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Tori Spelling

Did Your Husband Just Tweet

Your Naked Boobs?

11/17/2011 6:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tori Spelling naked boob
Dean McDermott set Twitter ON FIRE last night ... when he posted a photo of his adorable son ... that appeared to feature his wife's naked boobs in the background.


8:12 AM PST: Dean has deleted the offending tweet.


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Really people??!! Ever consider the fact the she has a new born and most likely nurses her baby??? Get real, there is absolutly nothing wrong with her other children seeing her naked breasts, especially with how young her they are!! People really need to get a grip on reality!

1041 days ago


This was kind of mean. They are two parents raising beautiful children together, and she's apparently breastfeeding. There's nothing wrong with exposing breasts for breastfeeding, especially not in front of her own child. She was not sexualized at all in front of Liam. He'll be just fine and respectful toward women, if this is the attitude they have.

1041 days ago


I'm pretty sure she'd been breastfeeding. Not everything about boobies is as dirty as some make it appear. Inopportune, DEFINITELY, but "dirty", doubtful. I wonder how many commenters are parents and their children have NEVER seen them naked? Just saying, sometimes it happens... it's just a body.

1041 days ago


HOW DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1041 days ago


HAHA #1 hilarious comment! WHO Walks around their children NUDE!??? Freaking weirdo and YES FUGLY!

1041 days ago

John G.    

Why is she laying there topless with her son sitting there ?

1041 days ago


Yeah I did the same thing except it was of the nether region and I did not notice the picture until years later when I was looking at a picture. Whoops! She'll be ok.

1041 days ago

Home Skillet    

How transparently set-up can this picture be? And, how desperate for attention can a celebrity couple be? Pathetic.

1041 days ago

Larz R    

This is an obvious publicity stunt- noone with half a brain cell (I'm being generous here!) would knowingly tweet this picture without seeing the boobs.. Just putting his fame whore family back in the press- disgusting that he had to use his kid to do it..

1041 days ago


ryan, ryan, ryan, I don't know what to say except you clearly don't have kids. Sometimes even the most well rounded parents end up unwittingly naked in front of their kids. Think about it, not even Claire and Cliff Huxtable could keep their kids out of their bedroom 100% of the time and I get the impression Tori is probably quite open since she allowed TV crews to follow her family about.

That said I will side with you a little and say that I once went on vacation to the Dominican Republic and a mother had her baps out in full view beside the pool while her teenage son was chilling out. That made me cringe.

Just to freak you out and put this in perspective you should watch this clip of a UK do***entary called 'Extraordinary Breast Feeding' by UK Channel 4. There's a clip on Youtube star*****ching from 1.40min if you want to really be grossed out (I feel a bit mean, you might not be able to sleep after watching considering you were so upset a 5 yr old might see his mums boobs but I think you need to lol)

Bottom line is Jason's right, sorry dude. The real creepiness surely, is whether her husband new her tits were in the picture and whether he got a roasting for it or whether maybe it was done intentionally?? (Damn TMZ you've made me so cynical).

One last thing the daily mail UK quoted a tweet from a 'daxholt' on their Ashton/Demi split, any relation? They seem to just basically follow your website for their news anyway..

1041 days ago


I breast fed both of my babies. But seriously, who breast feeds their babies naked from the waist up, with a 5 year-old in the room?

1041 days ago


Chill out all. She was probably just breast feeding their new baby girl. And it's not horrible for her son to see her breasts. Holy cow.

1041 days ago


How come her nips are staring at the floor?

1041 days ago

Straight Talkin Texan    

Those boobs need fixing. Get to a doctor, Tori, STAT! (And show some modesty around your children!!!)

1041 days ago


Breastfeeding...NOPE, Dont see the New Baby Anywhere...
Breastfeeding-Nope, You only need one Boob to Breastfeed...
Breastfeeding-Nope, You Don't lay like That...
So...Hmmmm...Why is she laying there with No Top???
Maybe, she is breastfeeding Liam??? Sounds Sick...But. some mom's do til a kid is ready too stop...

1041 days ago
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