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Natalie Wood Boat

Now in Calmer Waters

11/19/2011 3:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Take a look at the boat where Natalie Wood died.  It's moored in Kewalo Basin Harbor in Honolulu, Hawaii.

We've learned after the accident, the boat was sold and re-named Grateful Lady.  It was subsequently purchased by a Honolulu resident who returned the name of the boat to Splendour in honor of Natalie.

Fun Fact:  The owner changed the last 4 digits of his phone number to 9663 -- WOOD.


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Whoever bought it must be a freak.

1071 days ago


+++ We love you Lana for the words you have spoken via TMZ.

1071 days ago

John T.    

Never thought for a minute that she fell over by her self.Hope the truth comes out once and for all for her family.

1071 days ago

Big Daddy    

What a beautiful old boat! It looks like they put a Soft Tub on the aft deck for some spa action as well. This ship is probably been completely reworked in 30 years. Don't know what detectives would find on it, other then a vacation to Hawaii.

1071 days ago


Robert Wagner was 51 when Natalie died. Natalie was 43. Christopher Walken was 38.

I'm thinking that Wagner was worried he was an old man and Natalie was going to get rid of him for a younger man.

The jealousy "green eyed monster" really comes out of some people when people are drinking heavily ... and maybe doing other drugs too like quaaludes. Jealousy and alcohol don't go well together. Bar fights and spousal abuse happen all the time because of it.

1071 days ago


A picture is worth a thousand words: the aft deck diving platform - may have had a ladder in the slotted spot.
Had Ms. Wood fallen into the water she should have been able to climb out - if she was able to yell for help for and hour........ or leg herself up onto the deck. If she hit her head on the way down and was unconscious: her jacket acted as a bouyant life vest - she may have floated face up for a long long time. Did she actually drown - or was it Hypothermia?

1071 days ago

Big Daddy    

Still the ONLY WOOD THAT DOESN'T FLOAT...... NATALIE WOOD...That was so popular in elementary school and still rocks today...Bada Bing Baby

1071 days ago

Hollywood Starlet    

In Robert Wagner's recent autobiography, he claimed the boat was destroyed in storage during the Northridge earthquakes.

1071 days ago


Who Was Natalie Wood? The Movie Star Behind The Drowning CaseWho Was Natalie Wood? The Movie Star Behind The Drowning Case
Posted on Nov 18, 2011 @ 02:00PM print it send it
PolarisBy Radar Staff

Almost 30 years after she drowned while yachting off the coast of California's Catalina Island, the world is again fascinated with Natalie Wood as the police reopen the investigation into her death.

Many who are following the developments weren't even born when the beautiful actress mysteriously fell to her death, and is taking a look back on the life and death of the movie star.

PHOTOS: Celebs Who Died Young

Born in 1938, Wood was a successful child actress during the golden age of Hollywood and her part in the Christmas classic Miracle On 34th Street remains a holiday-viewing staple to this day.

It was her break out role in 1955's Rebel Without A Cause alongside James Dean that rocketed her to fame though and earned her an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actress.

PHOTOS: Celebrities Who Died In Bizarre Cir****tances

Both Dean, and Natalie's other co-star, Sal Mineo died young, leading the film's stars to be dubbed "the tragic three."

The pretty porcelain-skinned brunette went on to star in the timeless classics West Side Story and Gypsy, before winning Academy Awards for Best Actress in Splendour In The Grass and Love With The Proper Stranger.

PHOTOS: Celebrity Death Threats

Blossoming into a beautiful woman, Natalie was soon wooed by a string of older men, including Dennis Hopper, Elvis Presley and Robert Wagner, the man at the center of her drowning mystery, whom she had a childhood crush on and married in 1957 but divorced five years later.

Wood's on-screen success was marred by personal trauma including a suicide attempt in 1966 in the wake of her breakup from famous Hollywood Casanova Warren Beatty.

PHOTOS: Celebs We Lost In 2010

She went on to bounce back from the heartbreak to marry British producer Richard Gregson and gave birth to daughter, Natasha in 1970.

The couple separated just ten months later after Natalie learned her husband was having an affair with her secretary.

PHOTOS: Beautiful Celebs Who Have Been Cheated On

After her double heartbreak, Natalie circled back to her one true love, Wagner, and they reunited and married for a second time and welcomed their daughter, Courtney Wagner in 1974.

