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Natalie Wood's Sister:

Robert Wagner Withheld Information

11/18/2011 6:05 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lana Wood speaks on Natalie Wood

Lana Wood, Natalie Wood's sister, says she never believed Robert Wagner's version of the events that led to Natalie's death.

Lana tells TMZ ... she believes Robert wasn't honest with cops when they interviewed him about Natalie's death.

Lana also says she's not buying the story that Natalie was trying to secure a dinghy and fell overboard because she was deathly afraid of water -- to the point she wouldn't even go in her pool.

Lana says Sheriff's detectives have interviewed her about the case and they specifically wanted to know if the relationship between Natalie and Robert was "volatile."

And, Lana says, if someone was responsible for Natalie's death, they should be punished, despite the fact it's 30 years later.


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I think it is great they are investigating the case. There was just always something about it that didn't quite make sense. It probably was not intended homicide, but I don't think everyone was honest after it happened.

1034 days ago


FINALLY!!! I always knew he had something to do with it...

1034 days ago


The only way the status of this case is going to change is if Wagner or Walken change their story, which is highly unlikely. As far as the others on the boat, the Sheriff's dept that is investigating this could have called them on the phone. Trips to New Jersey, Florida, Catalina and Hawaii are completely unnecessary and a huge waste of taxpayer money.

1034 days ago


would you please stop the spam messages

1034 days ago


That whole thing seemed to be to simple.

1034 days ago

That explains it    

I always loved Natalie Wood as an actress, I remember exactly where I was when I heard she had died. Now, all of a sudden, Lana says Wagner wasn't telling the truth. In a story many years ago I read that she didn't believe he withheld anything and that it was just a horrible accident.

Also, there were rumors of an affair between Natalie and Walken which is what caused the big fight. I never quite believed the "she hit her head and fell overboard" story myself, but the case was investigated and closed.

1034 days ago

Living With Your Mind    

Did you all hear about the new movie staring William Shantner and Robert Wagner its titled How To Get Away with murderering your wife by drowning the Bitch...It will be out by Christmas...They all have to live in their minds!
Oh and those ass lickers on Fox and Friend..Don't your lips get tire******ing all that *******, that you are paid to do
espicially Brian..This country is a joke.....Thank You Amad

1034 days ago


She's a dip**** for showing the investigator's hand that way. Not that most people won't assume that's the angle they are going from, but that was just not smart and will likely incur the wrath of the Police Dept. You don't need to give RW any more warning and time to come up with excuses (not that he hasn't had 30 years to prepare) than is absolutely necessary. Put a cork in it, lady.

1034 days ago


Lana Wood must be rejoicing...this picture of her is at least 30 years old. And the only info RJ was hiding was the fact that his beloved wife was stoned on Quaaludes and alcohol. He was trying to save some face for his deceased wife. Anybody notice that Jill St. John and Natalie's children have never ever questioned RJ, and have remained loyal to him all of these years. That says a LOT to me, and they certainly know him and Natalie better than the armchair detectives on TMZ. Or this sleazy capt. and the opportunistic author. The only slimeball missing so far is Gloria Allred! She's probably arranging a press conference this very moment. Which Harvey will cover moment to moment.

1034 days ago

Quinn Stone    

If Natalie Wood was deathly afraid of water --to the point she wouldn't even go in her pool, what the hell was she doing on a boat in the first place? Had she learned how to swim, perhaps she'd still be alive today. Only a moron deathly afraid of water boards a boat.

1034 days ago


Lana has always been jealous of her sister and Robert Wagner.
I will wait for more info but I believe what the coroner said regarding her untimely death.
Her sister has always been a wanna be

1034 days ago


I always had a bad feeling after this. I just knew the story didn't seem real but when you have fame and money you get away with a lot of things as we see on the deaths in Hollywood all the time.

1034 days ago


Walken's words that he will NEVER discuss that night reveal a lot. PERIOD. If anyone read the report, Wagner interfered with any rescue attempts and forbade that captain from calling rescue that night.

Hmmmm. Tragic.

1034 days ago


Lana Wood was and is a no talent, junkie skank who has tried over the years to extort money from Wagner. Send this disgusting fame whore away, its a bit late to start investigating this accident. Natalie was loaded and went overboard, end of story.

1034 days ago


There is a pattern to robert wagners use and abuse of females as a hollywood insider mobster.Broken lance costaring robert wagner and my mother jean peters was the setup and conspyerings of mother jean peters robert wagner and the communistes whom dir broken lance before howard robard hughes jr my father ever knew my mother jean peters.Howard Hughes JR my father was setup by hollywood insider my mother jean peters who worked to kill off howard and than dodged back into the hollywood studios mobsters clan with stan hugh Head of FOX.I was used as bait for dad and as a puppet for hollywood to pit at dad.I saw though and acted for and on dad`s side 99% of the time but I was just a kid.Robert has always been the studio insider playboy used to play the dames with as is still his CBS insider gig the pattern of his giging of females for hollywood as been set in play years and years before nat was toffied.He found one he could`nt control and he was a mad man p[lay boy whm got his crazy way for the studio NO one told him NO ort played him

1034 days ago
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