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Conrad Hilton

Booze, Marijuana in Car

11/23/2011 3:38 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Conrad Hiltons Car Crash -- Alcohol, Marijuana in the Car
Conrad Hilton
-- Paris Hilton's 17-year-old brother who crashed into a parked car last weekend -- was driving with wine bottles, zig zag papers and a bottle of medical marijuana in his vehicle.

TMZ broke the story and posted surveillance video of Conrad slamming into the car in Brentwood, CA., at 12:45 AM Saturday, after leaving a nightclub in West Hollywood.

Hilton left the scene after exchanging information before cops arrived on scene.  Cops told TMZ Hilton would not be cited or arrested.   And Hilton's dad, Rick, told TMZ the accident occurred as his son tried to avoid a dog in the road.

But now we've obtained photos of Hilton's car after the crash, which show a bottle of medical cannabis, zig zag papers and 2 unopened wine bottles. 

A neighbor who was first on the scene tells TMZ ... "He was taking a piss in the driveway of my neighbor ... he said, 'I'm sorry sir.  I am drunk and I have done a very stupid thing.'"  The neighbor adds, Hilton pleaded for him not to call the police or his parents. 

The neighbor says he asked Hilton why he was driving drunk, and he said, "Because I'm a f**k-up.  You cannot call my parents.  They're on vacation, I'm 17 and out past curfew."

The neighbor says Hilton "smelled of weed and alcohol and his eyes were bloodshot."

And there's this ... The neighbor says Hilton dangled his wrist in front of him and said, "See this bracelet.  It costs $11,000.  I can pay for everything."  Another neighbor confirmed the story.

The neighbor says someone in a BMW came by, picked Hilton up, and drove away.

Cops tell us ... there's nothing they can do once someone leaves the scene, because there's no way of proving the items inside the car weren't placed there after Hilton left.  As for Hilton leaving, cops say he did so legally, because he left the appropriate identifying information.

See surveillance video of the crash below:


No Avatar


Stupid little hilton douchebag. So typical of every member of that family, from the limp emasculated daddy, to the iron willed pimp-ager mommy, to stupid dimwit slut paris, to the younger drunken drug taking ones. This whole family is like the lohans and whoretrashians; every one of them is absolutely worthless, a societal leech and should be shot.

1065 days ago


I would like to know why these people are considered anything special. They are a disgrace. Childre look up to these people who consistently get away with misdemeanors and felonies that the rest of us would be sent away for over ten years. Disgusting. They should be ashamded of themselves. Their mother did not raise them right and their grandmothers did not raise their parents right. So much for responsibilities for their actions.

1065 days ago


Uhh, I thought his pops said that he was avoiding a stray dog that ran out in front of his car? Damn that boy! I can't believe he lied to us!

1065 days ago


He's a good kid. Why the muckraking? He was just having fun, a night out. No harm done. Are you people actually going to deprive this 17-year-old of a night? Grow up. Like Paris, this kid deserves some breaks in life. Let up on him. Geez!

1065 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

maybe the flamin hot cheetoes are to blame...those sure can leave a flamin ring of fire...ouch. make you jump out of your seat.

1065 days ago


How did the cops miss this?

I guess if you have money and famous parents one can look the other way. Wait, that is until the cops let him go and he turns around and kills someone next time and the P.D. gets sued for turning the other way. This kid is in trouble and his parents need to step up and stop his own admitted stupid behavior before he harms someone.

1065 days ago


If this were you or me, we'd be in jail. Let's give the West Hollywood Police a little help, because apparently "Hilton Money" has clouded their judgment. Charge Conrad Hilton Jr. with underage drinking, Driving Under the Influence, And LEAVING THE SCENE OF A ACCIDENT. Then secure the neighbor as a WITNESS. The Cops Are So CORRUPT EVERYWHERE, that it's becoming PAINFULLY BLATANT. The JUSTICE SYSTEM ONLY SERVES TO PROTECT, the rich.

1065 days ago


It's funny how the millionaire, spoiled-rotten types with nothing better to do & gets everything they want in the world...feel the need to get high. Guess he has to escape his horrible life-situation.

1065 days ago

LA fab    

LAPD sucks! They are so corrupt! F**k LAPD!

1065 days ago


So the lesson learned here is that if you're drinking and on drugs and happen to be be in an accident, be sure to leave the scene, then come back later and give your contact information and get out of there before the cops arrive. Thanks California, I learned something new.

1065 days ago

john a    

In suffolk county NY , I know someone who just got charged with a felony weapons possession for a 1980s Buzzer that runs on a 9 volt battery ,u could hold it to your head and buzz urself for an hour without any effect what a Joke, This spoiled jackass gets off a DWI, with weed and wine in his car , and leaving the scene of an accident, what a Joke this country has become

1065 days ago

John T.    

His parents have sure flunked parenthood. Paris was bad enough now this one, grandpa will be so proud.

1065 days ago


So it all worked out for the best - the medical marijuana cured his glaucoma to the point that he could see the dog and skillfully managed to avoid hitting it without breaking any of the wine bottles! Congrats Conrad!

1065 days ago

buzz kill    

If you havn't noticed, spoiled rich kids and celebritys are exempt from the laws that only apply to working people.

1065 days ago


lol kids are gonna be stupid and grow out of it...why you people comment like hes gonna come here read this **** and change his ways, hes obnoxious and doesn't give two ****s deal with it

1065 days ago
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