Wagner found fame on the small screen with the television series Hart To Hart while Natalie focused on raising their family.

PHOTOS: Celebrity Cheaters

When her children were older, the Oscar-winner attempted to return to acting in the early 80s by moving to North Carolina to star in Brainstorm with Christopher Walken, a move that may have caused irreparable damage to her marriage and possibly even led to her death.

After becoming close on set, Wood brought Walken back to Los Angeles for Thanksgiving and invited him to join her, Wagner, and boat captain Dennis Davern on the ill-fated boat trip to Catalina.

PHOTOS: Stars Who've Married Co-Stars

On Saturday, November 28, 1981, they all dined at a restaurant on Catalina Island where Natalie reportedly got drunk. Hours later she fell to her death off their yacht into the depths of the Pacific, in what was ruled an accidental drowning.

As previously reported, Davern told the Today Show on Friday that he had lied to officers investigating the death back in the early 80s, and he thinks Wagner is responsible.

PHOTOS: Celebs Involved In Murder

"I made some terrible decisions and mistakes," he told NBC's David Gregory. "I did lie on a report several years ago...I made mistakes by not telling the honest truth.”

He added, "We didn't take any steps to see if we could locate her...I think it was a matter of, 'We're not going to look too hard, we're not going to turn on the searchlight, we're not going to notify anybody right now.'"

PHOTOS: Sexy Stars Who Have Been Arrested

Investigators who have reopened the case said in a news conference that Wagner is not a suspect in her death.

Wagner's spokesman Alan Nierob said in a statement Thursday, "Although no one in the Wagner family has heard from the LA County Sheriff's department about this matter...they fully support the efforts of the LA County Sheriff's Dept and trust they will evaluate whether any new information relating to the death of Natalie Wood Wagner is valid, and that it comes from a credible source or sources other than those simply trying to profit from the 30 year anniversary of her tragic death."

1071 days ago

Christopher R    

Harvey, PLEASE, educate your ignorant staff. For someone like, Max, to say that he could find half a dozen girls on Robertson that are more wonderful than Natalie Wood..... well, do I need to say any more.?
Believe me, I worked with most of thee most beautiful women in the business. Natalie was one of them. There are NOT many who can compare to her.
Certainly no one in the last 30 years.
Shouldn't a show that deals with 'Hollywood,' KNOW 'something' about Hollywood. Idiots.

1071 days ago


What make/model of boat is that? 55 foot cabin cruiser.....???

1071 days ago


From the TMZ Live interview, it seems like a typical fight between a couple played out. Natalie and Robert argue, she decides to get away, and when Robert realizes she and the dinghy are gone eh doesn't bother going after her. PLenty of couples have a fight where one of them goes for a drive to create distance and clear their head. how many times in that situation does the second party go after them?

I do not believe there is any foul play or murder going on in this case. Did Robert make a bad decision not going after her- yes, but that does not make hiim guilty of homicide.

1071 days ago


I am glad that they are open it back up after 30 years. I remember when that happened in 1981 it was a also year for me. And Robert Wagner I think he deftly pushed her overboard and he probably regrets it today because he was drunk as a skunk.they all were wasted. It was a weekend of partying and believe me they new how to party back then. Good luck detectives. Natalie is probably saying it's about time. They open this F***ing thing up.

1071 days ago

hung and dashing    

This boat is not that big. Such loud arguing would have been heard - probably in detail. And no one saw or heard Natalie leaving in nightgown and slippers? Where did Wagner think she was going to? In NOVEMBER. Moored in the Pacific. At night. For a glass of hot milk?

And even as Wagner admits he smashed a bottle in anger with Walken - if that's the version we're to believe, it shows what a HORRIBLE violent temper Wagner has. And the sort of MOOD he was in.

Most damning of Wagner though is if its true he didn't want the Coast Guard to be involved. WHY NOT? If a person is missing from a boat at night, why wouldn't you do ALL you could? And if Natalie's sister and EVERYONE ELSE knew that Natalie had a phobia of dark water, surely, HER HUSBAND would have known. Why wouldn't he want assistance - all the assistance they could muster to find her?

1071 days ago

john garcia    

As a recently retired homicide detective fir LAPD and now a privite investigator, I would like to offer my services. I handled many high profile cases, which I will not mention for private matters, howerver, I will and can disclose in private.

1071 days ago
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