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Paris Hilton's Brother

Crashes into Parked Cars

11/19/2011 7:33 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Conrad HiltonA car driven by Paris Hilton's 17-year-old brother Conrad crashed into two parked cars early this morning ... this according to the LAPD.

The Hilton car hit several parked cars in Brentwood, CA at around 12:50 AM. Cops say Hilton exchanged information with the owner of one of the vehicles and a witness before leaving.

Law enforcement says Hilton left his car behind, as it was in no condition to be driven. It was eventually towed away.

Conrad Hilton was at the Key Club in nearby West Hollywood last night, before the accident.

A TMZ photog drove out to the scene of the accident this morning and snapped this photo.

Conrad Hilton accident scene


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1036 days ago


My mother did that mid 90's sideswiped several zipping home in Brentwood. she called me and asked me what to do I said put the car in the garage and leave it there, I will take care of it.

she was quite old, hell people were parking the damn cars in violation of all matter of codes then...

I picked her up the next evening and took her to dinner and took he license away. she drove anyway...

1036 days ago


Another drunk Hilton crashing into cars, why don't these idiots hire drivers

1036 days ago


I saw the whole thing. This story leaves out all the dirt.

At 12:45am, I was awoken by a tire screech and a loud car crashing sound. I looked out my window to see a trashed Benz pulled ackwardly to the side of the road. Off to the right was a long tire skid mark leading to two smashed parked cars. There was a trail in the street from the parked cars to the damaged Benz. The whole side of the Benz was bashed in and the front wheel was detailed and undriveable. The trail in the street was break fluid.

I could see Conrad taking a piss in the driveway of my neighbor. When another neighbor walked up, asked what happened and asked him to stop peeing.

Conrad said repeatedly, "I'm sorry sir. I am drunk and I have done a very stupid thing". These words when I write them make him sound composed, but he was totally amped up, shouting, but not confrontational. He was pleading with the neighbors not to call the police.

He passenger, a skinny Asian guy, seemed totally sober and was trying to calm Conrad down. Next, they walked away from the scene, down around the corner and tried to climb a fence that separates the neighborhood from the Veterans Administration property. A third neighbor told them to come back and, because this neighbor was pretty imposing, they did return. At that point, Conrad was pleading with them to not call the police or his parents. "Why were you driving drunk", my neighbor asked. "Because I am a **** up. Because I love marijuana", he shouted. "Please don't call my parents. I have already been kicked out of every school". He went on to list 3 schools I didn't recognize. He went on, "You cannot call my parents. They are on vacation. I'm seventeen and out passed curfew. Please don't call."

He was clearly under the influence. He smelled of weed and alcohol. He eyes were bloodshot. He talking way too loud and getting way too close to people. Part of me actually felt bad for him. It must be awful to be a ****-up and then just ****-up another time.

We returned to his damaged car. Both airbags deployed. We could see two unopened bottles of wine in the front seat floor area. "Where were you coming from?", we asked. "From a party." "Whose party?" "The Lawfords," he shouted. "Where do they live?" "I don't know. I've only been driving for, like, 3 minutes". Mostly likely, he ducked into our neighborhood to try to skirt annoying 405 traffic, due to the repairs near Sunset. Unfortunately, our neighborhood is kinda confusing with only a few points of entry/exit. The typical lost person either drives slowly and stops and looks around at each corner, or, like Conrad, they respond to the frustration of being lost by driving faster. Based on the starting point of the skid marks. He seems to have blown a stop sign and barreled into an intersection, but it has a major dip which likely sent his car careening. At that point, a drunk person was probably too slow to right the car before smashing into the parked vehicles.

Anyway, so we obviously had his car license plate at this point and we noticed that an Escalade full of other high school aged guys was hovering a block away. We were concerned that he might try to flee, so we wanted to get his drivers license info and insurance info. None of the neighbors cars were hit but we wanted to get the info for whoever owned the damaged parked cars. Our street is pretty small and we know everyone's cars. These two trashed cars (a old Civic and a Mini) were not owned by our neighbors. So I figured that Conrad must have been at a party around the corner and that the owners of the cars must have been at the same party. Still, they hadn't come to the scene yet.

When we asked for Conrad's drivers license, he said that he didn't have his wallet because he had been kicked out of the Key Club earlier. He said that he didn't have his license because he had had 3 DUIs already. Again, he is basically shouting all this in a pleading voice. Not angry but imploring us to see his side of the story. "Please don't call the police. You aren't going to **** me, are you?" At this point, the husband of one of the neighbors had already called the police so we didn't bother to answer. He promised us that he would pay for all the damages. He then dangled his wrist in front of us and say, "See this braclet. It costs $11,000. I can pay for everything." The braclet looked like a charm braclet with big diamond shaped pieces held together on a purple string.

