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Judge to Selena Gomez

Sorry, No Permanent Protection

... For Now

11/23/2011 9:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The judge has thrown Selena Gomez a temporary lifeline ... but he's not willing to pull her to shore.

Moments ago, the judge in Selena's alleged stalker case refused to hear the singer's request for a permanent restraining order because Thomas Brodnicki -- who's temporarily in the looney bin -- was unable to appear in court.

Gomez' lawyer mentioned to the judge he could have contacted the court when he was free, but Brodnicki chose to speak with TMZ instead ... so it was his choice whether to contact the court.

Nevertheless, the judge was not moved ... and ruled he would not issue a permanent restraining order until Brodnicki has his day in court

In the meantime, the judge has extended the temporary restraining order so she still has some fleeting protection.

The judges ruling was bizarre because other judges regularly issue permanent restraining orders ... even when the alleged stalker is not in court.

The next hearing is scheduled for Jan. 6. 


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What You Really Want To See    

did somebody switch the real judge with Jon Voight?

1029 days ago


They are handling the situation appropriately, and more efficiently to her safety than what a restraining order could do.

At the end of the 72 hours, if the treating psychiatrist believes that you are still, due to a mental disorder or chronic alcoholism:
1. Dangerous to yourself, and/or
2. Dangerous to others, and/or
3. Gravely disabled,
and he or she believes that you are unwilling or unable to accept voluntary treatment, then he or she may detain you for an additional 14-day period. This is called a “certification for intensive treatment.” At this time, you are entitled to written notice of this fact, including a statement of specific reasons for the psychiatrist’s decisions.
By the end of the 14-day hold, one of these three things will happen:
1. You will have been released (by staff, or at your certification review hearing, or at a writ hearing), or
2. You will have signed in as a voluntary patient, or
3. You may be held for additional period of time:

a. If you are still considered dangerous to yourself, you may be recertified for another 14-day hold.
b. If you are still considered dangerous to others, the court may put a 180-day post-certification hold on you. This hold is renewable.
c. If you are still considered “gravely disabled,” you may either:
• Be placed on a 30-day hold for additional intensive treatment, or
• Be placed under Temporary Conservatorship and then a full one-year Conservatorship, which is renewable. In this event, a conservator will make your major life decisions, including where you live and how your money is spent.
• In some cir****tances, after being placed on a 30-day hold, conservatorship papers may be filed. In this case, the Temporary Conservatorship runs concurrently with (at the same time as) the 30-dayhold.

1029 days ago


I didn't know jon voight was also a judge...

1029 days ago


this senile judge should not be on the bench. Why are judges allowed to wor*****il they die on the bench. Fire him.

1029 days ago


Too bad the judge didn't give her a long term restaining order.All I got to say this will not be her last stalker in her life if she doesn't leave the limelight.If were popular or famous,I would have a group of body surround me if I was in an unsecure situation.I suggest get more body guards or secretly get rid of him so how,use your imagination.

1029 days ago


So will this kids parents be able to sue this moron of a judge when the psycho kills her? Thinking maybe at his advanced age he should be checked for altzheimers. Something's not right with him.

1029 days ago

There's a problem here    

If Disney isn't going to pay for her protection I hope she's saving her earnings because she's going to need them when time's up.

1029 days ago

Her Imperial and Royal Majesty    

The judge looks like the Nazi that was chasing Indiana Jones in "Raiders of the Lost Ark".

1029 days ago


Dear California judges, thanks for letting the entire world know that if you want to be a skeezy criminal without consequence, simply move to LA. What a big f'ing joke your legal system is!

1029 days ago


Why don't you name the judge? I live in LA and they have to stand for re-election every so often.

1029 days ago


Restraining Orders mean nothing. This guy threatened to kill her. Why doesn't the judicial system in California understand how serious a death threat is? Where I live a death threat isn't taken lightly and this guy would go to prison for years for uttering a death threat. I can't imagine how scary this must be for her.

1029 days ago

South Beach    

Restraining orders are good for having a problem on record, real protection is up to the individual. Stalkers are dangerous. If this was a member of this idiot judges family the story would be different.

1029 days ago

Kailash Agnihotri    

Are people honestly concerned for Selena Gomez, or would the word finally come down to sympathizers themselves! I feel sorry that fame captures ills with it and men go off the bend to downslide for the heroism required to make it with the singers. A possible case of the said named Thomas B. I only fear the stalkers make it big in the end and the same chap gets the open door in fancy tales. I am upset that all this happened and myself don't know why fame attracts evils. A happy christmas season to you. Thank you.

1029 days ago


HA! I think the judge actually wants Selena dead.

1027 days ago
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