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Tareq Salahi to Neal Schon


For Banging My Wife

11/20/2011 4:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tareq Salahi ain't taking his internationally humiliating divorce sitting down -- TMZ has learned, he's now demanding his estranged wife and her rock star BF cough up $17 MILLION ... for publicly humiliating him with their torrid affair.

Tareq's attorney just fired off a letter to lawyers for Michaele Salahi and "Journey" guitarist Neal Schon -- claiming the adulterous couple profited unfairly off Tareq's misery ... and sabotaged his career in the process.

The taunting, the $10,000 lingerie shopping sprees, the onstage make-out sessions, the penis pics ... that was all just salt on the wound.

According to Tareq's lawyer, the large-scale publicity surrounding Michaele's affair with Schon skyrocketed ticket sales for Journey's most recent tour -- all while torpedoing several pending TV deals Tareq had previously made with his wife ... before she ran off with the rock star.

Tareq claims Michaele and Neal have since put the wheels in motion for their own reality show -- leaving Tareq in the dust ... with $2 million of debt.

Tareq wants $17 million to compensate him for all his suffering. We reached out to reps for Neal and Michaele -- so far, no word back.


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Tareq isn't it time to find a real job, have you EVER worked in your life besides grifting or living off your folks and wife? She thought you could take care of her but how wrong she was....she should have gone with Neal in the beginning. You are a narcissistic, opportunistic, controlling, self-serving idiot who destroyed the RHODC with your lying and manipulating. Happy now? How about a lawnmowing business, you might be able to manage that.

1031 days ago


Oh please, this guy made a great big ordeal of burying his dog and having it filmed so he could blame his wife. They're both losers that NOONE should be reading about because they are not celebrities! They're a couple of idiots that managed to get into the Whitehouse and the media made them "stars". This is what's wrong with society today. Instead of them being frowned upon for being the losers they are they raise them up to celebrity. I wish they would all disappear, forever!

1031 days ago


Memo to TMZ: Just Say NO.

Back away from rehashed stories about Ms Journey, Ms Kardashian, and Squire Sheen.

Be better journalists. Don't take the easy road. Find new celebrities. You can do it. Be strong. Be creative.

1031 days ago

Their both loser parasites. It's called "Bigger Better Deal" and she went after it. Tareq Salahi knew Michaele is a fame hungry gold-digging whore.

1031 days ago


Tareq called the spectacle by reporting his wife "kidnapped."

Otherwise, we would never have known about it or cared.

1031 days ago


This is a fantastic move by Teraq. I wish him all the best. I have a feeling that he just may win this one in court. Maybe not $17 million but a couple of million at least. The humiliation inflicted upon him was extremely public and extremely intentional. This is not your run of the mill "a man scorned" case. It's calculated effort from his ex to publicly humiliate him in the most extreme way I've ever heard of. This case is exceptional and it will go down in the Law Books.

1031 days ago


As much as those two irritate/d me, I think Michaele and Neal should pay up! If Michaele and Tareq had any TV deals and they bombed because of her ho bag stunt then she should be heald responsible. Now the tables have turned on her,
Karmas a bitch.

1031 days ago


This Loser never had a career and is nothing but a stupid little con man!!

1031 days ago


The reason I think Teraq has a case here is that Michaele's used the media to publicly humiliate him for the sole purpose of HUMILIATING him.

If this was done in private or even within his own community, he wouldn't have a case. It's Michaele's use of the media that make all the difference. She wasn't just photographed with her new lover and Teraq saw it. The photos and videos were made specifically to inflict as much public humiliation on him as possible.

It's not a case of libel, but some legal aspect of it.

I don't particularly like Teraq, but objectively speaking I think he has a strong case.

1031 days ago


Michaela's sudden departure from her marriage notwithstanding, she should still be liable for half of the incurred bills stemming from the marriage. I don't know if he can argue the pain and humiliation. He may have a chance to recoup monetary damages IF Michaela signed contracts for future projects, that now cannot be fulfilled.

1031 days ago


Ok. color me confused. Isn't this the SAME WIMP that SOLD all her undies in a 'WHORE SALE'???? He was the charity that the money for her used goods sold for. So he made money off her clothes and now wants to make money off her relationship???? Did the idiot remember giving interviews about selling her property before the marriage was disposed? and how about him saying he will incur ALL debt from marriage , BUT SHE SHOULD PAY FOR IT.

Pitiful. One word to encompass a WHOLE lotta behavior

1031 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

TMZ, I'm suing you for one gazillion dollars for continuing to assault me with these losers!!

1031 days ago


And just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water.........FFS, you can bet that any "reality" show featuring those two whores will go down in flames before it gets started. EWWWWWWW. Tareq, forget it, not worth it. You, too are slime, go away

1031 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

Hmm... They spoiled his career as a con-artist?

This clown is a dreamer.

1031 days ago


"Skyrocketed ticket sales" translation.. "grabbed a few more lawn chairs"

1031 days ago
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