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Ashton Kutcher

Last Ditch Effort

To Save Marriage

11/21/2011 8:48 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore
Less than two weeks before Demi Moore announced she would divorce Ashton Kutcher, he threw a Hail Mary to save the marriage ... in the form of a lavish, eco-friendly gift. 

According to our sources, Ashton contacted a high-end car company, to buy a new set of wheels for Demi's birthday. We're told Ashton picked out a 2012 Lexus LS 600h L -- and paid North of $100,000.

The car Ashton Kutcher bought Demi Moore -- a Lexus LS 600h
Our sources say Ashton wanted a quick deal -- bagging the luxury hybrid on November 9, just two days before Demi's birthday.

If it was meant to win back Demi ... clearly it didn't work. We don't know if Demi accepted the vehicle or if Ashton was able to give it back to the car company.

On the upside -- 22 mpg!


No Avatar


Who cares. Why is this such a surprise. They haven't been happy for a while. As good as she looks she is pushing 50 and 13 yr age difference. 9-10 times it simply just doesn't work.

1011 days ago


This story is complete BS. He does NOT want to stay in the marriage. He does care about Demi, but he needs some of that tight, young stuff. A man has to have that. It's just hardwired.

1011 days ago


Is 22 mpg supposed to be impressive?

1011 days ago


I'm sure she found it as insulting as I would under those cir****tances. And, unlike Demi, I couldn't afford to buy one myself. I'd still be insulted and tell him to shove it where the sun don't shine. As soon as I got my boot out of there.

1011 days ago


Ugh this makes me sad, I thought for sure they were going to make it :(

1011 days ago


So...buying a car is supposed to make his cheating ok? Probably good they are getting divorced.

1011 days ago


my 2001 gets 20+ miles a gallon .... is that last statement a joke ! ....pathetic just like asshton

1011 days ago


Keep your d*ck in your pants....that usually helps! And a POS Lexus? Come on!

1011 days ago


Why would you want someone that wants to sleep with other women rather then men??? And to boot old enough to be your mother??? You need to find a decent young lady and get married and one that can give you a family. Demi is over the hill, best thing that could have happened to you.

1011 days ago

The Fame Whore    

Was there even a marriage left to save? I keep reading about their "open marriage," I think that is a mistake. I saw one marriage therapist say that sex between a husband and a wife is the one think those two people share that is unique to the relationship. Once you bring someone else into that union, it's destroyed. You have other friends, but your spouse should remain the only sexual union you have.

I think their openness destroyed them.

1011 days ago


Demi, take the car and ride off into the sunset...>WITHOUT HIM!

1011 days ago

James Macaroni    

Stupid Ashton. He should have bought Demi a bisexual car such as a pink Ford Mustang -- which has a feminine quality to it but with a masculine style. Demi would like that!!!

1011 days ago


Who the hell would waste north of six figures for a glorified TOYOTA? He deserves to be divorced more for that than the cheating.

1011 days ago


22 Mpg is not so eco friendly where I come from. My measly 14,000 dollar car gets 33 mpg.

1011 days ago


Okay now this is really a stupid article. I can't imagine anyone winning me back with a car. That's just materialistic don't you think ?. I think Ashton is deeper than that, at least I would hope so. And if Demi did go back to him based on a car, then we'd really have to question her and her morals.

1011 days ago
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