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Ashton's Alleged Mistress

Now Do You Believe Me?!!?!

11/18/2011 5:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1117_Brittney_Jones_ashton_kutcher_vivid_getty_ex2Ashton Kutcher's alleged mistress -- the FIRST alleged mistress -- claims she feels "vindicated" by Demi Moore's divorce statement ... telling TMZ she hopes people will finally believe her story about sleeping with Ashton.

TMZ spoke with Brittney Jones -- who claimed she got busy with Kutcher in 2010 after meeting the guy at a bowling alley. Jones' credibility was called into question when she capitalized on her sudden fame by releasing a sex tape .... which did NOT feature Ashton.

Ashton's lawyer released a statement at the time Brittney was in the headlines, insinuating her story was a lie ... but not entirely denying

Now, Jones tells TMZ ... "Although divorce is often sad I do feel somewhat vindicated."

She adds, "For so long people have thought that I was dishonest or just making up my passionate nights with Ashton, when in fact I was being used."

"Ashton told me that both he and Demi had an 'open relationship' and that he was not in fact cheating.  Now I can tell all the facts about how Ashton really was, and hopefully people will believe my side of the story."

Still, Jones says, "I feel for Demi very much and wish her nothing but the best during this hard time."


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Ashton Kutcher is a grown man who made the decision each and every time to sleep with God knows how many women other than his wife. He is the one who took vows and should've kept his stuff in his pants. I'm not advocating that women should sleep with married men, just that I never understand the huge backlash against the other woman or women (homewreckers, whores, etc.), when he is the one wearing a ring but still decided to have sex outside the marriage.

1037 days ago


why blame her....blame asssshton
demi is hot and always will be hot

1037 days ago


Yes I believe you now, at first I thought you were a liar. Now I know you are a whore. Thanks for clearing that up.

1037 days ago


What the hell is wrong with these whores nowadays?? She feels "vindication" OH WOW, you poor thing, don't wory, We all believe what a slut you really are now. Now you can move on with your life because everyone believes you accomplished spreading your legs to a celebrity. You deserve an award! Seriously who cares?? Ashton is a man like anyone else, his junk isn't more special and that doesn't make you special either. You're just a homewrecking whore like any other that would do that. And the nerve of this hoe bag to wish Demi well. She is SO beneath her. Demi's sh*t is gold next to this nobody's existence.

1037 days ago


'open' relationships have to be completely open

1037 days ago


Is this b!t

1037 days ago


Where's all the name calling for Ashton? It's funny to me how men aren't targeted when they are the one's who married and broke vows.

Ashton's the pig. Ashton's the whore.

1037 days ago


And you are still a tramp!

1037 days ago


No one cares about this skank's go hook up with the Kartrashians, oh sorry someone beat you to creating lots of $$$$ over a sextape, piece of trash. Don't kiss and tell, you loser.

1037 days ago


she conveniently fell for the oldest lie to come out of a married man's mouth? suuuuuuure

She knew what she was getting into and so did he.

She must be proud of herself that everyone she knows now sees her as a whore, or maybe they already knew.

1037 days ago


As easy as it would be to bash this girl I have to say that recently I was on the receiving end of a cheater. He had told me things were over with his girlfriend and, since I didn't know her, I had no reason to think he was lying. Thankfully nothing happened as I tend to want to get to know someone before doing anything cause it turned out not only was he very much with his girlfriend of 11 years - he was also hooking up with other girls all over the place. He lives in a different state so it was easy for him to do that.

Remember, the man (or woman) who DOES the cheating is just as much to blame if not more so since 9 out of 10 times they lie and say they're relationship is over or they are in an 'open relationship' (which I really don't get that one other than it makes people feel better about cheating).

Overall, never, ever trust someone when they tell you they are available - more times than not, they aren't.

1037 days ago


Ms. Jones you wish "Demi" nothing but the best? Wouldn't you think of that first before sleeping with her husband? Regardless of sleeping with a married man, you presented yourself to the media not to vindicate yourself, but, to promote a sexual opportunity for money.

1037 days ago

yeah right    

sounds like a publicity stunt in order to boost ratings on two and a half men, I knew that show was doomed the moment ashton appeared on the porch as the ashes of the shows main character was thrown in the air, just cancel the show already and get it over with, it sucks without charlie.

1037 days ago

Rafaelle Zuccaro    

All Ashton is doing, is playing a real life Charlie Sheen- They both have their dingers in their pants__--Neither has a Moral bone in their body, both have the same "bone" for a brain-- Thats Hollywood style, no matter who it is--- The CODE in Hollywood for STARS is Find em, F---kem=Forgethem--

1037 days ago


This girl is a sleezy BIMBO no matter what. She's sleeping with someone else's husband and then has the gall to wish the wife well? Maybe they wouldn't be divorcing if women like her were not trying to hang on no talent STD factories like flies. Unbelievable.

1037 days ago
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