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Selena Gomez' Alleged Stalker

Placed On 5150 Psychiatric Hold

11/17/2011 12:08 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Thomas Brodnicki -- Selena Gomez' alleged stalker who was freed from jail last night -- is no longer a free man, because we've learned he's just been placed on a 5150 psychiatric hold in what has become a desperate attempt to keep him away from the singer.

We just shot video of Brodnicki being taken away in handcuffs ... law enforcement sources tell us he's being taken to a hospital for mental evaluation.

As we first reported ... cops believe Brodnicki poses a real danger to Selena Gomez.  Detectives say Brodnicki told them he's had discussions with God about killing Gomez.  Brodnicki denies making that statement.

Brodnicki ominously told us ... the only thing he wants to touch is Selena.

As we reported ... law enforcement sources tell us they want to place Brodnicki in a conservatorship, and then ship him back to mental health officials in Illinois where he resides -- far away from Selena.


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a.If you are still considered dangerous to yourself, you may be recertified for another 14-day hold.
b.If you are still considered dangerous to others, the court may put a 180-day post-certification hold on you. This hold is renewable.
c.If you are still considered “gravely disabled,” you may either:
• Be placed on a 30-day hold for additional intensive treatment, or
• Be placed under Temporary Conservatorship and then a full one-yearConservatorship, which is renewable. In this event, a conservatorwill make your major life decisions, including where you live andhow your money is spent.

1049 days ago


This is soooooooooo illegal!!! They can't get a judge to throw him in jail. So, they abuse the system by sending him to the straitjacket shrinks. Just because somebody threatens another doesn't mean they will do it. I suppose the d-bag LAPD squad will arrest if you put one of their precious celebs on your death pool. The girl already has a restraining order on him. Waste of taxpayer money to be kissing these celebs' butts like they do!

1049 days ago


Ah, here is the LAPD pandering to the 1%. A guy can beat the crap out of his significant other and the cops will not even issue her an emergency protective order, which they can do on the spot, but they don't. But, a celebrity being threatened? Oh, let's drop everything and commit resources to lock them up!

They don't have funds to process rape kits, but 5150 holds, no problem! The can't give emergency protective orders, but tying up officers on vehicle impounds, of course!

1049 days ago


He's referred to as Gomez' "alleged" stalker. Does this guy even know who Selena Gomez is?

1049 days ago

obama sucks balls    

who cares selena gomez is worthless no one would cry for her unlike the REAL selena!

1049 days ago


Good now he can stay from Selena.... He is an idiot creepy

1049 days ago


Dude looks cuurrraazzyyy!
Keep him far away from that girl, cause he's up to no good.

1049 days ago

Lior Liebling    

HI my name is Lior Liebling I am putting this on thenews. because i do have a right to have my voice to be heard. Selena Gomez move to Philadelphia because you will be protected and you will be safe. I understran about your carrier and i understand your prospectives and your commets. the reson why i am writting this because i need ou to be safe and being protected. i understand about your boy biber , your friends and your fans. i do not want them to be at risk and i do not want you to be at risk. Selena please write me and contact meat

1049 days ago

Howard DeVoe    

spending $$$ to protect selena and Biebs? Let him loose, who cares. We have more important things to worry about in this country.

1049 days ago


Am I the only one who is disturbed that we still lead mental patients around in handcuffs, while this man certainly could be dangerous I don't think we can ever condone this kind of treatment of the mentally ill.

1049 days ago


Mental health reform is a issue that concerns us all. Just look at the conservatorship abuses with Britney Spears, before people are so quick to say "throw away the key" maybe you should think about how you would want a friend or family member with mental illness to be treated. Even YOU could be a victim of conservatorship abuse.

1049 days ago

Deborah Robbins    

He needs to be put in a psychiatric ward in prison for life!

1049 days ago

That's Right    

Selena.....and everyone else who is being stalked by a mad man which the courts will set free to hunt you down……..


50 rounds is cheaper than getting your nails done.

1049 days ago


She should keep tabs on this guy. He is dangerous.

1048 days ago


When this guy goes back in front of the judge he should pleade insanity. Insanity? Yeah I'm crazy for that bitch!

1048 days ago
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