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Christopher Walken

Reacts to Natalie Wood Case --

I Just Don't Know (Wink)

11/22/2011 11:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Christopher Walken says he just doesn't know why cops have reopened the Natalie Wood case ... but judging by his response, it seems like he's not saying what he REALLY thinks.

Walken was on the boat the night Natalie died -- but he retired to his cabin after Robert Wagner and Natalie started arguing.

We're told Walken is not a suspect in the investigation.


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The witness said she heard a women screaming for 25 minutes that she was drowning. If her husband had pushed her I don't think she would be doing this for this long of time as it would incriminate him, plus she wasn't saying she was being murdered. She was asking for help and he may not have heard it since the captain mentioned he was playing music and maybe by the time he realized it was her it was too late. She didn't commit suicide, we know this since she was asking for help, and I have a feeling her husband panicked when he did see her and tried to cover up a suicide he may have felt she commited, and or/let the dingy go to make sure he was safe from being found guilty. The socks did it...That's the only explanantion...Anyone, even if not drunk would slip while wearing socks. Wjo wears socks on deck anyway. It's crazy. She was too drunk to realize this and when she did it was too late. It's easy to want to point the fingers at him, but who tries to kill someone while they scream for 25 minuyes that they are drowning? Let this go to rest and don't forget my fee...Kidding...

1043 days ago


Everyone knows Wagner helped Natalie into the water. Don't forget, Wagner was having an affair with Jill St. John at the time. They have been together ever since...

1043 days ago


He knows it's just some sad POS trying to sell their stupid book.

1043 days ago


Lets not forget Natalie and her murdering husband had been fighting for days before he through her in the water knowing she couldn't swim. Men murder their wives and girlfriends all the time. The most common way for a pregnant woman to die is by murder. Think O.j, Robert Blake, Scott Peterson, Ted Kennedy, etc..

1043 days ago


I think they both know exactly what happened and we will never find out unless one of them has a guilty conscience and it gets the better of him in the end.

1043 days ago


I always felt it was something fishy about Ms. Woods murder..i don't agree with some ppl who say "let her rest in peace", finding her murderer and bringing them to justice is the right thing to do, and I'm glad the case is reopened...wi***** was done sooner, but still I'm glad.

1043 days ago

billy cema    

If one is truly interest about the tragedy, read GOODBYE NATALIE, GOODBYE SPLENDOR, by Marti Rulli. It is very detailed and painstakingly researched.
This will give you a strong idea of why the case had to be re-opened. But you must read it; otherwise, you're just mouthing personal stuff.
Natalie Wood deserved justice. Now, she may still get it, so she can rest in peace!

1043 days ago


Christopher Walken Saying " IdunnoO" is not an interview guys!

1042 days ago


Looks like a cover up between 2 bi-individual who let a woman scream for 15 mins helplessly drowning on water thats so creepy and horendous justice should be done for her poor soul.if i was a dictective i would take the case myself.

1042 days ago


The police are saying there are no suspects probably so no one will panic and hopefully cooperate. But come on they wouldn't have opened the case if there were really no suspects. I always doubted the story that came out at the time. I just don't believe that Natalie was going ashore in her nightgown and a down jacket and socks and I don't believe she was tying up a dingy either. Something sinister happened that night and justice was not served. It may be 30 years too late but better late than never. This is not a joke it's someones life and anyone posting here would want the same for their loved one.

1042 days ago


Dear Mr. Walken,

Why now?

You don't know?

Because your complacent so the case was not solved and handled responsibly, professionally and morally when it just happened.

I consider serious actors are true-seekers. How could you allow your friend, Natalie Wood, to die in such a fashion--being deliberately put to death in a cold dark sea alone considering she was so afraid of water?

Where is your conscience?

How dare you challenge the legitimacy of the case being reopened?

So let me tell you why the case should be opened NOW.

Because it is never too late for truth to come out.

Because it was not handled or solved professionally and responsibly at the time when the tragedy happened.

Because justice should be served for the victim--Natalie Wood--even it is 30 years later

Because the evidences have always been there but ignored by the authority and deliberately suppressed by Mr. Wagner

Because it is not any case but a case of a beloved American icon and cultural legend

Because personally it has pained me when I finally understood a lady who was so afraid of sea water was put to death in her final hours alone in a cold dark sea deliberately by jealous husband.

1042 days ago


what is this by Christopher Walkin 'I don know? He knows something and just wants to forget about it. Shame on you Christopher Walking, Be honest tell the truth. Natalie deservers the truth. You know they did not to a theral Investigation. You heard what happen.

1042 days ago


Well I feel that they should have done a better job in investigating the dealth of Natilie Wood, it was alway a supicious incident. And she had Bruises on her wrist and certain bruises on her legs. So the autopsy should have been done better investigating instead of letting it go due to the Movie Stars being Big at the time so they put it under the rug, litterally! Should be re-investigated. I would want to know if my parent were killed or an accident, wouldn't you?

1042 days ago


The fight started when Natalie caught Walken and Wagner in bed together. When are these two going to climb out of the "closet"

1042 days ago


Whether you contributed to Natalie's demsie or not, you still look like a disgusting zombie.

1041 days ago
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