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Justin Bieber Alleged Baby Mama


11/22/2011 7:55 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The woman who claimed to be Justin Bieber's baby mama is running for the hills, because we've learned neither she nor her lawyer have made ANY attempt to contact Justin's team ... to compare his DNA with her baby's.

We broke the story ... Justin took a DNA  test in New Jersey last Friday, and sources connected with the singer say  he's chomping at the bit ... waiting for Mariah Yeater to ante up her baby's DNA results.  But so far ... crickets.

Yeater's lawyer has been blabbing to the media, but has stayed clear of anyone in Justin's camp.  Sources connected with Justin believe Yeater will never produce DNA results, because it will simply become ammunition for a lawsuit he intends to file against her and her lawyers for abuse of legal process.

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No Avatar


Are we surprised? I still say there should be criminal charges against this BS.

1066 days ago


OMG, I can't believe this baby faced kid is old enough to know where babies come from let alone actually produce one.

1066 days ago

debby allison    

I was watching good morning america today and the story about Justin Bieber and his paternaty test. Thye show hosts said the test wouldn't be conclusive without Yeater's DNA.
I know for a fact this is not true. Our son had a test done with just him and the baby without the mom's DNA and it came back 99.99% that he was the father.
Justin needs his lawyer to get a court order to produce the baby's DNA to compare to his. Our son's test held up in a court of law when he filed for custody of his baby, and was awarded custody.
I don't understand why the media has to make false claims about things they are ignorant about, there are people out there with issues about paternanty and believe they are powerless when false information is given by what are thought to be reliable news style programing!

1066 days ago


Thats why the bitch dropped the law suit. She know he would go for the DNA and she know what would happen.What he should do is now get the courts to get the DNA or charge her with witholding information and or evidence. Nail the bitch to the cross.

1066 days ago


Bieber is a TURD!!!!!!

1066 days ago


It's time for Mariah Yeater to ante up her baby's DNA results & turn them over to Justin Bieber's Attorney. If she has a case, Why Is She Stalling????Sounds like a B.S. Case to me!!!!

1066 days ago


Obviously HIS sttorneys aren't all that interested in clearing up the issue either. All he has to do is file with the states family court dision and she will be REQUIRED to provide a DNA sample. Even better, he should file for sole custody, watch how fast she offers the DNA up then! Suddenly she'll more than happy to prove he is not the father... what a moron.

1066 days ago


I am 64 years old and I am cheering for Justin on this one. He did the right thing. I am so tired of people accusing famous people of thing's that they can't back up. I think Herman Cain should follow suit. Believe me I think he is a idiot and would never vote for him but if these women are lieing nail them to the wall.

1066 days ago


If all of you can not tell he is are blind. That boy is GAY GAY GAY

1066 days ago


First of all, If this is true, then she needs to be arrested for statuatory rape. In most states, if you have sex with someone under 18, it's illegal - except some hick states where the age is 12.
Second, Why would this extremely good looking kid who can get anyone he wants, even consider this older ugly biatch. She needs to go to jail just for being stupid enough to consider that he would screw her. The only one I found who would do her is my 96 year old grandpa but he is still looking to do Mom's Mabley.

1066 days ago


Mariah Yeater has put herself in a catch-22; she will either implicate herself in a charge of statutory rape against a minor child (Justin Bieber), and or implicate herself in false allegations in a paternity suit; both cases do not look good for her at this time. If the baby is indeed his, she could be facing prison time and a lifetime as a sexual preditor. On the other hand, she could find herself financially bankrupt on a losing end of a court case for false allegations for the sole purpose of financial reward.

1066 days ago


How come no one seems to care that lil ole Justin Bieber engages in adult activities at such a young age. What a great role model. Clearly, protection wasn't used because if it was, why would he be so forth coming with his DNA? I remember Britney being blasted all over the news for having relations with Justin Timberlake, but no one seems to care that this kid does it. What a typical stereo type. Guys are cool if they do it, girls are whores. Parents that allow their kids to look up to guys like him seriously need to wake up and figure out what kind of example they are setting. It's no wonder why kids are having sex before puberty even hits.

1066 days ago


What do you want to bet that the sleaze-bag girl and her slimey attorney do not go to jail?

1066 days ago


What folks will do for fame/infamy!

1066 days ago


If the girl was over 18 while Justin under 18 at the time of the encounter, she is guilty of statutory the adult female teachers who have sex with students who are 14 - 17 years old. How come this issue is not brought up?

1066 days ago
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