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Paul Mitchell's Son Sued

You Can't Hump My Face!!!

11/21/2011 4:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Angus Mitchell
The son of famed hairstylist Paul Mitchell -- a well-known stylist in his own right -- is a penis-grabbing coke-snorting face-humper ... this according to a new lawsuit.

Angus Mitchell is being sued by an ex-employee named Richard Flett -- who filed a lawsuit last week in L.A. County Superior Court, claiming he was wrongfully terminated ... after being exposed to Mitchell's "bizarre" sexual harassment and rampant drug use on the job.

Among the accusations -- Flett claims Angus snuck into his hotel room to watch Flett's penis while he slept, he "repeatedly" grabbed Flett's crotch in front of co-workers, he "ostentatiously" watched Flett urinate, and once shoved his crotch into Flett's face in order to hump it.

But it didn't end there -- Flett claims Angus also pressured employees to buy him cocaine ... and then use it with him.

Flett is suing for unspecified damages.

A rep for Mitchell tells TMZ ... "In our view, this is somewhere between laughable and sad, just an attempt by a disgruntled former employee to see if he can find a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, and that's not going to work."


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Somebody thinks he's Charlies Sheen and is forgetting that he's ******* not.

1005 days ago


I too have met Angus, and I totally believe it..This guy is a silver spooned class A DB...Gods gift to the world in his mind...Fine hair stylist, but does anyone really think this guy would be flying so high if his Daddy wasn't Paul Mitchell..Nope, he would be working at SuperCuts for sure..

1005 days ago


He's the son of a hairdresser. What did you expect?

1003 days ago

Suzanne Simpson-Bryant    

These disgusting accusations are totally false. Flett"s viscious claims are the miserable act of a sour ex-employee whose sole mission is to extort money. His desperate attempt to tarnish Angus Mitchelll's fine reputation will not succeed. Angus Mitchell is a devoted family man with the highest integrity who treats everyone with dignity and respect. He is a true gentleman; a man I greatly respect and admire. Everyone who knows Angus personally, as I do, knows that Angus would never conduct himself in the lascivios manner this guy describes. Don"t believe his lies, he's a hater and a low-life looking for a payday.

1003 days ago

Dennis Bryant    

I have known Angus for many years. This story is pure fiction. Haters should not get any level of attention with false allegations against good people. This "****" Flett person is REAL SLIME... db/nyc

1003 days ago

Martin Rabbett    

Angus is one of the most generous and kind beings on the planet. I have known him for many years and find the accusation despicable. I can only add that people who throw stones are usually the ones who are guilty. Sue his ass Angus! I find this libelous!

1003 days ago

Susan Murphy    

I am shocked by this lawsuit. I have known of Angus over the years and cannot and will not believe these allegations. Angus, like his father (who died in 1989), is a wonderful, caring person and cares about people, his community, and the environment. This lawsuit is an insult.

1002 days ago

jocelyn Fujii    

I have known Angus since he was 4 years old, and I knew his father, Paul, for the last 18 years of his life. As the Paul Mitchell biographer, I know the Mitchell family history well. Angus is a kind, sensitive, generous man who has legions of people who love him all over the world, as does his father, Paul, who died in 1989. These vicious, desperate and despicable charges are a reflection of a jealous ex-employee. And many of the negative comments on this site are made by people who never knew Paul and who don't know Angus. Like his father, Angus has a wide, loving embrace that includes family, friends, animals, the environment and all living things. Flett's comments have nothing to do with Angus--they are a reflection of him. How sad and desperate can a human be? Auwe for all this pilikia. And all love to Angus.

1001 days ago

Bradley Shields    

Since when are sour-grape disgruntled former employees getting coverage on TMZ? I've known Angus for decades, and I know him to be a stand-up guy. Angus doesn't deserve to be seen as a cash cow by lawyers and jealous, mean-spirited people. Auwe to TMZ for giving coverage to this tawdry tale. Considering what's going on in the world, your energies are best spent elsewhere. As for Wylder Flett, all I can say is: Sorry brah, but you're all hat and no cattle.

998 days ago


you guys are F&&cking idiots to believe this opportunist jerk off. i have know Angus for many years and he is about as gay as Goerge Clooney , he has nailed 10 times as many hot chicks as any of u internet geeks.

997 days ago
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