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Lana Wood

Cpt. Says Wagner Left Wood

'To Teach Her a Lesson'

11/18/2011 11:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

111811_lana_wood_videoLana Wood is telling a chilling story about the night her sister died -- that Robert Wagner knew Natalie Wood was in the water ... but instructed the captain of the yacht to "leave her there, teach her a lesson."

In an interview with TMZ, Lana says Captain Dennis Davern told her several details about Natalie's death ... including that there was a drunken fight between Wagner and Natalie that night in 1981.

Lana claims Wagner -- or RJ, as she calls him -- didn't call her until 2 days after Natalie's death and offered her no explanation, other than ... "it was an accident."

As for the reopening of the investigation, Lana says her sister "deserves the truth" -- and she never bought the official explanation about Natalie and the dinghy ... because she knows her sister was afraid she would die in "dark water."


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i love how all of these things about natalie are being told now after a book was released, rather then telling the police about it IMMEDIATELY when it happened. and even better, her own SISTER didn't say anything until now.

1033 days ago


For years, RJ and Stephanie Powers had a close, inappropriately close, "friendship", that included "benefits", due to the fact that Stephanie Powers' live-in love, William Holden, was a raging alcoholic who could no longer have sex due to impotence from his advanced alcoholism.

Stephanie Powers and William Holden had explosive, knock-out fights and then would kiss-and-make-up, continuing to live together until William Holden's "untimely" death, from (supposedly)falling and receiving a fatal head wound.

"RJ" knew that William Holden's death was NO ACCIDENT - Stephanie Powers had confessed that she had struck William Holden with an object, and left him lying on the floor, bleeding profusely from his head wound.

At the time, Stephanie Powers and Robert Wagner starred in "Hart to Hart", a successful television program. If it ever came to light that Stephanie Powers had caused (or at the very least, contributed to) the death of William Holden, "Hart to Hart" would be CANCELLED.

But Natalie was SICK of Stephanie Powers and her hysterical late-night phone calls to "RJ" after a row with Holden, and SICK of the cat-and-mouse games Stephanie and "RJ" played with Natalie in her efforts to "catch 'em in the act", and it was well known, WELL KNOWN, that "RJ" and Stephanie Powers slept together frequently.

THAT, my friends, was what the big fight was all about - Stephanie Powers and the "secret" truth of William Holden's death.

Natalie was SICK of her, and was threatening to go to the cops with what she knew about Stephanie. "RJ" couldn't let that happen.

And Christopher Walken? Natalie and "RJ" know some very damning secrets about HIM, too. So it was easy to get Walken to keep HIS mouth shut - unless, of course, he wanted the world to know about HIS weird little, uh, "habits".

1033 days ago


Check out the movie 'LOVE WITH THE PROPER STRANGER' Natalie Wood and Steve McQueen. They were both great in this movie. It's one of my favorites!!

1033 days ago


One of the best movies I've ever seen was LOVE WITH THE PERFECT STRANGER. Natile Woods and Steve McQueen. If you've never seen it check it out, it's really worth it!!

1033 days ago


I may not have been in Natallie Wood's time to remember the unfolding events about her death, but I sure did loved watching "Rebel Without a Cause" with her and James Dean that after seeing that movie I've done a lot of researching on them two as they sparked my interest. Would be nice to see how this goes if what is being said is true for Natallie and her family.

1033 days ago


Killed by Number 2. Someone unfreeze Austin Powers.

1033 days ago


So true comment No 45

1033 days ago


If Wagner had nothing to do with her death he would have wanted to go back to Catalina out of respect. It appears he didn't want to be reminded of what he may have done. If it was my husband I would have gone back and at least placed a wreath. (This is just my opinion)

1033 days ago


I’m confused as to what highly complex conspiracy takes precedence in a situation like this: The celebrity cover-up (because all celebrities are guilty of every single bad thing anyone in the world ever harbors a moment’s suspicion about) or the law enforcement shell game (because every public employee at every level is at least criminally incompetent but most likely up to their gills in corruption and in constant need of distracting public attention from their misdeeds.)
It’s like the irresistible force versus the immovable object.

1033 days ago


If she was so afraid of the water then what the hell was she doing on a boat. That would be the last thing she would have done.

1033 days ago

Thurston Howell III    

Those old time '50's stars really knew how to throw back the booze...even the ladies. Sad story but the truth is that Natalie was drunk and somehow fell off the boat. Going into the freezing cold water on a dark November night is what killed her, plus the fact that her jacket was weighing her down.

Drunk people fall off boats all the time. You hear about one or two every year who fall off those big azz cruise ships.

1033 days ago

Don Martin    

The real tragedy here is that for the next six months it is going to be more media drama and breaking news after breaking news about a floating tub full of drunks from 30 years ago. She is dead for crying out loud. Is it that big of a deal that someone was snockered? Hell, anyone who followed the original story knows the folks on tha boat we acting like fools. Now TMZ, move on to Dustin Beaverhead doing his cousin's dog or whatever you drama queens love to blow and go about....sheesh!

1033 days ago


If I remember this correctly this guy Davern has spoken up before about the cir****tances surrounding Natalie Wood's death but I'm a little cynical about the timing now that it is the 30th anniversary.

1033 days ago


I remember it vividly... what a shock and what a loss, she was such a wonderful actress, loved and still love watching her movies, wish there were more... on the way home today the "West Side Story soundtrack was on the radio?... I always knew that alcohol was involved and we all know that skews everything ... I also thought that RJ didn't say everything that happened... Lana was extremely eloquent in her interview... and so true about "just wanting to know the truth"... isn't that what we all want to know in any situation? On another note... Love the dog... rewatch and keep your eye on the Chihuahua... so intuitive... so in the moment... hope that some good comes from all of this.

1033 days ago


Oh I think this is just awful! To let Natalie family live in darkness of the truth all this time about their belove sister whom many believe now was senselessly murdered 30 yrs ago is a damn shame. What is this world coming to? Hollywood, LA California period law inforcements, judical systems too are just plain horrible, I wouldn't want to live there for all the money in the world.

I hope they find the truth. Natalie Wood deserve that, she was a fantastic actress. I liked her in WEST SIDE STORY and CHRISTMAS ON 34TH. street. Two classes imo. I sure hope they find the truth so she could finally rest in peace for real. RME's at the LCPD and the sorry SOB that let her die!

1033 days ago
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