Selena Gomez' Alleged Stalker To Be Released Criminal Charges DISMISSED

11/16/2011 4:06 PM PST

Thomas Brodnicki
-- the man who allegedly told his shrink and an LAPD detective he had many conversations with God about killing Selena Gomez -- has just had his felony stalking charge dismissed, and he's about to go free.

Although LAPD detectives say Brodnicki is a "credible threat" to Gomez, the judge said there wasn't sufficient evidence that Brodnicki intended to convey threats to Selena -- an element of the crime which prosecutors must prove.

The judge just said Brodnicki will be held for 30 minutes, to give prosecutors a chance to present sufficient evidence -- if that doesn't happen, Brodnicki will be a free man.

There is, however, a civil restraining order against him, requiring him to stay clear of Selena.

TMZ has a producer in the courtroom who heard Brodnicki's lawyer say to Brodnicki after the judge's ruling, "Get the f**k out while you can."

4:12 PM:The prosecutor will not present new evidence so Brodnicki is going free.