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Joe Paterno

Linebacker Video KILLED

Over Sandusky Appearance

11/19/2011 5:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jerry Sandusky interacting with young boys
A Joe Paterno approved instructional football video has gotten the death sentence from distributors over a segment involving Jerry Sandusky interacting with young boys ... one of whom may have been among the alleged victims.

The video -- titled, "Joe Paterno: Linebackers" -- was released in the late '90s and features Sandusky running a hands on tackling drill with a group of young boys. A screen shot from the video appears above.

According to the infamous grand jury report in the Sandusky case, the person identified as Victim #4 participated in "a video made about linebackers that featured Sandusky."

The name of the video is not mentioned in the testimony, but we can't seem to find any other instructional video about linebackers that features Sandusky.

Now, TMW Media Group has pulled the video off of its website -- and a rep tells us the company will no longer offer the video for sale strictly because of Sandusky's involvement.

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Staceyann Dolenti    

I have always enjoyed TMZ and have never been offended by anything on your website or TV show. However, this needs to be removed from your site as the victim can be identifed from the photo.

Staceyann Dolenti

1047 days ago



1047 days ago



1047 days ago


Saw this image on Bossip. Coupled with the fact that his autobiography is called Touched, I have to say, this guy was giving hints of his disturbing ways all along.

1047 days ago


So disturbing

1047 days ago


Hindsight, is 20/20 vision.

1047 days ago


I think everyone, especially TMZ, needs to remember that there are innocent children that were victims in this case. I find this picture completely over the line. Child molestation should never be a joke or something to laugh at or even an inspiration that jokes stem from.

1047 days ago


All the coaches that let this go on need to do time and be sued into bankruptcy. Sick bastards trying to make money with this video and the poor, innocent, kid is in the damn video!

1047 days ago


Maybe this proves Sandusky DIDN'T diddle these boys in the fanny... If he truly was standing up in the shower with the boy... his dingle obviously couldn't reach that low to the boy's poop chute... ;)

1046 days ago


Maybe this proves Sandusky DIDN'T diddle these boys in the fanny... If he truly was standing up in the shower with the boy... his dingle obviously couldn't reach that low to the boy's poop chute... ;)

1046 days ago

Charlie Sheen's Watch    

Very classy TMZ.

People wonder why victims wont come forward? Why? People find humor in this?

1045 days ago

Jen PIcklewiser    

So, TMZ, why the heck are you guys outing a rape victim? These boys have been victimized enough. I never thought of you guys as having much class to begin with, but you really sink to new lows with this item.

1045 days ago

Chuck Bass    

Great, make it a collectors item now. Not like that whore Kim Kartrashians home video of her getting peed on.

1043 days ago


Jerry Sanduski: say good-bye to Penn State. Say hello to State Penn!
...the science behind the art...

1043 days ago


From his book, "touched", to having an attorney that has him pretty much incriminate himself during interviews (and the attorney impregnated a 16 year old back in the 1990's, when she was 16 and he was 49 :/ ). Then you have a judge (and I'm using the term loosely) set bail, which essentially and practically, turns out to be no bail (no money down) and he's really just released on his own promise to appear. Now, there's a video that shows Jerry in his favorite position, working with young, male, tight ends, unreal. Ah, but he's also gotten his front teeth fixed. They look like a new pair of white tennis shoes, in that "glow in the dark", sort of way. Jerry had snarly, creepy teeth before, and now he has beaver looking teeth, a whole different sort of creepy. Then again, someone in prison may like them in a, "Boy, you got a real pretty mouth", sort of way. If Jerry is into guys, and it appears that he is, he's likely going to be getting some payback, prison justice style in the future. Even inmates don't look kindly upon child abusers. As for sodomists, they don't have too much of a problem with that, and Jerry is likely to be a "Wide Receiver" in the future, if you get my drift. Imo, what's likely to be most shocking about this story, if it isn't shocking enough, is likely the extent to which it was covered up, it ain't gonna' be pretty imo.

1030 days ago
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