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Bieber Accuser Blinks

Lawyers Run for the Hills

11/16/2011 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


The chick accusing Justin Bieber of knocking her up drops the paternity suit and gets a new lawyer -- after her original attorneys bail out. Anyone still buying her story?

Plus, the debate that got everyone fired up -- are some people just destined to be fat? Richard Simmons calls in and says people choose to be overweight by eating like crap and not exercising -- and someone takes Harvey to task over his views on sizey foks. You really don’t wanna miss this.


(0:00) Good news for Bieber -- his accuser dismissed her paternity lawsuit against him ... but it's not over yet.
(4:15) Bieber's attorneys are probably going to sue the pants off Mariah Yeater -- but Jason doesn't think it'll be easy.
(7:20) Should Bieber sue just to make a point?
(19:00) Harvey's been saying it all along -- TV and the Internet are becoming one.
(21:15) Kevin Federline keeps growing, and growing, and growing...
(24:03) The one and only Richard Simmons is on the phone the debate the question of the day -- are some people destined to be fat?
(28:30) Simmons explains how fat jokes are evil.
(34:00) A revelation! Harvey says his life changed when he was shamed on the playground as a kid -- and it explains sooooo much.
(42:20) One of the greatest moments ever!
(43:31) Kim rips into Harvey over the fat issue -- you absolutely don't want to miss this!


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do you know anything about the petiton they have about taking the kardshians off air?

1034 days ago

who dat    

Ya his reputation is sullied. All the gays might think he is actually bi.

1034 days ago

Lora Leigh    

You guys know anything about Lilo's dad take a plea deal? It's on celebcircuit on twitter

1034 days ago


Why isn't the stream working?

1034 days ago


I dont believe Bieber is the father of the child. I
also dont believe his lawyers have any intention of sueing the mother of the child or her lawyers, nor do they ever intend on giving up Justin's DNA.
it's all a game, she is not a stable individual and the longer they play this out the worse it is for Justin and his carrer imo.

1033 days ago


My theory is that Harvey is the "Ent Lawyer" of CDaN. If you go to the facebook page associated with that blog, the profile looks like a fat guy photoshopped in front of a feast, with a bunch of judgmental old folks placed around him with black bars over their eys. There are no pictures of "Ent Lawyer" anywhere on the web.

Also, "Ent Lawyer" has an obsession about his own weight that seems almost like a parody, constantly talking about how fat he is and how he should do more about it. And how much he respects people who do actually try to work on their health.

So I'm thinking the stuff that is done with TMZ cameras, or on TMZ letterhead, that stuff ends up here. And the random pap photos that Harvey gets offered, which he never uses on TMZ, the tips that people aren't willing to go on record with so they have to be blinds, that stuff all ends up on the Crazy Days and Nights blogs.

1032 days ago


Great tv show on Thursday, so was TMZ Live Friday. I love it when you and Charles fight! Adorable. Definitely send that dude back to Illinois please.....keep California safe. I remember the days when celebrities did not have to live in gated communities..those were the days...

1032 days ago
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