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Mike Rowe

Responds to Same-Name Lawsuit


11/22/2011 10:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mike Rowe (the celebrity) tells TMZ ... he understands why Mike Rowe (the prisoner) has a beef about his name ... telling us, "The guy has a good point, I've wanted to sue myself for years now."

TMZ broke the story ... some unfamous prison inmate in South Dakota named Mike Rowe is suing the celebrity -- claiming he's constantly being harassed behind bars because they share the same name. He's also pissed that Lee Jeans claims Mike Rowe wears their product ... because "I am not for them."

Now, Mike Rowe (the celeb) is responding to the suit ... telling TMZ, "My attorneys are taking the charges very seriously. Naturally, since I got my last name from my Dad, I'm preparing my own lawsuit against him."

He adds, "And since my first name was my Mother's idea, she'll be named as well. It's a bit awkward, but I'll be damned if I'm gonna be left holding the bag on this one."

"If they'd named me Steve or Frank, none of this would be an issue.  As for the other Mike Rowe, I really do feel his pain, and can only suggest that he avoid Lee jeans while behind bars. They really do make your butt look good."


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This guy is a legend in Baltimore. About twenty years ago I was drinking a beer in Fells Point MD with some college buddies. Place called The Whistling Oyster. Rowe, (not yet a celebrity) walks into the bar with a girl that looks like she fell off the the cover of Maxim. He goes to order drinks, and three Lacrosse players from Towson start in with the girl. They're big guys, and they're sitting on bar stools, making rude comments, whistling, being complete morons. Rowe walks back over to where the girl is, just in time to see one of the lacrosse players grab her ass. Not cool. The girl slaps the dude across the face. Rowe drops his wallet on the floor. What happened next happened real fast. Rowe bends down to get his wallet, but instead grabs the leg of the bar stool. He yanks it out from under the jock who falls flat on his ass, hard. He starts to get up and Rowe kicks the guy in the side of the head. He stays down. At the same time, he hits the other two guys in the face with the the bar stool. They each go flying backwards off their seats. Now all three of them on the ground. One of them jumps up and Rowe punches him twice in the throat. He falls down again. Rowe tells them all to stay down. Real loud, like he's talking to a bad dog. I swear the whole thing happened in like two seconds. Everybody's just frozen. He drops some money on the bar and walks out with the girl on his arm. Just like that. Like Chuck Norris in a frickin' Western. My kids still ask me to tell them that story every time he pops up in a Ford commercial.

1002 days ago

Brandee Holmes    

Freakin' hilarious!!! I never knew Mike (famous once, not the drunk one) could be so funny unscripted....proud to say he is a fellow alumni of CCBC.....Baltimore County, MD really knows how to let 'em loose!

1002 days ago


suggest that he avoid Lee jeans while behind bars. They really do make your butt look good" now that's funny

1002 days ago


BWAHAHAHA!!! Classic Rowe. Love this guy!

1002 days ago


Mike Rowe: Women Want Him. Men Want to Be Him.

1002 days ago


I adore you, Mike Rowe (the REAL Mike Rowe).

You are the coolest thing....

1002 days ago

Stephanie Meyer    

Is it really possible to sue a famous person if they have the same name as you? Because I have this dude beat. My name is Stephanie Meyer- NO NOT THAT STEPHANIE MEYER!!! But since she's making money off her name and a hot(?) guy covered in glitter I want a piece of that action. That might make up for all the stupid Twilight jokes I get.

1002 days ago


that is awesome mike rowe (the celebrity) - and don't worry about any boycott threats - we will all be watching you! - still miss capt. phil:(

1002 days ago

James Morrison    

Only something like this would happen to Mike Rowe. Loved his response to the whole thing.

1002 days ago



1002 days ago


Lol, I love Mike Rowe (celeb). He's hilarious on Dirty Jobs and apparently hilarious non-scripted as well :D

1002 days ago


LMFAO You just gotta love the real Mike Rowe!!!

1002 days ago

JugEars McKenyan Sr..    

Actually a reality show and star that actually contribute something positive to society unlike 99% of that crowd....

1002 days ago


I love Mike Rowe (the celeb). He makes me laugh.

1001 days ago


I love, love, LOVE his sense of humor!!!!!

1001 days ago
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