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Conrad Murray Case

D.A. Wants Doc to Pay

More than $100 MILLION!!!

11/24/2011 12:43 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Prosecutors in the Conrad Murray manslaughter case are asking Judge Michael Pastor to order the doc to pay Michael Jackson's children more than $100 million for their loss.
According to new court docs filed by the D.A., Michael Jackson's kids are "entitled to wages or profits lost due to injury incurred by the victim."

Prosecutors say MJ's 3 kids are victims under the law, and are entitled to restitution from Dr. Murray ... which include wages, lost profits and funeral expenses.  The D.A. cites a letter from the MJ Estate, estimating Michael would have made $100 million in revenue from the "This Is It" tour. 

As we first reported, the D.A. is also seeking the maximum punishment -- 4 years in State Prison.  The D.A. says they are seeking the max because Murray was "risking Mr. Jackson's life every night" by administering Propofol.  And the D.A. says, MJ was a "particularly vulnerable victim."  And the D.A. says, Murray lied and covered-up his crime.


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Why in the hell is everyone talking about Lohan?

1030 days ago


andys candy - lol thread stealer - the funny part is you are right if he had sean holley - murray would be free - she woulda never let him confess to police w/ her sitting there -- ed chhernoff is a lousy lawyer, he just got turned down by the judge to retest the propofol bottle, cus he had all prep b4 case and during the trial, judge said cuz he waited till client found guilty, it was too late -

1030 days ago


jacko family wants someone to dissipate their own guilt in mj's downward spiral. the mj kids are following joe jacko's lead. fraud has no price now that they get to be liars and criminals with money.

1030 days ago


yep shawn holley trained by johnny himself, murray would be free and sold his story by now

1030 days ago


Right or you realize that people can get 20 years to life 'trying' to rob a bank, it doesn't make sense that he would only get 4 years, but put it into prospective, if someone was responsible for your child's death, if you had no money or zillions, doesnt matter, he was negligent in caring for your baby and I think any parent would want justice,FYI...I lost my son at the age of 6 and if a doc was negligent I'd go after him/her regardless of how rich/poor I was, it's not about the money. You want your hil back desperately nd some may feel this is the only justice.

1030 days ago


I just LOVE Walgren and his MAXIMUM PENALTY way of looking at things. He is TOO fierce! And I don't think he's ever going to let Murray live down the fact that he tried to sneak his LIES out there through that LAME do***entary--good for him....
The Media was so happy to publicize how much money Murray made off the doc, but noone remembered that the sentencing could be affected by it, not to mention the upcoming Civil Suits....
Happily for Michael's supporters, Murray and his team have dug his grave yet again by choosing unwisely....
He, he, and hee-ee....

1030 days ago

King of TMZ    

Should pay just like Dr Evil! A kazzillion pazzilion dollars!!! :D lol

1030 days ago


hehe - david walgren bringing sexy back to the courtroom

1030 days ago


Wow, I agree there should be a monetary suit but I didn't think it would be so high. But that is what he gets for disregarding the victims by doing a do***entary.

1030 days ago


Is it normal to have a court verdict state "alleged victim" and "alleged date (of crime)"? A verdict is based on fact as to the known identity of the victim, otherwise how can you convict anyone of murdering a particular person? And the same would go for the date of the crime. This happened with Conrad Murray's verdict. Why??? Makes you wonder.

1030 days ago

mj is alive dont hate he loves you more    

It pains me to see so much hate and venom on this blog.Its all going to plan stay positive and show L.O.V.E.

1030 days ago


1030 days ago


We used to burn witches on stakes in Europe, using false allegations to justify our deeds. I thought that was outdated in modern countries. I was wrong. Reading the comments in here, I can see that many people find it okey to drive an innocent victim to death by refusing to consider facts and evidence of his innocence.

In the old days, the reason for this was fear - the women were too strong, too "different" yet always very modest and quiet. So all of you accusing MJ in SPITE of do***ented evidence that he was innocent, he sure must evoke some kind of fear inside you. Too powerful? Too compassionate? Or just a fear of anything and anyone who is "different"?

1030 days ago

Wrestling fan    

Just how is he going to pay that amount of money when he's not allowed to do anything medical anyway

1030 days ago


Oh please!!!
The prosecutors must be getting a kick back from the Jacksons to make complete fools of themselves with this order.

1030 days ago
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