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Lana Wood

Cpt. Says Wagner Left Wood

'To Teach Her a Lesson'

11/18/2011 11:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

111811_lana_wood_videoLana Wood is telling a chilling story about the night her sister died -- that Robert Wagner knew Natalie Wood was in the water ... but instructed the captain of the yacht to "leave her there, teach her a lesson."

In an interview with TMZ, Lana says Captain Dennis Davern told her several details about Natalie's death ... including that there was a drunken fight between Wagner and Natalie that night in 1981.

Lana claims Wagner -- or RJ, as she calls him -- didn't call her until 2 days after Natalie's death and offered her no explanation, other than ... "it was an accident."

As for the reopening of the investigation, Lana says her sister "deserves the truth" -- and she never bought the official explanation about Natalie and the dinghy ... because she knows her sister was afraid she would die in "dark water."


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This sounds incredible but it was late at night and Wagner knew his wife was terrified of the water and that she wasn't anywhere on the boat. He didn't search for her himself or do anything to get anyone else to search for her. I don't see how he could have been oblivious to the fact that something was wrong. So what was going on during all that time while she was drowning?

1049 days ago


let me get this straight... she was afraid of drowning to death but was out on a boat?

something doesn't add up

1049 days ago


ok now the captain is admitting he was o drunk to help - i hate sherrif baca, i can't believe he is wasting money on this - a few years ago my friend was dropped off 2 blocks from his house - they found him killed in an empty lot, covered w/ knife wounds, a huge blow to his head and naked, they closed his case in 24 hrs saying it was a suicide, cuz they found marajuana in his system and refused to reopen, until dateline finally started investigating because 3 pp were killed that weekend the same way and they were all labeled "suicides"- and they still never did any thing to solve it, but they will spend money on a 30 year old drunken celebrity story - bet matrisse richardsons family would have liked some help for their daughter too. and they still haven't gotten any help. and police were responsible for her death - hate baca!

1049 days ago


OK TMZ, you get this crucial new interview with Lana Wood and your cameraman doesn't even have a tripod? Feels like an earthquake going on here.

1049 days ago

two cents    

Well, isn't he a POS! What a horrific, terrorizing death. And then he moved on with his life as if nothing happened. Such bs!

1049 days ago


I'm starting to think El Capitan is effing himself. His own (co-authored) book is going to land him with charges of criminal negligence causing death.

1049 days ago


Well, it worked.

1049 days ago


I'd like to know if Natalie Wood was screaming for help in the water.
Did The Captain, hear screams? Or did Mr Wagner? If not, then Miss Wood was
Knocked out, and if Mr Wagner, didn't help save her, then I think in my opinion,
he's guilty of something.

1049 days ago


The rich,famous and powerful can get away with anything.
Murder,rape,child molestation you name it most never pay they are above the law.

1049 days ago


This makes total sense.

I can totally hear RJ saying something like that ("teach her a lesson") and then having it all backfire on him to where she actually DIED.

I don't believe he intentionally killed her but not saving her while she was struggling in the water just to "teach her a lesson" was the REASON she DIED.

IF he's been guilt-ridden for all these years, he should be!

Unfortunately, I don't think anything's going to change as far as the case, and I don't think RJ will be charged with any crime, either. In light of that, I agree with Lana Wood - knowing the absolute truth would close this case once and for all, conviction or no conviction.

1049 days ago


I can barely remember what I did to full details on a given day 5 yrs ago but he remembers from 30 yrs ago...Really??

1049 days ago


There have been a lot of UFO sightings off Catalina Island. I would lean toward a extraterrestrial explanation for the death. That's how much I put into all the new allegations.

1049 days ago

cynical me    

So the captain decided after a few decades to go ahead and come forward with this information. He's quite credible, I say we all believe him and hang Robert Wagner. Pshh, what is this world coming too?

1049 days ago


Lana Wood is a lying skank who has done nothing in her life except be a parasite on Natalie and Wagner. She is a junkie drunkie and tried to extort money from Wagner over the years because she has no career or life other than hanging onto her talented sister. What a lowlife loser!

1049 days ago


RJ and Natalie had problems because RJ was messwing around with Jill St.John who he married after Natalie's death.

1049 days ago
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