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Prez Obama's Uncle

Faces Judge for DUI ...

Deportation on Hold, For Now

11/17/2011 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


President Barack Obama's uncle appeared in court this morning for a DUI charge -- and continued to dodge the deportation bullet ... while his attorney questions the "legality of the traffic stop."

Onyango Obama's attorney filed a motion in a Massachusetts courtroom -- claiming police had no reason to pull over Onyango, and therefore violated his constitutional rights, when he was arrested August 24 for driving under the influence of alcohol.

The judge continued the case until January 12, 2012.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement took custody of Onyango after the arrest, but he was later released. He could be deported back to Kenya if found guilty.


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If he's hear illigally whys he hear?

1041 days ago


Doesn't obama have another relative that is in our country illegally? An elderly female?

1041 days ago


If he is here illegally, why should he be protected under our constitutional rights? Regardless of whether he is found guilty or innocent of the DUI, he should be deported simply for being here illegally. I am so tired of people coming to my country illegally and thinking that our laws shouldn't apply to them. There are too many bleeding heart liberals that think the illegal are entitled to the same benefits as US citizens.

1041 days ago


WTF? What do they mean "he will be deported if he is found guilty"? He is here illegally and should be deported now. Why is he being given a pass? He and the Aunt should be gone instead of being a drain to taxpayers. Where is the reporting on this by the lame street media?

1041 days ago


Obama's Aunt now his uncle. When the hell will the citizens wake up and realize this guy is a fake. He has destroyed economy beyond ANYTHING Bush did. Get him out of there and send him packing. His election was an experiment...IT FAILED!!!

1041 days ago


Hi Harvey and crew,
I'm 70 yrs. old and I am here to tell you,TMZ makes my night lol!! I love it!! If I had the money I'd be out there on the TMZ bus,but S.S. as it is,doesn't allow me to do that lol. Just wanted you all to know how much I enjoy all of you. I've come to know you all by first name and you feel like family to me.
thank you for always making my evening. love you all-Gail xxoo

1041 days ago


what rights he is an illegal who shd not be working driving living here duhhhhh

1041 days ago


Wow, look at all the "Christian" Republicans just drooling over this story with their hateful, ignorant comments.
They are the same ones who boo gay soldiers, cheer the death of the uninsured(they are only pro-life until you are born), and foam at the mouth over executions and waterboarding.
And they aren't racist? Their comments sure are...

Can't wait to see how many "dislikes" I get!!

1041 days ago


Too bad B.O. can't be deported back to his homeland, Kenya. What a disgrace as a president. So sad that that many people were so ignorant to fall for his smoke screen and vote for him. One term for sure!

1041 days ago


80%+ of the drunk drivers get off in Massachusetts! He doesn't need Blowbama's help! What a joke...

1040 days ago


Watch him get away, quietly. NO way he gets the same justice as everyone else. Obama has him & all the other ILLEGALS covered.


1040 days ago


Time for illegal aliens to Occupy the country in which they are legal citizens.

1040 days ago


Why are we wasting taxpayer $$$ on a DUI trial when he should just be deported in the first place like he was ordered back in 1992?

1040 days ago


If he is illegal than he has no constitutional rights. SOOOOO
send him home!!

1040 days ago

Tom Cruise    

Illegal and was busted for DUI. That's a green light for deportation now. You would think the POS would at least have some respect. Obama should set an example, put his money where his mouth is and deport this turd and his aunt. Then admit he was born in Kenya.

1040 days ago
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