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Lana Wood

Cpt. Says Wagner Left Wood

'To Teach Her a Lesson'

11/18/2011 11:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

111811_lana_wood_videoLana Wood is telling a chilling story about the night her sister died -- that Robert Wagner knew Natalie Wood was in the water ... but instructed the captain of the yacht to "leave her there, teach her a lesson."

In an interview with TMZ, Lana says Captain Dennis Davern told her several details about Natalie's death ... including that there was a drunken fight between Wagner and Natalie that night in 1981.

Lana claims Wagner -- or RJ, as she calls him -- didn't call her until 2 days after Natalie's death and offered her no explanation, other than ... "it was an accident."

As for the reopening of the investigation, Lana says her sister "deserves the truth" -- and she never bought the official explanation about Natalie and the dinghy ... because she knows her sister was afraid she would die in "dark water."


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Does anyone know how "old" this captain was at the time of the drowning? Mrs. Wagner had 9 glasses of wine and 2 qualudes in her ( I read this somewhere....) I might fall off a boat myself with that in me.
also: I am not sure why the wagners would bother hiring a captain for their ship: per story - Mr. Wagner was pumping this 'captain' full of booze while he tortured his wife in the water..... seems kind of redundant to hire a driver then offer him drinks......moreso: inappropriate to accept the drink offer ( for a professional driver )

1073 days ago


Sad that Lana has to relive all this. Hopefully it will bring closure for her.

1073 days ago


TMZ has taken the interview with the captain of the Splendor off line, because Harvey made a legal mistake, He may not be your friend Ms. Wood.
You guys are trying this possible case, before probable cause has been determined. OK, the captain was drunk, we all know that when,drunk,and faced with a horrifying,traumatic incident, that the body will produce adrenaline on a massive scale, having a counteractive effect on the toxicity of alcohol. Every cop knows this,every doctor knows this, and every lawyer knows this. What's your excuse, Harvey. Maybe RJ is paying you off. This guy (the former captain) has reliving this for 30 years. Every night before he goes to sleep see's the visuals of the start of the argument, Hears the sounds,of a continued argument. This man, has been tormented enough, you can see it in his face and hear it in his voice. He is trying to right a wrong he did 30 years ago. The truth will certainly set him free.

1073 days ago


There were reports at the time in the media that people in boats nearby heard a woman calling for help. Isn't this in the police report? What happened to the investigation at that time? The captain should have reported it. Maybe he has been blackmailing Wagner, who is probably guilty as hell.

1073 days ago


Our hearts are with you, so sorry about having to endure this pain.

1073 days ago


There were always rumors but nothing ever prooved.

1073 days ago


******************************************** eerie ! MUST SEE!! natalie wood at afi betty davis tribute

1073 days ago


****************************** eerie! MUST SEE!

1073 days ago


Robert Wagner was the only child of wealthy parents.He was probably one of the worst actors in history.He had a very limited range of any acting ability.Natalie,on the other hand,was a sensationally talented actress.

1073 days ago


Hey Harv, do some research. Natalie's good friend Peggy Griffin stated on page 437 of Natasha: The Biography of Natalie Wood, that Natalie and she tied the dinghy up many times because it would come loose and bang on the boat.

1073 days ago


What-if she was out-like-a-light or threatening Wagner's image or lifestyle prior to going into the water?

-What if that's the real reason she went IN to the water?

-What if she was THROWN in.

-What if Wagner/Walken then released the raft or whatever
it was.

As creative cover/alibi.

It's clear Wagner bought time after all of this happened -

-and it's clear Wagner had two like-minded souls on board ... more interested in their own careers/wallets.

Than a woman floating face down who happened to be a major world-wide movie star.


How can one go on for 30 years as the distinguished star/hunk of a major television hit, et al.

Do talk shows, etc.

Another double life:

Who-they-seem-to-be vs. who-they-really-are.

The his spin people say: "It's all about a book, money, exploitation."

This "captain" kept his mouth shut/was paid well for a number of years - prior to Wagner seeing/having no use for him/cutting him loose.

This way he gets paid twice - what he was paid back then -

And the million or so he probably wants/expects to make now.

It's win-win for him.

If it was a black dude the police would have been pressing him and from second one.

1073 days ago


Ok let me get this straight, Casey Anthony kills her daughter and than gets off and than is allowed to adopt a baby boy plus she has a crap load of money now. Robert Wager allows his wife to die in the water without helping her maybe even pushed her in there but we will never know since its been so long than he writes a book and says bad things about her and he gets no jail time. BUT Michael Jackson did drugs, molested children and when he dies his Doctor gets jail time because of some crack head………… his how the US legal system works. Sounds like to same crap that goes on here in Canada, shame on the justice system.

1073 days ago


As a boat captain I can say that if a client instructed me leave someone in the water to "teach a lesson" I as any other capt. lose our license. It is OUR responsability of ALL passengers no matter the cir****tances. We are in charge.

1073 days ago


I truly feel bad for this woman.

1073 days ago


Im thinkin that Capt is feelin pretty miserble after lyin for 30 years and needs to git this offa his chest. Why else has he been haunted by this for 30 years? Dont think theyll ever prove Wagner did it now but in my heart I think he done it.

1073 days ago
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