When we asked again for his name and information, he went into the car about brought out an envelop with two pieces of paper. One was a photocopy of a birth certificate. The other was a photocopy of a car repair service request form. He indicated that this wasn't his car but was his brothers car. At this point, we still had no idea who he was. We assumed he was just another teenager. When we saw the name "Rick Hilton" on the birth certificate and service request, one of my neighbors said, "Oh my god. Look at this." Personally, at 1am, I wouldn't have been able to put two and two together, but I'm glad she did. Made things more interesting.

Around this time, a woman comes around the corner and starts asking, "what happened to my car? Oh my god!" This, apparently, was the owner of the trashed Civic. We walked over and Conrad rushed over to her. He apologized. She said, "Are you drunk?" He said that he was and that he will pay for the damages. "Just please don't call the police." By now, several of Conrad's buddies from the Escalade were standing around. They refused to tell us his name. "I don't want that on me", they said. When I said, "he's Conrad Hilton, isn't he", one of them said, "There. So it's not on me now". Real stand-up buddies.

The owner of the second trashed car, the Mini, comes out and immediately starts placing a phone call. Conrad rushes to him and says, "You aren't calling the police are you?" Then realizing that the cops have been called, disappears. Only one of his buddies is left standing there. He says to us, "It ok for me to go now?" We dismissed him. He seemed like such a young kid who would have made a nice impression on your folks. Clearly though, too stupid to ask his drunk friend to not drive.

A minute later, a new 5 series BMW, black with tinted windows come blazing down the next street. They hard flying down the road, however it is a dead end. They turn around and speed away. Someone had seen Conrad get into the car. It felt like his "family fixer" had come and scooped him up.

With Conrad gone, we peek into his car, which he abandoned. We could see in the passenger seat about 10 tickets to that evening's show at the Key Club. Scarface was playing. We could see the two bottles of wine. We could also see a prescription bottle. We could see several large buds of marijuana. I took pictures.

A few minutes after Conrad bolts, the cops show up. They questioned everyone. One of them even pulls out his phone, googles Conrad Hilton and pulls up a picture of him from some celebrity website. "Is this him?" We nod.

After that, things wind down quickly. Cops question everyone. People call their insurance company. Tow trucks take the cars away.

If I knew how to post the pictures of his car, the deployed airbag, the wine and weed, I would.

Thought you might enjoy the full scoop.

1036 days ago


He crashes into "several parked cars" and that photo was the best the photog could get?
Unless the photog rolled out of bed at noon it's hard to believe all damaged auto's were gone.

1036 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

Did the right thing instead driving off a few blocks and then calling the police. At least the kid was partially responsible on his behalf. Don't know if he's been throwing back a few shots at the club though.

1036 days ago


Is the only thing that whole damn family does is go clubbing?
The whole lot of them is 100% useless to the human race.

1036 days ago


Dont be so quick to judge just because he is a hilton. He's different than his sisters, hes very down to earth and he's all about having fun, as he should be at his age. Hes a kid,leave him alone, we all make mistakes. He doesnt give a damn about all these negative comments from people he doesnt even know. If anything, he's probably not even reading this because he's use to the media bashing his family for little things,or things they dont have the full info on. He lives in Los Angeles....not TEXAS,or OREGON,or Oklahoma where these things are considered worse than MURDER!!!!! chill out people. Your just mad hes having more fun than you are and his parents let him do whatever the hell he wants. He deserves to have fun, he makes A's in school, and he's not a bad kid. Hop off wonks!!

1036 days ago



Good job he get's A's in school, so have many of us. Noone's jealous. This accident at 12:00 am hitting 2 cars is nothing to laugh at, the kid & family has already been sued for prior consequences of drunken driving, so your ignorance is bliss but many of us know the tragic implications of accidents, driving, alcohol and loss of life, don't trivialize the possibilities, now wonk off.

1036 days ago


Yep just wreck it and leave it for the junk man daddy will have you a new one tomorrow.

1036 days ago


why does tmz bother with this we already know how it will end.Which ever brother it is will spending a few hours in jail. The 'over crowding' excuse will be made,and the brother will be released.

1036 days ago


Notice how the LAPD changed their story. The kid's family probably made some calls to some people in high places to make sure this "does't get out hand". I'm sure some high-ranking LAPD official will be enjoying a trip to Tahiti courtesy of the Hiltons.

1036 days ago



1036 days ago


I am so sick of those f**ks

1036 days ago


He looks like a purrrrty West hollyweird boy toy.

1036 days ago
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