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Justin Bieber Alleged Baby Mama

My Baby Will Take the DNA Test

11/23/2011 1:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mariah Yeater and Justin Bieber
Mariah Yeater
-- Justin Bieber's alleged baby mama -- will submit her baby for DNA testing ... this according to her legal team.

Attorney Jeffrey Leving tells TMZ ... his client is NOT avoiding the DNA test, and can't wait to compare baby Tristyn's DNA with Justin Bieber's.

But Leving says he DOES have a big problem with the DNA test Justin has already taken, because a member of Yeater's team was not present while it was administered and he has no idea if the test was done using proper controls.

Although members of Justin's team have told TMZ Yeater and her team had gone radio silent since Justin took the test on Friday, Leving says his co-counsel has been in touch with Justin's lawyer, Howard Weitzman, Monday and Tuesday.   Leving says he hopes both sides will reach an agreement on a DNA protocol.

Weitzman could not be reached for comment.


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Yaeters legal team has been playing games all along. They do not understand that there will be no settlement. I suspect that Yaeter's lawyer has been difficult at best. Bieber's lawyers are saying that nothing is going to happen without a DNA test.

If this goes through a paternity suit, a DNA test might not happen. Yaeter would would have to show that an encounter could have happened. The testimony form the security guards, cameras, travel plans, etc from the concert would show otherwise.

She is making an unsupported accusation.

1032 days ago


miriah get over it its not your baby and evan if it was you would of said by now ahahah so stop making a fool out your self !!

1032 days ago


Why does it take her 5 days before she take DNA test?It should be the same day as JB so that the result will come out the same day.I hope she get 99.9 % ,if JB is the father.But then again is it that she knew whose the real father alreary?

1032 days ago


According to the report when JB took the test it was a controlled environment with camera and security.I sure JB lawyer told them when hes going to take the test.I think her lawyer just want to manipulate cannot falsefy DNA test specially its done in reputable company.I can see her lawyer want it done again.

1032 days ago


PATHETIC! They just won't stop, will they? When paternity tests are taken, representatives from both sides typically aren't there. They're always done under very controlled conditions, otherwise they wouldn't hold up in court for anyone. They're basically already saying it won't be a match and have an excuse for it. What's they're excuse going to be if he agrees to a test with one of her reps there and it comes back that he's not the father?

1032 days ago


This bitch (Mariah Yeater) she should have never dropped the paternity lawsuit to begin with! If she didnt do that, then there wouldn't be this problem to begin with! So this lawyers of hers is just plain stupid, sure hes a high profile lawyer, but in this case, he is acting like he got his law degree in a cracker jack box!Just get your damn ass in gear and get this babys DNA tested, so we can get this done and over with! STOP STALLING!! Damn lawyers, he just wants his 15 minutes of fame like she does, and its getting annoying!

1032 days ago


Its like this stupid lawyer(Jeffrey Leving) is saying that Justin Bieber will have to take the DNA test again!! No *******, just bring the frigign baby in to get a DNA test done, and stop stalling!! It seems to be another way for them to delay the process,

1032 days ago


OMG, what a shock!! This lawyer (Jeffrey Leving) is complaining where Justin took this DNA test! Didnt see that coming!! lol.. This is just their way of delaying the unevitable!! This lawyer is soo stupid, just get the friggin baby to get his DNA, and shut the hell up!!

1032 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Told you, they should have taken the samples at the same time--then there would be no question.

1032 days ago


just hope he did not smash her

1032 days ago


After he is exonerated he should sue her a&& into kingdon come.

1032 days ago


They are stalling or are trying to figure out a way to manipulate the test themselves. They are probably trying to cut some kind of deal where when the test comes back negative, Justin won't sue their a@@'s off. Man I hope he does.

1032 days ago


Yeater is still accusing Bieber of being the father of this baby. Bieber says no.

Again, very simple. Yeater the baby and Bieber take cheek swabs right in front of everyone for paternaty testing.

There is your chain of evidence. Yeaters cheek, seperate bag, babys cheek, seperate bag, Biebers cheek seperate bag and everything being done right in front of them. They would seal their own speciman bag so there is no mistake.

If you don't like the result it's the labs fault. Nah.

1032 days ago


ROFLMAO. "Proper Controls". He's going to DOUBT Weitzman? I mean, get real. Weitzman told them that ALL protocol's were followed, so now she won't take the test until her ambulance chaser DECIDES that HIS protocol's are followed? I call BS. Neither side will be able to reach a satisfactory conclusion, so Yeater's baby will NOT be tested. We all know THATS next on their agenda. AGAIN, I call BS

1032 days ago

Her Imperial and Royal Majesty    

And what happens if Bieber does turn out to be the father? It´s unlikely, given certain rumors about his sexual proclivities, but it´s possible. If he is the father, what excuse will his fans give?

The wisest thing is to wait and see how the situation plays out before coming down on one side or another.

1032 days ago
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