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Ryan Seacrest Sued

You Let Persians Humiliate Me!

11/18/2011 4:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ryan Seacrest
is being sued by a woman who claims she was "humiliated" in a taping of the new reality show he's producing called "Shahs of Sunset" ... insisting she was "forced against her will" to play the role of the "bad girl."

The show is being hailed as the "Persian Jersey Shore" -- featuring a bunch of young, rich Persians galavanting around Los Angeles.

But according to a new lawsuit, filed by a woman named Kathy Salem, the show is just as insane and violent as every other reality show in TV ... a lesson she claims she learned at a fancy Hollywood party back in July.

Salem claims she signed a waiver before entering the shindig and understood she would appear on the show ... but "she did not understand that she might be blind sided and forced against her will to play a demeaning and humiliating role."

Salem claims when she was inside the party, she was confronted by the stars of the show -- who began to bully her and become "verbally abusive" because she was talking to a man who was allegedly engaged.

Salem claims things escalated quickly -- and she was attacked by multiple people -- one of whom tried to rip her top off and another who threw a cup of water in her face.

Salem claims the show is set to air in February -- but she wants a judge to force Ryan to pull any footage in which she appears.

Salem is suing Seacrest, his production company and Bravo -- demanding at least $100,000 in damages.

Calls to Seacrest's people have not been returned.

A rep for Bravo tells us, "Bravo has not seen a copy of the complaint, and thus we cannot comment."


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Typical Persians. When they don't have an outcome that they desire, even when they are wrong, they always look to blame the other party and they sue. Worst people in the world to do business with unless you like slamming them in litigation. Even if they sign their name to a contract, they will not honor it if it is to their advantage.

884 days ago


Does anybody really care what these idiots do to each other? Who watches this mindless crap?

884 days ago


Well, there it is. Proof that reality TV (especially these "confrontation shows" featuring sluts, whores, bitches & skanks who are forced to "live" together) is totally scripted, fake and a complete fraud. I hope this can be used to shut down this crap forever. And, I hope Ryan Seacrest is sued out of existence; he's done more damage to American society in the last 10 years with his idiotic & dangerous shows than anyone in recent memory.

884 days ago

Ronald RayGun    

Ryan Seacrest is just an angry little man who is getting back at the whole world by producing these stupid reality shows because he was a nerd that was bullied in high school.

884 days ago


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884 days ago


Gaycrest is a phoney jackass and any time I see his name on anything, I know it's garbage and change the channel.

884 days ago


Another quality product from pimp of the world Ryan Seacrest.

884 days ago

Leader of the ignorant masses    

Ugh a Persian Jersey Shore? Do we really need more vulgar talentless idiots on tv? Forget boycotts someone call Sparta in for support.

884 days ago


It's time to start no*****ching all this dreck people! It's culturally empty, cheap and damages your brain(and probably your soul too). Boycott E! and anything Seacrest. Time to stop giving your attention and money to TALENTLESS, self entitled fame whores.

884 days ago


What is happening to the E Channel, it is just pure garbage now. Get rid of all these crap reality shows, they are making America look dumb as hell. Please start with the Kartrashians

884 days ago


Of course the shows are scripted, it would be very boring to see how people really are day to day, it wouldn't make good television. Ryan is making a fortune on these shows and there is nothing "real" about them!!!

884 days ago


Jason JAKSON THE EX Kim publicist is in hospital he is talking suicide and said that he is not going to win the battle with KIM
It s too serious they want to silent him he said.
Please someone have to do something to ovoid the worse.

884 days ago


It's time for reality shows to be taken off the air. They do nothing for society and give young viewers the idea that what happens on them is normal and ok. I refuse to watch any and all reality shows. I have enough reality with day to day life, I watch television to get a break from it and can't be bothered watching "scripted" reality.

884 days ago


Jason JAKSON THE EX Kim publicist is in hospital he is talking suicide and said that he is not going to win the battle with KIM
It s too serious they want to silent him he said.
Please someone have to do something to ovoid the worse.

884 days ago

bring back recent posts ashamed of yourself and what you are producing..ur mentor..**** Clark would be ASHAMED..u have the power too bring back MUCH NEEDED ENTERTAINMENT!!!!!!!

884 days ago
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