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Michael Lohan


in Domestic Violence Case

11/16/2011 3:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan in jail
It seems like Lindsay Lohan was treated like a mass murderer compared to the sentence Michael Lohan got for allegedly beating his ex-girlfriend last month ... because unlike his daughter, MiLo was NOT sentenced to the slammer.

Lohan -- who was accused of beating the crap out of his ex-GF Kate Major back in October -- appeared in a Tampa courtroom today and pled no contest to 4 misdemeanors ... involving an incident at Kate's apartment last month, in which he allegedly got violent when she refused to perform oral sex on him.

In exchange for his no contest plea, Lohan was sentenced to 2 years probation and ordered to spend 4 months at a residential treatment center. Lohan was also ordered to complete a domestic violence batterer’s intervention program ... and he's been banned from having any contact with Kate.

Meanwhile, Lindsay was sentenced to spend 30 days in jail after she violated her probation in a case stemming from a non-violent crime.

Seem fair to you?



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Michael Lohan got off way to easy. I think Kate Major is a crazy women but he seems to have a history of being violent against women. Any man who lays his hand a women deserves real jail time but atleast he has been in jail for a bit while waiting for a deal in his case.

As far as Lindsay being treated like a mass murderer look I love Lindsay I am a fan but come on TMZ thats a bit of a overstatement dont you think? Lindsay sentence from Judge Sautner was more than fair she only had to go to jail get booked and then leave a couple hours later. I think its great she is getting help and I am hopping this rigid morgue schedule will finally get her on the right track once and for all.

1037 days ago


Nicole : 14 minutes ago

No it is December 14th. Unless Lindsay goes today and Friday she is no longer on track.
Maybe Shawn has explained to her in detail about overcrowding and realignment

Hi hun, do you know how many more days at the morgue she has to do by Dec 14? I think she has been busy with work she just reshot playboy and she is doing a 2012 spring campaign for SophomoreNYC but I hope she is staying on track with the morgue. I know the holidays are comming up and she probably wants to go to NY to be with her family so maybe she will go a few times before Thanksgiving.

1037 days ago

AGENT smith    

Lindsay may have decided eff the judge, eff the CS, eff the haters. 270 day sentence now is catch and release, so I'll guess she does four hours. Four hours in a cold scary jail may be better than 400 hours at the Coroners office. Baby, CAN YOU DIG IT???????

1037 days ago


LLFan: 6 minutes ago
Hi hun, do you know how many more days at the morgue she has to do by Dec 14? I think she has been busy with work she just reshot playboy and she is doing a 2012 spring campaign for SophomoreNYC but I hope she is staying on track with the morgue. I know the holidays are comming up and she probably wants to go to NY to be with her family so maybe she will go a few times before Thanksgiving.

I think she has only done 1 out of her 12 days. So she has 11 days to go and unless she goes today and tomorrow she will have to do more than 3 days a week to be in compliance.

1037 days ago

AGENT smith    

Andy, there are crazy photographers that are literally willing to cause accidents to get a picture of Lindsay and that's why she has a driver. A few weeks ago I was riding my bike and I saw a photographer camped out half a block from Lindsay's condo with his motorcycle helmet on and ready to go, a few hours later on my way back he was still sitting there with his helmet on waiting. It may be the X17 photographer that Lindsay is always complaining about, red motorcycle and red helmet.

1037 days ago


You know whats so great about photo shoots...? You can make Bigfoot look like Elizabeth Taylor with enough Photoshopping....and hell Yes them shots would look good as photoshopped as they do any photoshoot now a a pimple .....zap ! its a double ! it gone.....tatoo.....Zip ! its gone.....legs and arms flabby and bruised up....a little reline here a little smoothing there and zip ! you look great ...a face full of freckles and fake zip zip and your perfect........and Lindsay Lohan looks great......right ! ............illusion it what they deal in.....Don't even brother to look at magizine anymore they are all so photoshopped that it is nothing but illusion anymore.....

1037 days ago


andyscandy: 5 minutes ago

the sheriff said they cant do much..unless its a 90+ day sentence...lets see what 270 days dwindles down to see 35+ days after the 14th of Nov.
and more CS
When the 270 day sentence is imposed Lindsay has no more requirements except to stay out of trouble until 2014 or face a 150 day sentence.

1037 days ago


Counting the seconds until his next probation violation. And he'll try to get a TV show out of his residential rehabilitation sentence. Dr. Drew, are you up for number 2 with Michael? Then Dr. Drew will get to say, "I told you so" about Michael's latest arrest.

And sadly, Kate will probably call him. Oh, well!

1037 days ago


andyscandy: 6 minutes ago

I dont care what happens after jail...with her track record,we will see her in court more often then Not..
My fav. part of the whole thing is jail for xmas and New years...

It isn't guaranteed that if she goes to jail on or before the 14th that she would spend Christmas and New Year incarcerated.,0,4128740.story

1037 days ago


She has no more intentions of completeing these last CS requirments then the man in the moon...Why should she , she know there are no real treats being held over her head....she will do just what Lindsay wants to do and use this to keep her name in the media spotlight could say this is Lindsay's Reality Show...paid for by the People of California ........
But try as hard as she might she will NEVER be the star she sees herself in her own narcissic mind....
Her career is dead in Hollywood and she has only her notoritity to work off of now......Instead of being Famous she is now Infamous.......but she don't care al long as the money rolls in.....

1037 days ago

AGENT smith    

How many times have we speculated on how many days Lindsay will spend in jail? The winning answer is always zero days or a few hours. Don't hold your breath waiting for Lindsay to do jail time. The news just said this morning that the state has already shipped thousands of more prisoners to the county than they were expecting. One hundred and fifty LAPD OFFICERS were reassigned to probation because they are releasing everyone with less than a year on their sentence. Sheriff Baca has proven himself many times to be a liar, we have room for Lindsay yeah BS!!!!!!!!

1037 days ago


Lindsay probably doesnt give two sh*ts about finishing her CS why would she? She has zero respect for the law and she has no desire to show the public/ future employers that she is making an effort to change. She mines aswell just get the jail time over with and stop the charade that is until her next charge.

Judge Sautner made a mistake when she reduced Lindsay's felony to a misdomeaner. When she did that she lost all power to actually punish this runt. Oh well Lindsays career is in the morgue thats all that matters!

1037 days ago


julia@2121: 7 minutes ago

Lindsay is also the face for this product...check it out. The best part if both (this and the Playboy are out to promote at the same time line.) Priceless.
Thanks Julia i have already seen it.

1037 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

Kim G did a radio interview, answering the burning question, is ML afraid that kate is preggers.

1037 days ago


To the poster that keeps referring to Lindsay as "Linnocent." What are you going to do when she finally does wind up in jail for a long period of time? I know what I'm going to call her - "Linmate."

1037 days ago
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