate the holy land(LIndsay) from Infidels. Lindsay is like Israel and he wants the sacred land back. We may see him soon don a white tunic with a red cross.

1074 days ago


If Kate would have agreed to "beat" the "crap" out of him, all of this would have never happened and we all would've lived to come another day!

RT is great, it gives me the time I need to finish my BOOK!

1074 days ago



What does it matter what the necklace cost? At least you're admitting that she took it! That's a first. Now you can't say Linnocent anymore!!!

1074 days ago


I see Florida is like Cali, if you have money enough to afford a good lawyer you get a slap on the wrist!!! Where is the justice in this country?

1074 days ago


I gotti roll, however I'll leave you with an inspirational message, Kate had plenty of time on her "hands" while Milo was away, but NOW she has plenty of time on her "hands and knees"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gotti love a dumb tramp who weakly resembles an even dumber tramp who is known as "Orange Oprah"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1074 days ago

Be a little inappropriate~    

The American legal system is the funniest joke ever told.

1074 days ago

Ghost Rider    

I was watching this episode of Cheers today where Coach met his daughters fiance, and he was this wheeler dealer kinda like old milo. Coach convinced his daughter that she could do better and she wised up and broke off the wedding. I think milo would have been able to pull a fast one though, and convince everyone he was a saint, followed by a few rounds of drinks on him. He would have everyone fooled except Diane. Come to think of it, milo seems like a character right out of Cheers.

1074 days ago


Michael Lohan is crazier than a ****-house rat.

1074 days ago
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