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Neal Schon & Michaele Salahi

Laughing at Tareq's

Legal Threats

11/20/2011 2:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tareq Salahi may want $17 million from Neal Schon and estranged wife Michaele Salahi -- but judging by their demeanor yesterday, all he'll be getting ... is laughed at.

As TMZ first reported, Tareq fired off a letter to the two ... threatening a lawsuit and demanding they cough up dough for humiliating him with their torrid affair. 

We spotted the new couple arriving into Dulles International for Michaele's first trip home since she ... left home. They laughed about Tareq's threats, with Neal saying, "I think some people need to get a grip and move on."

Doesn't seem like that's happening any time soon.


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Here's the Facebook page that was just set up today by their agent Gina at DD Entertainment. How do I know? It's on Gina Rodriguez's Twitter.

Neal Schon and Micheale S Facebook Page (set up moments ago.

1068 days ago


Here is the new Twitter account set up by Gina from DD.

NealandMicheale Twitter!/NealandMichaele

1068 days ago


And voila! Here is their new agent Gina's Twitter announcing their joint Twitter account.

Gina Rodriguez!/DDMgmt1

Seriously Harvey, I deserve a present. How about your coffee mug : )

1068 days ago


I think they're a couple of jerks. Yes, the lawsuit is ridiculous, but no need to twist hte knife....Pretty immature, not to mention cruel to kick someone when they're down. You'd think she'd have more respect - afterall, at one point she loved and respected him enough to marry him.

1068 days ago


Terd's new reality show: Octofat

1068 days ago


All three of them, Tareq, Michelle, Neal are not nice people. If they all are getting their jollies humiliating one another and selling their crap to the media, not a one of them is respectable.

All 3 of them need to just move on and stop being so full of malice and quit this public attention seeking feuding.

How embarrassing for all 3 of them how they are behaving.

Grow up! How childish you all three are acting, like teens and someone stole the girl so you try to one up each other and try to get that last malicious and vindictive jab.

1068 days ago


Pretty sick of Michelle and Neal to kick a man when he is down and do so publicly for their sick thrills.

Despite Tarequ wasting the court's time with a self serving and ridiculous lawsuit. Lots of people lose loved ones to another lover, suing for the emotional distress of it is ridiculous, just have to get your life together and move on and find love yourself. The courts would be full of silly lawsuits if everyone could sue because their feelings got hurt by a lover, a spouse, a girlfriend, etc.

It still makes Michelle and Neal appear like immature teenagers with how they are reacting back to Tareq. Not classy.

I cannot believe Neal is buying into this drama of Michelle's and feeding it. Sick. Bad enough what Michelle and Tareq have done for attention and money. Why he even would be attracted to her and her gold-digging, I don't get.

1068 days ago


Now I will leave this site with great embarrassment at having spent my time uncovering this sleazy drama. I had a hunch and played internet detective to bring you the preceding information.

I also read Neal's regular Facebook page where friends and relatives are posting their disapproval of Neal hooking up with Micheale and the new Agent/PR Gina. According to them she has a porn connection.

I'm not saying they will go into porn, but whatever it is, it can't be good.

Don't forget my coffee mug Harvey. Thanks.

1068 days ago


Grandma can't work the internet so I don't know why this guy is on here again no one knows who he is. Second the would be grandma if she had a soul isn't needed here either.
If I wanted to see sad old people pretending they still have sex I would watch the Playboy channel!

1068 days ago


I hope she's the next Chandra Levy.

1068 days ago


He Can File an "Alienation of Affection lawsuit and actually get millions of Dollars.

If your spouse is going to cheat, you really would like them to cheat with somebody who has a lot of money," says Lee Rosen, a North Carolina divorce attorney who deals with alienation of affection cases on a daily basis.

1068 days ago



1068 days ago


Man, she is cold. He's clueless and cold. I give it one year, tops.

1068 days ago


These people have lost their minds, and they never had any class, apparently. This woman is married, and she runs off to have an affair with a band guy, fulfilling what I've read were here adolescent 13-yr-old girlish dreams. Now they don't have the good sense to know how to act in such a situation? Laughing and joking and making fun of the husband she just left? Marriage is a legally binding contract, or maybe she hasn't heard. Or maybe this guy hasn't heard, since he also has a wife.

1068 days ago


Hey horse teeth - can you get any more grabby, touchy, feelie. What are you 14?

1068 days ago
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