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Conrad Hilton

Booze, Marijuana in Car

11/23/2011 3:38 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Conrad Hiltons Car Crash -- Alcohol, Marijuana in the Car
Conrad Hilton
-- Paris Hilton's 17-year-old brother who crashed into a parked car last weekend -- was driving with wine bottles, zig zag papers and a bottle of medical marijuana in his vehicle.

TMZ broke the story and posted surveillance video of Conrad slamming into the car in Brentwood, CA., at 12:45 AM Saturday, after leaving a nightclub in West Hollywood.

Hilton left the scene after exchanging information before cops arrived on scene.  Cops told TMZ Hilton would not be cited or arrested.   And Hilton's dad, Rick, told TMZ the accident occurred as his son tried to avoid a dog in the road.

But now we've obtained photos of Hilton's car after the crash, which show a bottle of medical cannabis, zig zag papers and 2 unopened wine bottles. 

A neighbor who was first on the scene tells TMZ ... "He was taking a piss in the driveway of my neighbor ... he said, 'I'm sorry sir.  I am drunk and I have done a very stupid thing.'"  The neighbor adds, Hilton pleaded for him not to call the police or his parents. 

The neighbor says he asked Hilton why he was driving drunk, and he said, "Because I'm a f**k-up.  You cannot call my parents.  They're on vacation, I'm 17 and out past curfew."

The neighbor says Hilton "smelled of weed and alcohol and his eyes were bloodshot."

And there's this ... The neighbor says Hilton dangled his wrist in front of him and said, "See this bracelet.  It costs $11,000.  I can pay for everything."  Another neighbor confirmed the story.

The neighbor says someone in a BMW came by, picked Hilton up, and drove away.

Cops tell us ... there's nothing they can do once someone leaves the scene, because there's no way of proving the items inside the car weren't placed there after Hilton left.  As for Hilton leaving, cops say he did so legally, because he left the appropriate identifying information.

See surveillance video of the crash below:


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1032 days ago


Hawkstone wine? 20 bucks a bottle? Really.....

1032 days ago


And homeless disabled American veterans are thrown in LA's horrifying & torturous jails for the CRIME OF BEING HOMELESS! - huh - wth are you talking about august - we don't put homeless or vets in jail and our prisons aren't torture - this is LA not the middle east - little over dramatic!

1032 days ago


Thats the way you do it!!!!

1032 days ago


...sounds like a big misunderstanding to me...

1032 days ago

Throwback kid    

Why is everone in the Hilton family such a loser? Despite having money they do not go to college, Paris is a high school dropout. They never hold real jobs and have problems with drugs and alcohol. It seems all the Hilton kids know how to do is go to clubs, shop and use drugs and alcohol. The whole family is just a joke

1032 days ago

There's a problem here    

Oh well ... wealthy is as wealthy does. This lad could have murdered a leader of the free world ...

1032 days ago


At least he called the guy sir when taking a piss in his yard while high/drunk.

1032 days ago


Well isn't this a huge f_cking surprise?! Anyone who smashes their car into 2 parked vehicles is on something. Don't sit there and tell me that he was at a club till damn near 1am and just sipped water and ate potato chips all night. Of course, NOTHING will happen to him for this. NOTHING!!! If you're a celebrity(or even kind of a celebrity), you're allowed to drive intoxicated and smash a few cars. I mean hey, look at Lindsay Lohan. How many times did she get busted before they even put her on probation?

1032 days ago


Why didn't the cops immediately go to his home and administer a drug/alcohol test? And since there is video of the accident, why, att the very least, are the cops not able to charge him with speeding and careless driving?

1032 days ago


"was driving with wine bottles, zig zag papers and a bottle of medical marijuana in his vehicle."

Hollywood Justice once again. And WHY does a 17 year old need Medical Marijuana?

1032 days ago


The Hiltons have apparently messed their kids up something fierce.

1032 days ago

Peter Sc    

His parents should send him to Provo Canyon Academy in Orem. It worked in some way for Paris.

CEDU (the aftercare program she went to) is closed after some boys disappeared. The convicted killer James Lee Crummel had free access to the campus so that is properly why.

Instead they could ship him to England in an old school boarding school. If he kills someone by driving drunk, then it would only be some foreigners.

1032 days ago


17 and he can afford to pay for everything....probably why he didnt take care of his stuff.

1032 days ago

American Mom    

Let me get this straight, so the california police said it's ok to drink and drive and be stoned and slam into stuff and then leave the scene to sobar up as long as you leave the proper id. Wow!!!! Now everyone is gonna do that!!! This is really unbelievable. Hilton or no Hilton you drink and drive and end up messing up someone elses life, the only bracelet your gonna end up wearing is hand cuffs. I thought hiltons were rich, can't they afford a limo for there spawn? How about rehab? Or would they rather not spend their money raising up their spawns to be of some use to the world instead of a burden. Come on Hiltons! There is no money in the world that can purchase good parents, but have some pride in that name of yours and protect society from your dangerous spawns. I guess like father, like son. The father lied. A dog! Ha! Dude, get controll of your family before prison does it for ya! What a mess!

1032 days ago
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