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Frankie Valli

'Jersey Boys' Could Cost Him

Pretty Penny in Divorce

11/22/2011 7:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Frankie Valli divorcing Randy Valli
Frankie Valli -- the lead singer of "The Four Seasons" and brainchild behind the musical "Jersey Boys" -- is learning a hard lesson about marrying younger women, because his ex is trying to take him to the cleaners.

Randy Valli -- who was married to Frankie for 27 years -- has filed legal docs, asking the divorce judge for attorney's fees, but what's really interesting is how much money he makes -- and she already gets.

According to legal docs, Frankie is raking in more than $515,000 per month -- presumably a big chunk is from "Jersey Boys." 

But 51-year-old Randy is already getting a big piece of the 77-year-old Frankie.  For starters, she gets $30,000 a month -- $5 grand in spousal support, and $25,000 grand a month in royalties from "Jersey Boys."

And this is interesting ... even though she's pulling in more than a third of a million bucks a year, the docs say she's getting $810 a month in public assistance.  It looks like that money is for a portion of his SSI because she's taking care of their minor children.

Hmmm.... Harvey just announced to the room he's thinkin' of a TMZ musical.


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I met him when I was a kid in Jersey..Not the nicest guy ..arrogant

1069 days ago


Randy Valli you go girl!

1069 days ago


GOOD. I had to sit through that god-awful Jersey Boys - if they didn't tell me ONE MORE TIME that they were FROM JERSEY - as if we didn't know - I was going to blow my brains out. Maybe if you paid a little attention & respect to your family, they wouldn't have od'd, Frankie ... ugh.

1069 days ago


Damn- Frankie is making some serious money. @nan- it doesn't surprise me that he was arrogant. He does seem like that kind of guy.

Fun way to make a little bit of money- cash is sent to Paypal! ... ink/344801

1069 days ago


I have been in love with Frankie Valli since the 60's. It was his music I grew up with. Come to California, Frankie. I don't want your money. Just sing to me. I'm a blue-eyed blonde California nurse and I still believe you're just too good to be true.

1069 days ago


Public Assistance.. really? I cant imagine what I would get for public assistance if she gets is getting that much from him.. how about learning how to live on your own like the rest of us single parents that dont get assistance!!!!

1069 days ago


This is untrue. You can't attach SSI because it is like welfare...public assistance. You CAN attach SSA, which is social it must be SSA. I know, I work in the field...and am an auditor!

1069 days ago


$60...k a month and she asks for public assistance? what a ******* joke.

1069 days ago


What a shame that the family applied for SSI when they obviously don't need it. And please don't bang the drum about "earning" it or paying into the system. The system is there for people in need, not the Vallis, just like many public taxes.

1069 days ago

LA you're on the line    

WTF!? She's pulling in $300k/year and still getting public assistance? This type of crap is why this country is circling the drain. She probably pays no taxes either.

1069 days ago


Who cares how much money they make? Good for him. If he used his creativity to develop such productions, he deserves it. The offensive thing is the TMZ writers' consistently poor grammar. Don't use words if you don't know what they mean.

"Frankie Valli -- the lead singer of "The Four Seasons" and brainchild behind the musical "Jersey Boys.."

"Jersey Boys" is the BRAINCHILD of Frankie Valli. If Frankie Valli created the musical, he cannot be the brainchild behind it.

If Harvey does create a TMZ musical, he better not let any of you write the script for his brainchild. Work the lights, be an usher, or sweep the stage. Anything but writing. Geez.

1069 days ago


Frankie is a not a nice man. This is his third marriage. So can all the women be wrong. It said he is making 500,000.00 a month she should get more money. 50 percent she is not getting..

1069 days ago


another case of the very rich still collecting social security. When you are that rich you don't need social security.

1069 days ago


He looks damn good for 77.

1069 days ago


This pisses me the ****** off! My husband is an amputee and gets SSI.. LESS than this guy by the way! Since my kids have both turned 18 now they count all household income against us, including my kids part time minimum wage incomes. Why the hell doesn't this guys half a million a month count against HIS SSI?? Go ahead and bitch about the 'poor' being the leeches now, the Mom who pisses you off because she had the gall to buy her kid a Lunchable for school or some soda with food stamps... Effing please.

1069 days ago
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