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Demi Moore Divorce

The Aggresive Statement

11/17/2011 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Demi Moore drops the divorce bomb on Ashton Kutcher ...  and delivers an oddly harsh message too -- why she's taking a direct shot at Ashton's alleged cheating scandal.

Plus, Selena Gomez'  accused stalker, Thomas Brodnicki, is now on a 5150 psycho hold -- and our bizarre video shows why. Did the justice system fail Selena?

And is it okay for moms to be topless in front of her kids? It's our wildest debate since ... well, yesterday. You gotta see a TMZ staffer get OWNED by a viewer!


(0:00) Breaking news! Demi Moore announced she's divorcing Ashton Kutcher -- and her statement strongly suggests she's publicly accused him of cheating.
(5:05) It's been a great -- and terrible -- year for Ashton.
(12:50) Should couples stay together for the kids?
(14:25) Harvey's chicken scratch ignites a war with Tyler.
(19:01)  Twitter shots at Ashton and Harvey.
(22:30) Why did a judge let Selena Gomez's alleged stalker Thomas Brodnicki go free? Jason can't make sense of it.
(26:30) You won't believe what Thomas said to us -- it's as crazy as it gets.
(38:00) Hilarious -- Dean McDermott accidentally tweets a picture of Tori Spelling boobs.
(41:20) Ding, ding. Ryan and Jason go toe-to-toe over the breast issue of the day -- should a mom go topless in front of her young kids? TMZ Live just got real.


No Avatar


This has taken an odd odd turn.

1069 days ago


Ryan, you are not a parent and you are judging people who are and how they handle themselves around their children, wait till you have your own and see what you think about this when you do.

1069 days ago


Tell the anti naked guy to settle down. It is totally normal to be naked around your children until they are old enough to choose privacy. Boobs evolved to feed babies not get your **** hard, idiot.

1069 days ago


I'm with Ryan on the whole nude thing. I'm the youngest of 6 kids. Grew up in a house with one bathroom. We did not shower together, we did not parade around nude, I have never ever seen my parents nude nor do I want's weird and creepy

1069 days ago


I'm sorry, but I think waling around topless around your children is not right. I have four children and I never walk around my children topless or without any of my clothes. It's wrong. I also believe it's wrong to breast feed in public. Ewww..

1069 days ago


That woman going off on Ryan - thank you!

1069 days ago

Mr Rey    

It's only nudity. With the exception of Islamic countries, there is probably no other place in the world that has such a repressive, perspective on nudity as the USA. For some reason for many Americans, the automatic assumption is, nudity = sex. In the Middle East, a female exposed leg means the same. So 'TMZ'ers that think nudity at home is wrong', does an exposed leg = sex? Most of the planet would say "no" to that and to full nudity. Big whoop.

Now focus on the amount of violence, kids are exposed to...

1069 days ago


Let him touch her, then he'll be done! LOL

1069 days ago


OMG its just boobies get over it sheeeesh

1069 days ago

Harold Brown    

They are not real, so what does it matter.

1069 days ago


I dont think its wrong at all. Theres many videos of moms naked in front of their kids. this video on youtube is a fine example and the son looks around the same age as the kid with tori spelling.

1069 days ago


should have been....Harvey can DI***** out but can't take it!!
and once again harvey is taking time to tell a story about himself!!....who cares!!

1069 days ago


ashton just tweeted about it

1069 days ago


Jason JAKSON THE EX Kim publicist is in hospital he is talking suicide and said that he is not going to win the battle with KIM
It s too serious they want to silent him he said.
Please someone have to do something to ovoid the worse.

1069 days ago


Jason is immature, and has the mind of a very young person. This guy wants to be black. Getting over that fact, he is also a moron who is not a parent and knows nothing raising kids since he's not a parent. Wow, this dude is so immature it's embarrassing. The woman that called in was right on and so is Jason. Ryan, grow up and why are you on this show again? Oh, you know Harvey..

1069 days ago
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