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Christopher Walken

Reacts to Natalie Wood Case --

I Just Don't Know (Wink)

11/22/2011 11:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Christopher Walken says he just doesn't know why cops have reopened the Natalie Wood case ... but judging by his response, it seems like he's not saying what he REALLY thinks.

Walken was on the boat the night Natalie died -- but he retired to his cabin after Robert Wagner and Natalie started arguing.

We're told Walken is not a suspect in the investigation.


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Talk about making a story about nothing. Looks like he just doesn't want to engage with the paparazzi s*** of the earth. TMZ you're losing your edge bothering posting this footage.

1064 days ago


Actually it seems like they've said nobody is a suspect. Our tax dollars at work. Is it an election year for the DA?

1064 days ago


Geez, what to play up the subject. He basically ignored you and you made an article out of it. Anything to keep you paid I guess...

1064 days ago

Alannah D    

He had nothing to do with it!

1064 days ago


Chris is as cool as the other side of the pillow.

1064 days ago


It's ridiculous to think that just because he was there he knew what happened. Even the captain says Christopher was asleep. As for your asinine "reporters", why do you always load your questions? "Do you think the captain is trying to sell books?" You look stupid.

1064 days ago


Seriously TMZ, this tape is so lame. Leave the guy alone. And he certainly didn't seem to have more to say....

1064 days ago


Maybe he hide the uncomfortable evidence up his ass.

1064 days ago

Susan Kachavos    

I'm not sure why they said Christopher Walken said I don't know what happened (Wink). He didn't seem to be giving that kind of attitude and didn't even look at the person asking the question. I feel trouble is just trying to be stirred.

christopher Wlken

1064 days ago

Thurston Howell III    

The truth is that all of the people on board the boat that night were **** faced. Wagner and Walken got into it (as drunks do). Natalie stormed off, tried to untie the digney and in her druken state fell overboard. Wagner discovered Natalie and the digney missing and thought she took off in a huff and refused to go look for her. He had no idea she was in the water.

Don't forget that Natalie was an old school Hollywood princess. She was used to getting her way and she was used to everybody kissing up to her. Sounds like Wagner was fed up witht he princess act and said "Let her go to shore, I'm not going after her".

1064 days ago


I'm 62 i never felt like the truth came out back then&won't this time either you don't wait 4hrs before reporting it.Nat was alive during that 4hrs&could have been saved if Robert had tried,she didn't even know how to swim.Robert knew that.a women heard her sceam&you know the ones on the boat heard it to.

1064 days ago

paula flowers    

Every one deserves justice. The boat captain is telling the truth. RJ probably got so mad at her and threw her off the boat just like the guy said. They were all drunk. He decided he was done with her. He snapped and con****ed this story that she went out to secure the dhingy or to take off. Why would she do that with a boat captain on board that could do it for her. RJ was smart enough to tell KW and the boat caotain that any other story than an accident would ruin all those concerned and possibility of a career and maybe jail time. They went along with it. When this initially happened, the same stock broker made the same statements that she heard her screaming. It's just sad. Too much drink and drugs. It never would have happened. Time is irrelevant concerning matters like this and those of the heart.

1064 days ago


OMG! You stupid TMZ people can read anything in to ANYTHING!

1064 days ago

Her Imperial and Royal Majesty    

Question: what wood doesn´t float?

Answer: Natalie Wood.

1064 days ago


I didn't see him wink on that video.

1064 days ago
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