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Jack Wagner/Heather Locklear Engagement

Torpedoed By Wedding Plans

11/19/2011 6:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jack Wagner and Heather Lockear
Jack Wagner's engagement to Heather Lockear blew up because of the pressures of planning their wedding.

Jack tells TMZ ... the wedding plans became so all-consuming, they had little or no time to spend with their respective kids.

And there was another complication. Jack says he and Heather decided a blended family was not a good idea, because their kids were too young and it would be too disruptive.  So on top of the wedding plans, Jack had to spend time alone with his 2 sons, and Heather spent her remaining time with daughter Ava. 

In short ... no time for each other. But Jack tell us ... he's still in touch with Heather and they "still love each other very much."


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I love these guys, but c'mon, this is NOT the true story. If the wedding plans became all too consuming, helllooo, just scale back and make the wedding much smaller. It is not like it is a first wedding for either one of them.

And their kids are NOT too young to blend at all. Jack's kids are adults and I believe Ava is a teenager. Groan. Give me a break.

Someone is covering something up. Which is fine because it really isn't my business. But instead of making up some ****amaymee story they just should have said, "No comment."

1071 days ago


According to IMDB, Jack's kids are 21 and 17 and Heather's daughter is 14 - not sure who qualifies as being too young.

1071 days ago


Why so cryptic? Are they still a couple or not? "Still in touch " and " still love each other very much" sounds like a big contradiction in this context. Code for 'working true big issues'. It sounds weird enough to break off and engagement over these reasons, let alone a 5 year relationship.

1071 days ago


Jack Wagner should never have had that eye lift. He looks weird now.

1071 days ago

CK in Arkansas    

TMZ...You know you want to break the truth on this story...This is a load of crap. Jack's kids are like 21 & 17 years old. Heather's daughter is 14. These kids are well grown enough to be blended together in a family together and be understandable when two people are in love. THE REAL REASON: Jack kept a deep dark secret for 23 years about a daughter he had with a friend that was given up for adoption. Jack reunited with this daughter at a concert in BOCA, just 1 day before taking off on the Rick Springfield Cruise Nov 5th-10th. After only meeting with her 1 day, Jack took this girl on the cruise with him. Many of the cruisers were shocked because Jack and this girl were acting like a couple, instead of father/daughter. If indeed this girl is his daughter, they were acting inappropriate to where many cruisers were disgusted and are really praying that this girl was NOT his daughter as they claimed. It seems very odd that Heather and Jack broke off their engagement just days after returning home from the cruise. And to use the excuse of the kids not blending together is just a cover-up. Come on TMZ...You have NEVER been this slow as to break a story to get to the truth! And I know one of the cruisers sent you the story and pictures! Here is some pictures of Jack and his "so-called" long lost daughter. If this is his daughter...They should watch what they do in public together. Either way, poor Heather and Ava must be so devastated! Ava was very excited about her mother getting married to Jack!

1071 days ago

CK in Arkansas    

Sorry forgot to post the pictures of Jack and his long lost 23 year old daughter

1071 days ago


This doesn't make any sense to me. Hollywood weirdo's.

1071 days ago


This story is a lie.

1071 days ago


The story about Jack being united with his daughter (put up for adoption 23 years ago) is 100% correct. And it would be perfectly understandable that they want to keep this private so they can process this quietly. BUT it is strange that Jack announced this publicly at one of his concerts to a VERY large audience (two weeks ago) , but now all of a sudden they are keeping 'mum' on the subject... I'm afraid it's a bit too late for that now.

1071 days ago


I always liked her and Richie Sambora together but I"m a huge Sambora fan but I always thought they looked good together and they had a beautiful daughter together. Maybe Heather and Jack shouldtalk to Holdie Hawn and Kurt Rusell they have been together for 20 years and not married it worked for them.

1071 days ago


Kids are too young? His are 18 and 21, and hers is 14. Something else is up

1071 days ago


What a load of garbage. They honestly think we are supposed to believe they are splitting up because the wedding was to big? Also, the BEST time to combine families is when the kids are young. Older kids have the hardest time.

1071 days ago


They look like brother and sister. It's creepy.

1071 days ago


How old is Heather , that is not a good picture of her. Did ya'll see all those wrinkles. She use to be such a pretty girl. Glad my skin don't wrinkle or crack.

1071 days ago


Jack Wagner is a major addict of the cocaine-and-hooker variety. He's been at it for at least 20 years. Everybody in Hollywood knows it.

Things aren't what they seem, people.

1071 days ago
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