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Conrad Hilton

The High-Speed Crash Video

11/20/2011 7:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Conrad Hilton was tearing down a street early Saturday when he side-swiped a parked car -- and the impact was all caught on surveillance video ... obtained by TMZ. 

In the video, you see Hilton's car speeding down a narrow side street in Brentwood, CA ... then suddenly clipping one car with enough force that it strikes another vehicle, a  Mini Cooper.  Hilton just keeps on truckin'.

Minutes after the crash ...  you see several people milling around in the street, checking the damage -- and then Hilton arrives back on scene.

Someone -- it appears to be Hilton -- has a very animated convo with some of the people.  Minutes later an officer arrives and inspects the damage.  Cops say Hilton had already left.

According to police, Hilton exchanged information with the owner of the vehicle he hit. He was not ticketed.



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Well if we can all get tickets thanks to video and picture cameras at lights and on the highway then this should be enough evidence of reckless driving, speeding and if CA has it a minor driving at 1AM (some states have driving limits for teens after a certain hour).. to ticket him now!

1068 days ago


Not ticketed!

Speeding! Leaving the scene of an accident! Intoxicated!

1068 days ago


Must be nice. What about just leaving the scene?

1068 days ago


Very Interesting Video!

- First the time clock jumps, so notice there are gaps in the time-line.

- Also, who has a video camera pointed at the street???????

- But on the accident, WOW, how fast was he driving?

- And he was totally on the wrong side of the road, that is off by about 5 road on a small road. Amazing!

- And he is lucky that he hit the first car so hard as he probably bounced back to the middle of the street

- Also, you would think he was drunk but then if he was that drunk, than it is surprising that he didn't crash totally.

- But anyway, he is lucky that he didn't drive head first into the first car.....and he got out of there before the cops came.....and the cops don't seem to care????

- Lastly, he only exchanged id with 1 person, since he hit more than 1 car....didn't he have to exchange ids with all the car owners????????????

1068 days ago


This has to be a "Leaving the Scene of an accident" summons any day now!

1068 days ago

Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker PhD    

Skillful driving, kid. I'm sure the police chief will give him a medal, after daddy drops a few bucks in the police fund.

1068 days ago


Nothing is going to happen. This kid got lucky...this time.

Don't know if he's already pulling the 'do you know who I am routine' and not care because mommy and daddy and family lawyers will get me out of it. Hope not.

1068 days ago


This sleazeball should have been ticketed! It is only because he is a Hilton that he wasn't. The cops should have found him and and checked to see if he was drunk which he probably was which is the reason he left the scene. The Hiltons probably paid off the cops. Disgusting. I think when Leann Rimes left the scene after hitting a car they cops went to her house to question her. They did not do that here which is wrong.

1068 days ago


yes he is gay and yes he is getting special treatment....just the way Hollywood and Washington DC works now a days! Sad but true!

1068 days ago


What's the point in even talking about it, the little sh*t will not face any repercussions for it.
Of course he was underage drinking and of course drunk driving and anyone from the Hilton clan who says otherwise is LYING.
Of course, even if they kill someone (hopefully a Kardassian), it will not make a damn bit of difference.

1068 days ago

princess ali baba    


1068 days ago


I bet this ass clown's insurance rates won't even go up. Ours will to cover for this family of horrendous drivers. What do these people do, besides being the son and grandchildren o*****uy that started hilton hotels?

1068 days ago

F**king Hiltons    

You know that ******* kid was wasted. What a group of worthless people, only a matter of time before he kills someone. Sadly, he'll be one of those that he won't get hurt

1068 days ago


What if he looked down at the radio for just a second and then hit the car (yep, he was going faster than he should). After the hit, he freaks out and wonders what he's gonna do as he say's things like "oh crap- I'm in trouble"- "my folks are gonna kill me". But since he's not really a bad guy he goes back to where he had the accident. The story said that he exchanged info with the other guy. So why does he have to stay around for police to come. Who even called the cops? What if he didn't know they'd been called? No one was injured. So why is this even on TMZ? oh yeah, he's the brother of some semi-famous person and TMZ are like a bunch of jackels just waiting for a story they can twist and manipulate the public - and after reading most of the comments, I'd say they did there job. So many people eager to Judge and assume the worst. Jealous much? or is it like when crowd mentality takes over and you just want to be like the others to feel you're part of the group?

1068 days ago


Conrad is one very lucky young man---could easily have killed himself as well as innocent by-standers. I wonder if Kathy and Rick EVER question their parenting skills...or lack thereof. Probably not. Sort of like the Kardashians...we stand behind our kids no matter how ****** up they are.

1068 days ago
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