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Tori Spelling

Did Your Husband Just Tweet

Your Naked Boobs?

11/17/2011 6:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tori Spelling naked boob
Dean McDermott set Twitter ON FIRE last night ... when he posted a photo of his adorable son ... that appeared to feature his wife's naked boobs in the background.


8:12 AM PST: Dean has deleted the offending tweet.


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Gary Johnson    

Are you sure it's Tori?

1049 days ago


I'd bet money she was probably just done breastfeeding or getting ready too. What do you want her to do? Hide from her other children? Here's some real news: Boobs are to feed babies. Not for men to drool over. I really don't see why it's a big deal for her to be topless in her own home. They make crotchless panties for little girls, bikinis that barely cover the nipples for teenagers, and skirts that are WAY too short but being topless in front of your own child seems to be a sin in this country. I don't get it. I change in front of my 3yr old son almost every day. Trust me, seeing your mothers boobs as a child will not scar you for life. They are just boobs.

1049 days ago


...........and why would mommy be laying there with her fake boobs hanging out with her young son right there by her..........weird!

1049 days ago


The bigger question is why she was naked with the big ass child in the room!!! Where is the U.S. Child Protective Services when you need them?? Please don't tell me they just had sex!! Come on!!!

1049 days ago


How can people make such a big deal about her showing her boobs to her childeren. There is absolutely no harm in the naked body. They are not having sex or anything. Gees, people. At least this boy is growing up having a completely healthy look on the human body. Not like some other frustrated people that will later do horrible things because mommy was so freaking prude. I see absolutely nothing wrong. He seen them before and even SUCKED on them.

1049 days ago


You guys are so freaking judgemental she prob was breast feeding jeez find something to do

1049 days ago


Why would she be naked in the first place with her son in bed??? WTF u would think she would have some clothes on if her son is in bed with them......come on people!!!!!!!!!!!!

1049 days ago


Breast feeding is normal but I would have something handy nearby to cover up a little just in case it's needed. Know what I mean?

1049 days ago


Keep up the good work Dean

1049 days ago


Maybe it's not Tori

1049 days ago


Just tell the world it was his wet nurse. Too Bad the breast aren't real. Why do we have to be tortured with Chatity Bono topless photos but can't see fake breast on other women.
C'mon TMZ, either stop showing Chasity Bono topless or show other womens breats. It's the Constitutional thing to do.

1049 days ago


She probably was breast feeding, but there are better ways of doing so while other children are in the room! Clearly, Tori is too busy to make sure he has a clean face as well. Does this have something to do with their new show starting in a couple weeks? Bad publicity, good publicity, isn't it all the same?

1049 days ago


It looks like her nipples are on the bottom of her boobs. Gross.

1049 days ago


its her arm, not her gut...

1049 days ago


Didn't she just have a baby ? Maybe she was was pumping her breast milk or was about to feed the baby .

1049 days ago
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