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Tori Spelling

Did Your Husband Just Tweet

Your Naked Boobs?

11/17/2011 6:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tori Spelling naked boob
Dean McDermott set Twitter ON FIRE last night ... when he posted a photo of his adorable son ... that appeared to feature his wife's naked boobs in the background.


8:12 AM PST: Dean has deleted the offending tweet.


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That guy from the last Big Brother who was obsessed with Tori Spelling probably saved this picture and put it as his background

1070 days ago


To all those people out there questioning why her boobs are exposed, it is probably because she is nursing her baby and there is nothing sexual in nature about that at all. Perfectly natural.

1070 days ago


seen the NSFW version, you can't see anything. big deal. if it were a beach in France, nobody would be saying anything. geez, grow up people. they're boobs, not erect penises.

1070 days ago


maybe she is getting ready to breast feed the boy..hell he is only if he was 14 I would say it was weird...
mama has a squeeze box she wears on her chest..daddy comes home and he dont get no rest

1070 days ago


what's the kid, like 4? My 4-year-old and 11-year-old daughters see me without a shirt on when I'm changing and I'm no perv. I won't let my 9-year-old son see me without a shirt on just because he was adopted and sexually abused but he's seen me in a bra and it's no diff than a bathing suit. People need to lighten up. Naked is not bad. It's freaking family, not a sex party.

1070 days ago


I didn't know you were supposed to be sitting around buck azz naked while your son was in the room. I dislike TORI SPELLING a great deal!

1070 days ago


LOL at the, "offended by the boob", folks. Isn't she nursing a baby? Wouldn't that be a great reason to have your boobs out in your own home? OF course my husband wouldn't snap shot them for the world to see, but not surprising based on the simple fact that he's a man.

1070 days ago


This world sure is different now that the "It's okay .....Whatever---generation" is raising kids. Since when do parents say that
"siblings are to old to bathe together" BUT can freely see mom or dad naked, and THATS ok? This world is seriously losing morals! Thank the younger generation for screwing that up for all of us who do have MORALS!

1070 days ago


they did it with purpose, only way to get attention.

1070 days ago


They done look reel good to me! I don't know whats the big deal is about the youngin' seein' 'em, though?? My Momma still walks 'round tha howse nekkid and shes 78! We grew up that way and there aint nothin rong with nun of us. Hell, my daughter/niece sees my wife's/sister's boobs & vergina ever day at milkin time. She sees my penus from time to time too, but you peeple need to relax - it aint no big thang!!

1070 days ago


Did you guys ever think that maybe she was getting ready to, or just had breastfed?

Get over your sexualization of boobs, good grief

1070 days ago


Get your heads out of you're asses people it is his MOTHER not some random chic running around naked. She just had a baby it possible the baby was feeding right before or after this was taken. GROW UP!!!

1070 days ago


You folks wondering why she was "naked" in front of her son -- you never heard of the real purpose of female breasts? Like feeding infants? Children in families where mom breastfeeds routinely and openly don't get all pervy like you guys about that part of the female anatomy.

1070 days ago

Kardashian H8R    

I just saw the uncensored picture and EEEEEEEWWWWWWWW, I just threw up in my mouth. Totally nasty.

1070 days ago


She's gross and ugly no matter clothed or not. It's her money and that's all. If she were a poor gal no one and I mean no one would even take her in.

1070 days ago
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