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Mike Rowe Sued

I Get Teased in Prison

... and It's All YOUR FAULT!!

11/22/2011 4:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mike Rowe
can't stand the nickname "Dirty Jobs" ... he HATES Lee Jeans ... and he's suing mad -- but he's not Mike Rowe the TV star, it's ANOTHER Mike Rowe, who happens to be an inmate at a South Dakota prison.

TMZ has learned ... Mike Rowe (the prisoner) is SUING Mike Rowe (the celebrity) -- claiming he copyrighted the name earlier this year and celebrity Rowe has no right to use it ... but that's just the beginning.

In the docs, Rowe (prisoner) gripes that his life behind bars is a living hell because of his name -- insisting, "I can't live here in prison without being called Dirty Jobs or ... Dirtiest Man."

He adds, "I am subject to this ridicule every day that I live."

As far as the copyright claim goes -- Rowe (prisoner) claims he has a major problem with celebrity Rowe's endorsements -- saying, "Lee Jeans states Mike Rowe wears Lee Jeans or [is] for them. I do not wear nor have ever worn Lee Jeans and further, I am not for them."

Rowe claims he's not a fan of Viva Towels either.

According to prison officials, Rowe was sentenced to several years of hard time after his 3rd and 4th DUI bust.

TMZ called Mike Rowe (the celebrity) for comment -- so far, no response.


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And he copyrighted the name in an attempt to get out of jail early. Boo Frigging Hoo. You are the idiot that drove drunk, deal with the time you were given.

1030 days ago


Why am I not surprised that once again a person has to find someone else to blame.
Mike Rowe (prisoner) you get teased in prison because you sound like a whiney bitch.

1030 days ago


This is the stupidest lawsuit ever. You can't copyright a common name; basing a lawsuit on it is another frivilous convict action meant to clog up the court docket. I hope this gets kicked out immediately & the stupid drunk in jail is made to pay legal fees on this one.

1030 days ago


I think mike rowe the prisoner should trademark tossed salad and buy alot of mouthwash.

1030 days ago

Raw Shoshanna    

What a wimp! Put this on "World's Stupidest Criminals".
Maybe he'd also like to sue Micro-Soft? That where the big money is.

1030 days ago

Ghost Rider    

To bad, so sad,lol.

1030 days ago


yep....loosers do end up in prison. This is guy is a prime example of a looser. Isn't it amazing how people think they have the right to screw over other people. Like they have some kind of right to do that. They ought to add additional time to the guys sentence.

1030 days ago

Kardashian H8R    

Dirty Jobs Mike Rowe is sexy!!!!!

1030 days ago


The REAL Mike Rowe is the coolest MF'er that lives!

1030 days ago

Throwback kid    

Gee you would think a prisoner would have more important things to worry about like being sodomized by the other convicts than worrying about a name?

1030 days ago


I doubt Mike Rowe (inmate)looks as good as Mike Rowe (celebrity) in Lee jeans or looks as good as Dirty Mike Rowe (celebrity) without his shirt. If he did Mike Rowe (inmate)could never bend over in the shower...just sayin!

1030 days ago


This guy should be behind bars. Hopefully he cell is padded.

1030 days ago


Mike Rowe (celeb) hasn't responded because he is probably still laughing his butt off at this. REALLY?!? This drunk loser is looking for a quick buck. Pathetic...Hey, Prison Rowe, DONT DROP THE SOAP!

1030 days ago


Gotta call BS. You can't copyright a name as a person's name. If it really is a lawsuit, it's dismissed before a clerk even reads the last paragraph.

1030 days ago


Lol Mike Rowe got some bad publicity.

1030 days ago
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