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Jim Jones

I Made Peace w/ Juelz Santana

After Our Ladies BRAWLED!

11/22/2011 5:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

112111_jules_videoRapper Jim Jones tells TMZ ... he's managed to smooth things over with rapper Juelz Santana -- after their respective lady friends beat the holy crap out of each other on a reality show recently ... insisting, "I wish it had never happened."

Jones was passing out 5,000 turkeys to families in need at Ricardo's Restaurant in Harlem yesterday -- when we asked about the smackdown of the century on VH1's "Love and Hip-Hop."

In case you missed it -- Jones' fiancee Chrissy Lampkin tried to HEADSTOMP Santana's baby mama Kimbella Vanderhee in one of the craziest fights in the history of reality television (watch below).

Jones says, "I wish that it wouldn't have happened ... but things happen." He added, "I spoke to my brother about it, we cool ... shout to my lady Chrissy. It's all good."


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wow you kidding me right vh1 i watch the same action on national geographic a bunch of animals fighting. a show about has been rappers and whore girlfriend wow. a show about pimps and hoes basically

1033 days ago


ho ho ho down go dembo.dembo.

1033 days ago


Really, I've seen better fights on Bad Girls Club

1033 days ago

LaShawn Rude    

I believe Santana's chick had it comming, You don't just drop a bomb like that and don't think it will blow up. I don't think Kimbella is to bright. Kim is a about the dolla hunt from Fab to Santana she wanted to trap someone with money. and for the record if Chrissy was in it for the money, they would have atleast two children by now. That's how them gold diggers do it, lol

1033 days ago

Nina Ross     

Man Chrissy got in that ass. You got yourself a soldier Jimmy. That bum ass was out of pocket for sharing that in front of all those people. Her intention was to embarrass and humiliate Emily in front of all her friends and she got that ass spanked. I'M NOT MAD AT CHRISSY and Jimmy isn't either. Hell, I'll bet Juelz isn't either. In a perfect world Em would've jumped up and mollywhopped that broad herself but OBVIOUSLY she isn't built like that and Chrissy knows it so she held her friend down.

1033 days ago

Lady P    

To all you with your fake ass comment.Although don't agree with grown women fighting I do feel where Chrissy was coming from. If Kim was sincere about just wanting to clear the air and make good start she would have done it as a lady and took Emily to the side. At the end of the day it's about ratings. To the guy who commented it was normal black girl behavior. what you saying because I've seen ignorance come from every shade. Get it together with your ignorant ass

1033 days ago


WHAT?WHAT?! So Hooker #1 said she was cheating with Hooker #2s babydaddy while she was trying to trap Mr Ghetto-Fab with a pregnancy scam? It didn't work and now Hooker #2 has Pimpdaddy's illegit kid and no ring or alimony, so in a ghetto fit she does the 'bitch i kill u' bit on tv? Did I get it right? Sounds like some bitches be busy in 'da hood'

1033 days ago


Obama voters.

They always have to resort to violence because they do not have the brains to do anything else.

1033 days ago


Chrissy, why not fight all the women Fab cheated on pathetic Emily with. Wasn't it Fab's place on whether his girl was pregnant or not, and if you're so tough why didn't you jump on Somaya? Because she would have stomped a mud hole in you. Too old ladies to act like that and for that reason I stopped watching.

1033 days ago


I wouldn't want Chrissy to be the mother of my grandchildren. She definitely has some deep problems and that is why she criticizes and attacks people.

1033 days ago


Good Job Chrissy for beating the sh*t out of that whore. Next time maybe she'll think twice before sleeping with someones man. And maybe now she'll learn to put some panties on her funky a** before showing up at gatherings.

1032 days ago


if you hate on this.Then why read it and leave a comment??? I like chrissy!

1032 days ago


hey the bitch got put in her place you go chrissy how the hell you going to bring some **** like that up in front of everyone she could of pull that girl to the side and said something kimbella was out of like and yes white people act crazy to ever watch jerry springer also not charges was put on chrissy because black people don't snitch like hoes ass bitches we handle our own **** we don't call the police at ever turn like some scared as hoes thats not us. hell only punks call to police for a small fist fight so everyone out there get your weigh up and stop being hating as hoes.

1032 days ago


I think we should make a pact. Why don't we ditch this stupid show, and they lose their ratings! Anyone in?

1032 days ago


Chrissy You da bitch!!!!!! I would have smashed the bitch to if she had dissed my girl. Jim you better ask that girl to marry you

1031 days ago
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